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The Soul or The Directed Aware Focal Point

The title of this piece tries to describe our Eternal nature in human words. Although seemingly limited when compared to the temporary attributes we enjoy today, the eternal attribute of Awareness with directed vision trumps anything that comes after this, because of its sustainability and stability.  

An Aware focal point that can be directed by our attention is the nature of the Soul, and it leads to embodiment when directed away, which means toward the universe. This focal point can see Eternity clearly when unattached, but when attached it will identify with the world and body it’s attached too.

Unattached it has perfect vision and understanding of Eternity and God, attached it has an impure vision of reality, which results in an impure understanding of Reality.

The Soul’s focal point can narrow and expand, and be directed by the Self, so this implies some control over ones destiny thus allowing a Self-determining action, even in the Eternal state of Being.

To be embodied or not to be?

To be Eternally home and in full order of harmony and peace never to feel pain, fear and conflicting emotions again, or enter the universe and be vulnerable to all that life has to offer.  

A question that is never posed and an answer that has to be experienced to know the difference.

Stay in the company of the Devine or turn away and roll the dice, it’s the ultimate decision, and one that you have chosen.

All it takes is the focus of Awareness back onto itself and away from Eternity and you’re manifested.

Now manifested with a body you can still withdraw your attention away as before, or your Awareness focused back onto itself, which is the art of meditation, and this is a representation of the eternal control you have, which allows you to change your environment. This shift in attention not only leads to Self-realization, but in Eternity it also leads to embodiment.

The directed Aware focal point is the catalyst to enlightenment and embodiment.

It is your only control. It is your Soul and your Awareness directed out that brings life to everything its directed at, or it can take it all away in an instant, as if to say; You have the power to dissolve the universe from view, because you are part of the whole that made it and through that process it naturally made the path to and from it. This path back home is the only path available to you and it must be voluntarily taken. Open to all regardless of the many different avenues which lead up to it, the path remains for only the solitary Soul to enter empty handed. You can’t take anything with you from here, including your mind and identity, so the path is only for the naked Soul. If you try to take anything more than that it will shake you down to your foundation and rock your inner world to the point of death, maybe you come back, and maybe you won’t, but ether way, no enlightenment.

Strip yourself of all mental attachments and wait naked in the dark surrendering everything to the cause, and know that the path is there, which will open the proverbial door to the Eternal realm, a pure state of Being, and your only true Home.  

The Background

Everything in this particle universe is in motion and guided by the laws of attraction and repulsion, the Yen and Yang of duality, or the negative and positive influences of energy. Energy is at the heart of the manifested universe, and time our enemy since we identify with the attributes of energy, but time in every aspect is energy. A no win situation as we blindly sail on the wavy seas of energy and try to claim this changing motion as real property when its always on loan.

 The human condition has a natural identity to energy; however this identity has a resistance to change and tries to anchor down, unwilling to keep pace with the changing curriculum of life it falls prey to the wavy seas.

Can anything made of energy last forever?

Show me something here that is lasting?

If our Soul is Eternal and nothing here is lasting then what do we identify with here?

The Background (Eternity), because that what you see is the foreground and anything made of energy is in the foreground, which is not you, so I can’t show you anything lasting, for then it wouldn’t be lasting.

The foreground can only show you the foreground, and it can’t take you beyond itself!

Nothing in the foreground can take you to the Background; only the Background can see and be the Background. You can play with the foreground in any conceivable way you want, but it won’t help, and it can’t liberate you, because the foreground has never been constant or real enough to do so. You can sweat, talk, cry, stretch, laugh, walk, starve, intoxicate, and drive nails into you hands, but physical austerities can’t help you spiritually. It’s completely impossible to experience God through the senses. You can even cheat death and come back to tell your story, however it’s all based in energy, using the same deck just dealing out different cards.

It’s the dealer that remains still while a transparent appendage (consciousness, energy) keeps shuffling the cards and randomly dealing them.

The same holds true for the players, they remain perfectly still as their own appendage extends their attention in observance of the cards and then playing them, which gives them the impression of movement and independence. Their attention fixed on the game the Stillness behind the senses isn’t noticeable until their attention voluntarily withdraws from the foreground and is refocused on the Background, causing Self-realization to dawn, and then you see and understand the dealer and players as they really are.

The dealer and players are both Eternal Entities and our real identity, however being connected somehow to the body by this invisible appendage throws our eternal attention into the energy mix creating confusion and a new fleeting identity.

