The Chalkboard Metaphor

Let’s try a metaphor on for fun, this is the one about the blackboard and chalk. The blackboard is a symbol for Eternity or God, always still, always the same, attribute less, nothing changes, then it became Aware of being, and when the light of Awareness dawned, it in turn, just from being Aware, not only created the chalk but set the chalk in motion. Chalk went on to draw different forms upon the board, that eventually evolved into, colors, pictures, words and a multitude of moving objects. The chalk was know as energy or consciousness, which is but a moving form of the original consciousness, or from an Awareness of being. Each one of us is a tiny part of the blackboard, and each one of us is viewing the chalk designs on the surface and they are temporarily a part of us, which is a moving expression of us, or our personal worlds. The chalks essence is constantly moving, but the blackboard is still and unaffected by the movement, and once all the chalk is erased (enlightenment) from the board, then the blackboard realizes that it wasn’t the chalk at all, but the blackboard all along, and it never changed or went anywhere. The identity to the chalk is no longer needed nor is it seen as important as ones true identity. Now the blackboard knows for sure that it is the blackboard and talks like a blackboard should, and the chalk is seen as it is, a condition of time and thus not real or pure like the backboard is. The blackboard realizes that it was not only Eternal, indestructible, unchanging (because any form, or movement is change in action which is conditioned by the chalk or time), and Godly, but also beyond the mind, senses or feelings. One solid mass of Eternal Reality that is impenetrable by moving energy thus making it omnipotent and more powerful then anything manifested. One single backdrop to all of manifestation that is beyond all physical perception, which remains absolutely Still, formless and forever pure, so that the dance of manifestation can take place. If it wasn’t all powerful and still like that, it wouldn’t be able to hold up the universe with its great weight, or hold it all together. You can see that there has to be something other than the give and take of energy, something bigger then the negative and the positive forces that we live in. And there is, and thank God for that, because without the eternal blackboard and the chalk of light there is no universe or us.

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