The Human Love

It sounds unusual but us as temporary humans have this emotional love that is overwhelming and dependent, and entirely our own. The majority of people think this is the real love, and it is an extreme representation of love, however it’s a human version or a conditional response. In the pure meaning of the word, love is not this, and in its simple and natural state is unconditional in humans. The morphed conditioned version resulted from the ego laying claim as “I” and “Mine,” which the mind confuses as love. And, true unconditional love is the love that the sages find through Self-realization, and although they may still show signs of feelings, that seem to resemble I and mine, however it’s naturally extinguished in short order. Because in comparison to real love without boundaries, it wasn’t factual, an intense drama but I’m still in the theater. I know, like, I know that I’m sitting in a “room” writing at this moment, and you are reading this in a “room” at this moment, and how could you not know that. Similarly, I know that I’m in the theater watching the drama unfold, like you would know you were in the movie theater watching a movie, temporally caught up in it, like an empathic, but soon to file it away as a movie. This detached love doesn’t sound like love but it is the highest form of love, which knows no boundaries and knows all is not lost for nothing was really gained. It may look distant like tough love, and it won’t tally with the attached version of personal love that’s dependent, so it’ll be hardly noticeable and understood. But it’s in you, in one and all, and this will be realized by all, eventually, however for right now only the Realized or the serious aspirant hot on the path will know this. The purity in all of life can not be forgotten once Realized, and this charade of plots and tragedies can be captivating entertainment and at times heart wrenching. When bodies collide with harder objects only that part which has to dissolve anyways, that impure part suffers, and that which is purer and impossible to hurt is still unaffected and watching, and that’s hard to forget. Only the ugly part dies and if you identify with the ugly part you will fear in living and death, and suffer accordingly to your attachments. Isn’t it nice to know that freedom from the ugly (the world, body and mind) is our final outcome and true love our effortless existence. Real love doesn’t have boundaries or restrictions that the mind habitually uses, and sees no differences that are real and binding to a natural love that lasts forever.

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