The Background is beyond the apposing forces of time and space making it all powerful and all neutral. Indifferent to the game or casual universe, it’s unaffected by the impurities and imperfections of energy and time, the cause and effect forever gone makes this Realm forever pure and perfect. But, Pure and Perfect are now connected to their opposite and they are unknowingly downgraded to accommodate the circumstances.

At the core of all we are always perfect only our expression is imperfect.  

When we identify with the cards its natural to think the dealer is a separate entity or independent God, and thus the external worshiping begins.

You need techniques that are focused on the Background (internal worshipping) to get rid of the impurities superimposed by the foreground. If you are focused on the foreground the Background reality won’t strip the foreground illusion of its validity. You have to work at sticking with the Background (meditation) as the only true reality or identity worth cultivating.  

In spirituality today most paths are concerned about the foreground, trying to make it more palatable, and the techniques used are based on foreground activity or time related phenomenon. All thoughts and temporary identities are part of the foreground material, having birthed from energy and kept afloat by energy.

Indifferent, the Background is everywhere and everything lacking in nothing and holding everything together. The foreground being the playground of impurities and imperfections will never be anything different besides the constant state of change it is, which reflects a perpetual lack of control for all. But, the changeless Background is always there and always in control, being beyond the control of energy  keeps it pure and all powerful.   

Stick with meditation techniques that are formless, visualess, stretchless, movementless, soundless and thoughtless, as much as you can, if you are serious about Self-realization.

Spiritual Myths

There are massive amounts of spiritual dogmas out there that place conditions on the spiritual aspirant out of ignorance. The teachers, who are not finding their own bed of wildflowers, speak about others that have, they translate it with the infusion from those who haven’t, and after placing it along side their own ideas of spiritual purity they profess righteousness. In reality, there are no preconditions or outside disciplines to spirituality, just inside work, and it’s an open door for everyone. You could be a big time sinner, an obese meat eater, love sex, lost faith in the bible, commit crimes, gay, handicapped, illiterate, mentally challenged, poor or rich, it doesn’t matter. Some religions enforce rules of strict celibacy, diet, vegetarianism, adherence to disciplines, being completely drug and alcohol free, and some are even gender, race and culturally biased. When you start using strict conditions like that, it makes it feel like purity is way out of reach, and a feeling of being inadequate, faulty, undesirable and unworthy takes over, and along with that the guilt and fear of being that way. Spirituality should not endorse abstinence or regulatory disciplines such as penance for sins, for it clearly does not work, and has no effect on your spiritual progress whatsoever, and in fact it can be counterproductive due to the spiritual ego, however they should endorse moderation. Because in fact, you can partake in all of the above sins and still reach the ultimate goal of Enlightenment, for salvation has no physical prerequisites.

Moderation is the key both physically and mentally, if moderation is not your forte and you consider yourself a hopeless extremist then understandably you must drop certain vices. Because when it occupies your every thought your metal strength is poor, and this battle is won by ignoring the mind. Positive thinking, personal introspection, and spiritual contemplation should play a dominate role in the way you use your mind. If spirituality is the main topic in your mind, then the desire to stray is loosing its sway, which means you’re on the right track. It is stepping away from old mental patterns that the rat race induces on your mind, and replacing it with the wildflower seeds on the fertile spiritual mind that is tilled in silence and introspection. You are not what you perceive yourself to be, nor what society perceives you to be, and in order to grasp this and what you really are, you have to go within and inwardly detach yourself from the perceivable. The imperfect human and world are all part of your personal illusion, and distancing yourself from that, is discerning the real you from the perceived you and that is spirituality.

Sins are the acquired baggage or imperfections that keep you from reaching perfection, but perfection is your Soul, eternal and changeless never out of reach. All of life is an escape, an escape from Reality, to toil in and with imperfection, which means any distraction in life that diverts your attention away from knowing the truth can be considered a sin. Sins are the distractions off the path, and once on the steadfast path the sins are negated quickly by the withdraw of attention, and when you totally give up they’re activated again. Does it matter what you did in the past or what you are doing now, if you are now going to give up on the whole idea of being human? That means you are surrendering all of your personal ideals, as well as the body and mind that housed them, and anything that changes, moves or decays in the world. Looking away or ignoring the temporary identity that’s attached to the body, and start looking for that identity which doesn’t change, an identity that’s saturated with Eternity or Eternal awareness. Working towards self-realization is to loosen your hold on a world that is imperfect and transitory for the real world of Absolute Awareness, which is pure and indestructible. You have to relinquish the old value system that held you hostage as a less than holy or perfect person, and know that you are worthy of being spiritual avatar, saint or teacher. It is the divine right of everyone regardless of what transpired. Despite of all the transgressions, you are pure and perfect at the core of your being, and nothing has the power to change that. Go in and reclaim it, by disclaiming the other.

