Are We Enlightened Already?….If so, then there’s nothing to pursue and nothing to change…Right?

Technically speaking, at the core, you are already enlightened or Self-Realized, however
Technically speaking the mind is not enlightened until the Self (Soul) sees Reality or God.
The mind, body and consciousness get in tune with enlightenment when this happens.
Although the Self is in a state of Realization, the mind and body can’t comprehend it.
The mind can only mentally understand enlightenment, until the Self sees Reality.

When consciousness or the mind and body Realizes this, then one is fully enlightened.
The mind and body will undergo subtle changes after the big change of enlightenment hits.
The big transformation of enlightenment will change you, emptying your desires and fears.
This immediate altering is strong yet subtly bankrupting all your useless desires and fears.
These events garner even more control over the mind, but it will still undergo refinement.
The body will slowly undergo changes getting more and more sensitive to refined energy.
Making the transition from clashing internal and external energies to harmonizing energies.

If none of these things were possible then the idea of enlightenment wouldn’t even arise.
Since the body and mind are foreign to the Self, it makes Self-realization a possible goal.
If the Self was a product of energy, not its opposite, it wouldn’t be Eternal or Realizable.
The Self is connected to the universal consciousness at birth but this egg shell is breakable.
Universal consciousness is a subtle energy that evolved from the Self, the Void or God.
It breaths life into everything and is responsible for the universe of changing phenomenon.
It changes and moves, but the Self never changes, expands or moves in any way.
In enlightenment, consciousness becomes universally known and somewhat controllable.
It becomes an informational avenue for understanding life and God, via the universal mind.

This is so important because total liberation can’t happen until this is understood.
Because the shell breaks when one looks away from the world, mind and consciousness.
This is the job for deep states of Samadhi meditation, which isolate the yolk from the shell.
Causing the shell to collapse and thus exposes the realm of Eternity, or God to the Self.
This rare event among the Seers, Saints, and Sages is what is called enlightenment.
You find your position in Eternity, your place with God, which in essence is God seeing God.
The universe and all of its contents, including the universal mind and consciousness is then
Seen as an illusion, not real, an impure and imperfect offshoot of Pure Perfection or God.