The Trail to Eternity

Take refuge in the calmness of a silent mind
Refuse attention to the ego that lays claim in doing

Take nothing personally, for this person you are not
Refuse any claim to the fragile human, which you can find

Take in your outside concerns, for inside introspection
Refuse to identify with labels that the ego claims as real

Take alms from the moment, which cleanses the mind
Refuse any alms which inflate your attachments to the body

Take the body and mind as the holy ghost, but be the Son
Refuse to except appearances as reality, for they will bind

Take no satisfaction in desires, and no fears as relevant
Refuse homage to the world as real, and look within for reality

Take your stand in Eternity a universe without stars is your sign
Refuse ownership in living and see suffering as translucent chains

Take nothing here with you, and be satisfied with nothing as you go
Refuse giving high value to images, for in Eternity, pure space is divine

One thought on “The Trail to Eternity”

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