The Riddles Between This and That (the Illusion and the Reality)

We are not, at our core, any of ‘this’, but we are ‘That,’ however ‘this’ is the opposite of ‘That,’ and since opposites clash, then ‘That’ doesn’t have any opposites like ‘this’ has here to oppose it, and its true, but ‘That’ is still connected to ‘this.’ ‘This’ is ‘That’s’ opposite and a seemingly solid connection while living, but spiritual books deny ‘this’ existence and call it an illusion. Should they really do that? I mean, since ‘That’ has no opposites, they refer to ‘this’ as false, then ‘this’ has no purpose at all, but it has a purpose. We use ‘this’ to become Aware of Being ‘That,’ to attain an all knowing Eternal Awareness of being, which can only come from a dip into ‘this’ place, then upon Realization we know what it means to be a One in All. So it does serve a purpose, because when faced with our opposite we work our way out of its grasp, thus becoming a knower of it, and through this process we discover our Being in the One and only true Reality. We will all have to dissolve, detach or surrender our personal reality for the One lasting Taste of Reality, so I guess calling it an illusion serves a purpose on the path, and it seems like the best way to go, despite the fact that this illusion is serving another purpose. Do we still call it an illusion because it sure fit’s the description or do we dare call it something else; its like a Self discovery battle field of opposites which always leads us to the pursuit of perfection in the wake of its destruction. Everything here will give us reason to look elsewhere, if you hang on to it, whatever it is, you will see it and your reasons for hanging on to it, decay in a slow painful death. Whatever you identify with here will disappoint you, because the real you only identifies with ‘That,’ and ‘this’ is what the mind identities with because it is made out of ‘this’.

Meditation or the art of devaluating the misidentification with ‘this’ within, is the spiritual path to ‘That’, because the mind thinks it owns this realm, and it doesn’t want to admit to its limitations nor its impending death. ‘That’ has to look away from ‘this’ (the mind) as well, so ‘That’ must see all of ‘this’ as a temporary illusion, connected for a reason, and ‘this’ also some characteristics of infinities which is related to ‘That.’ The common bond seems to be in infinite space, however it must separate somewhere before that into the transitory phenomenon, from Stillness to movement, because infinite space has moving particles, and there must be a transition zone. From Awareness to consciousness which is but a moving form of Awareness, from complete Stillness to the first subtle movement in consciousness, and at this location must be the transition zone, back and forth, which originated from Still Light (the reason, not a decision). To look, or to look away seems to be the ultimate question, to be content at looking at God, or to look away and be born. Because there is a connection to ‘this’ that is always there, unnoticeable, but present as long as the universe stays as ‘this.’ And the same transition zone holds true for here too, as in enlightenment, either you are happy with ‘this’ and attached to it or you’re spiritual enough to look away by focusing your attention on ‘That.’

 Look forward and don’t look back when you arrive in ‘That,’ and maybe we have mobility (forward) upon permanent dissolution into ‘That,’ however maybe not. I have totally accepted the fact that we are frozen in Eternal Stillness, unable to move besides diverting our attention, and this defies and debunks all spiritual myths that defied the properties of manifestation, but that’s the way it goes, it is, what it is. Reality sees Reality and is known by Reality only, and the illusion sees the illusion but it is known by Reality and the illusion, until the illusion dissolves (enlightenment) then the illusion submissively understands its limitations, and falls into order. Yet the laws of ‘this’ rule supreme in manifestation creating an independence and freedom that is very much needed, a noninterference clause that is necessary to keep them pure, free and separate, and a transition point that makes you commit to ‘this’ or ‘That,’ until you finally understand, then you won’t look away from ‘That’ to live and feel vulnerable in ‘this’ again.

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