Faded Black

Show me the color
That won’t go away
A color for all
That will stay

I’ll show you
Faded Black

Show me something
That won’t leave me
Decay in front of me
That will be with me

I’ll show you
Faded Black

Show me someone
That won’t leave me
Will love and hold me
That will be with me

I’ll show you
Faded Black

I see nothing that doesn’t
Return to Faded Black
Matter is Faded Black
Eternity is Faded Black

All is Faded Black

The Road to Eternity

You have to surrender the finite 
    To see the infinite
You have to give up on the temporary 
    To see the permanent
You have to Loosen your grip on the fleeting
    To gain the enduring
You have to see the transient as false
    To see the truth as everlasting
You have to look away from the light of the world
    To see the Light of Absolute Awareness
You have to stop believing in appearances
    To start believing in reality
You have to stop listening to the word
    To understand the meaning behind the silence
You have to turn in and away from the senses
    To see that which the senses can’t show you
You have to stop hanging on to the changing
    To see that which is changeless and pure
You have to know the universe as a brief illusion
    To see Eternity as the infinite reality
You have to surrender all
    To gain all
Including the road
    To Eternity

The Appearance of Separation

Real love sees no separation through differences 
    But appearances give us differences that separate us
Desires and fears takeover and give a rank to those differences
    A personal love develops within those conditions
This personal criteria keeps the love confined and limited 
    Based on personal needs, desires, fears and expectations
Due to the appearance of separation
    Love is conditional
Real spirituality knows no separation by appearances
    But appearances create a personal God
To bridge the gap and hide the feeling of separation
    A personal love for God develops defined by criteria and conditions
A conditioned God based on needs, desires, fears and expectations 
    Due to the appearance of separation
God is conditional
    The real love and true God are lost in a personal ideology
Limited and induced by separation love and God is subjective
    To the personal illusion

Is This All You Want?

If you could come back to the world after death and start over, not knowing what you know now, not knowing who and where you will be born, would you do it? If I could snap my fingers right now and end your life, erase everything, and you will return to the blank slate of a child in an unknown place and family, would you do it? Even if you’re not happy with the way things are now is it still worth starting over? Would you really take a gamble at a new start, and just hope you don’t land in a terrible place? Isn’t that what everyone wants? A fresh start, a chance to do it all over again, in the future experiencing the pains and pleasures of life in an all new generation. Does that sound like something you want to do? If you wanted to change the world, well, here is your chance to do it, because I’ll even let you do it after each lifetime, after erasing everything you know from the previous one. Press the reset and toss everything away and you’ll have to go through the same trials and tribulations of life all over again. Making the same mistakes as an immature youth, and face the hash realities of life as an adult in an uncertain future, without insurances, would that make you happy? If I let you take your mind with you to the heavens, would you do it? Is that really what you want? Do you really love your mind that much to be stuck with it forever? Is your mind a good thing to take with you? Having an uncontrollable mind that’s on full speed forever, is that a good thing to have? Do you really want something like that haunting you forever? It would bring all your problems with you, fears, desires, anxiety, disharmony, and is that really what you want? Will you be happy and satisfied with the mind you have now, for Eternity? What do you have with you anyways that’s good enough for Eternity? Do you like any of my proposals? What’s wrong? Isn’t that what you want? I need your answer now, what option do you want? Do you like any of them?

I was playing God in this type of kidding manner to my father and his girlfriend, for they were reminiscing and wishing they were youthful and free as before. They’re both 86, and surprised when I said; “Well, no, I don’t believe you, your just saying that,” and they both asserted “No, we aren’t”. I think most people if they thought deeply about it wouldn’t say such a thing. So, I said, “OK, pretend I’m God, and I’ll give you a choice to do it all over again, with a few conditions, which are set in stone, and I’ll grant you your wish. A short debate ensued, they didn’t hesitate to explore every avenue, I had to explain my reasons and they had to be sound before they moved on, they even tried to negotiate a new deal, but to no avail. After answering all their questions a long pause took over. So, what’ll it be? What’s your answer? His girlfriend put her hands together and bowed her head. I looked to my father and he said in an absolutely sure voice “No! Once is enough”. She raised her head with a smile and said “No way, it’s too chancy, once is enough”. How true that is, for once is enough, there is no need to repeat, and there is no one around to force you to repeat, separation through appearances are in the mind only. There is no need for a second chance, you understand fully the properties of manifestation, and you’ve been inducted into the universe of space and time, and become fully aware of its presence. You exist! That’s your ultimate answer, the finale conclusion is “You Exist!” that wasn’t there before, because it is only understood through living when your faced with the opposite, the feeling of existence that only comes from the threat of nonexistence. You now acquired an Awareness of your own existence in a pool of Awareness. All the information you need about the universe is already ingrained, you just have to stop identifying with a limited resource. Reincarnation is recycling, and recycling is only done in an environment with limited resources, when your dealing with Eternity and infinity there is no need for it, there is a limitless and redundant source.

