The Mind and Knowing

Knowing is an Eternal characteristic of Awareness (God, Soul, Self), and the mind its temporary functioning processor.

There seems to be a stable link between the mind and Knowing while embodied, however this personal link has a limited shelf life and will severe eventually. This link to the mind first sprouted out of the foundation of Knowing and with the help from life, another form of knowing appears as the Self. This new type of knowing appears within the eternal knowing of God, which adds to knowing when the autonomous Self emerges.

The big question is; does the added attribute of knowing life intimately stay indefinitely in all Knowing?

If it doesn’t, then the idea of knowing life is a fading concept that doesn’t last in the Eternal realm and life is forgotten altogether, because the universe isn’t perceivable in Eternity, consequently making rebirth necessary. Then becoming another is a fundamental need that doesn’t add to the equity of knowing, thus making the link between the mind and knowing a very important, repetitive, and necessary evil for the Self. However, when it is a fading concept, then the notion of an all knowing God doesn’t exist or last, which ultimately means that something is lacking in Eternity or God and its not all knowing, just unaware space, but it isn’t, for then there wouldn’t be consciousness, or entities that are aware of their Self and God.

If it does remain, then rebirth isn’t necessary and you take an all knowing understanding with you always unless rebirth is chosen, which resets the initiative through a new mind set. This new mind takes precedence over knowing when it’s interested in becoming, and the added concepts throws the old Knower of Eternity or the Self back into a latent treasure waiting for Self-discovery.

Still, the added understanding of life brings in a new facet of knowing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything was lacking to begin with, despite it being new, because an all knowing God knows it, but we don’t, so it’s new to the Self. Birth reigns in a new Soul and its a sliver of the original source, so its a God giving God exchange for life to flourish and for the development of Souls with Self-governing action.

When you recapture your Eternal identity all imperfections are naturally striped away leaving you in a pure state, however knowing that life is circulating out there and your involvement with it will go on as your independent (if you please) Self. Eternity was there long before the universe developed into life, and although Awareness spawned conscious energy its unperceivable in Eternal Stillness. Eternity is in it’s most complete and purest state possible leaving it changeless and Still, and knowing at the core of Awareness is an aspect of that eternal Stillness, for knowing doesn’t need movement nor the mind.

Knowing doesn’t need movement when the holder knows it, but it takes movement to download it.    

When you see fire do you have to keep telling yourself it’s hot? Water wet? Sugar sweet?

No, you just know it, and it’s just like that, it’s the movement of the mind that takes things too far and backfires.

In fact, the imperfect mind will always be its own roadblock to the satisfied mind, but the Self always satisfied is a treasure for all, and unveiled breeds a satisfied mind.

The mind and universe in tandem with the Soul provides all the information needed, and in knowing this you no longer need the mind or universe again, but you’ll know its properties.

You cannot know this universe, world, life, body or mind without the intimate link you now enjoy with it. It’s an indispensable experience that adds to knowing and gives meaning to life and the Self, and by knowing the difference you exist as the all knowing Self. This alone is the meaning of life by attaining the knowledge that can only be had through the mind and body, and by finding your way back to Eternity reveals all you need to know.   

During the process of finding your Self or you becoming Aware of your true Self will give you the wisdom and meaning that the all knowing God wants for all.


2 thoughts on “The Mind and Knowing”

  1. It is indeed taking me a long time to get the full import of not identifying with the mind. But it helps to know once more the knowing of the Self as beyond the knowing of the mind. Knowing these basic truths at the level of the mind, even though so nowhere near the Ultimate knowing of the Self, still adds learning to the way I view life. Thankyou so very much for your gracious answers.

  2. Life gives you a fragment of the whole as you, and without it there’s no Awareness of Being (God) just empty darkness, because life is interlinked with the spawning of Awareness. The Self taken from the Eternal Aware whole needs life to extract it and that process allows the Self some autonomous action that is strictly controlled by You. You are created out the show of opposites and during that process of learning who you are not, you find the everlasting truth in You, and that Self Awareness of Being spawns the Self. That Truth or seeing and being the end result is knowing at the core of our Being and our natural state, however new information about manifestation is also present. Because of which you now know the opposite of peace, harmony, unity, and contentment, and knowing it’s out there you need not experience that discontent again. Knowing happens on its own while learning and experiencing are temporary events, which manifestation provides, but the majority of it is inconsequential.

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