Kundalini Energy

The energy or life force that flows through the body has a stronger and purer current that runs up the Spinal Column, which is called the kundalini energy. Originating from the base of the Spinal Column the energy travels up to certain intersections called chakras where it can be directed to and from with practice. Certain Yoga’s such as Kriya and Hatha which practice extensive techniques to activate the kundalini in order to raise it to the top Chakra, or the crown of the head, but it takes a lot of time. A qualified SKY master or realized teacher can raise the energy by touch and save the aspirant many years of hard work, but in order to keep it going the student has to establish a routine.

The energy starts off as a slight pressure or vibration in selected areas of the head and body, and grows substantially with time put in; it can actually become too strong if it isn’t kept in check. Any colors, sounds or visuals may occur from misdirection, but should be avoided, as well as excess energy in the brain. You’re looking for the actual feel of moving energy, and avoiding pressure oriented energy which is like a still mass, and the subtle side effects the energy creates with visuals and sounds. The feeling of energy is electrical by nature causing it to act like a loose wire or like static electricity, which can be felt as a tingling sensation. When it gets stronger it can fill up the top of the head with a moving and vibrating stream of energy that feels pleasurable, and at times feels like ants are crawling around on the top of your head. When the energy is activated continually it will have a range of physical effects to the practitioner that helps them in their spiritual maturity. These sensations are all related to a moving electrical current, and when it becomes isolated it will vibrate and feel like a drilling is taking place. Small areas in and all around the brain will feel like little sink holes are popping open, and you have a sense that some sort of rearrangement is taking place. During rare occasions the energy spreads out deep within the brain and you can actually feel the subtle brain cells opening up, which is similar to a thousand of tiny buds or seeds all popping open within a second or two, it’s an amazing feeling.

These are the positive effects from the kundalini, and the negative effects are pressure headaches, facial twitches, excess heat, hyper energy, palpitations and even some serious issues can arise. Keeping it regulated and on track is a must by redirecting it to the starting point, at the base of the spinal column (the mooladhara chakra) will bring relief, or by directing it to other chakras. This is done by refocusing your attention there, which sends the current back down, keeping you in balance. The electrical vibrations and pin points of energy can be felt anywhere in the body, but controlling it is important, because you want it to work for you in a positive way. A controlled and balanced current that applies energy to all the chakras can create a balanced and more peaceful life. Once the energy is felt on the crown chakra, it means all your blockages or intersections are cleared, but staying with the current in one area to long leads to problems, that’s why the art of redirection is employed. Directing and observing the current is the meditation, and it strengthens your concentration, focus, the thoughtless witness, overall health, and the mind from the changing in thought direction.

When the brain is tingling and crawling with energy on a daily bases you notice that you perceive the brain/mind from a distance, which slowly brings you to the conclusion that you are before the mind witnessing it. The perceiver and the perceived goes on within, and a disassociation to the mind/body develops, because you are not what you perceive in life, and the same holds true within the subtle levels of the body. The kundalini energy now gives you a physical point to perceive and reference back from, especially when it’s tingling the lowest area of the brain. If you can perceive it, there must be a perceiver that isn’t it. When you perceive thoughts, there is a perceiver who perceives them, and if there wasn’t a separate witness to perceive the show of words and images, the show couldn’t take place. If the audience looses interest in the show by not reacting to the performance, the show changes accordingly, looking to recapture interest wherever it can. This is where we direct it to the spiritual field, and reestablish a new mind set that doesn’t except the old religious values which entangle us. A new value system takes over that’s not influenced by outside conditions, which creates a loss in value, so you need an ideology that remains consistent above the fringe of those with strict or fluctuating values.

It is also very important that you become aware of the spiritual ego, which can take over during the vulnerable developmental stage, and ruin any hope of progress. For it will be looking for a new home to hang its hat on, and its important not to give it any hooks. Always remain open for serious introspection in order to prevent the mind and ego from beating you down with dogma, ridged ideals, superficial goals, and don’t buy into the self-serving opinions that other people throw at us. You have to be an independent self sufficient spiritual warrior.