The Background

Everything in this particle universe is in motion and guided by the laws of attraction and repulsion, the Yen and Yang of duality, or the negative and positive influences of energy. Energy is at the heart of the manifested universe, and time our enemy since we identify with the attributes of energy, but time in every aspect is energy. A no win situation as we blindly sail on the wavy seas of energy and try to claim this changing motion as real property when its always on loan.

 The human condition has a natural identity to energy; however this identity has a resistance to change and tries to anchor down, unwilling to keep pace with the changing curriculum of life it falls prey to the wavy seas.

Can anything made of energy last forever?

Show me something here that is lasting?

If our Soul is Eternal and nothing here is lasting then what do we identify with here?

The Background (Eternity), because that what you see is the foreground and anything made of energy is in the foreground, which is not you, so I can’t show you anything lasting, for then it wouldn’t be lasting.

The foreground can only show you the foreground, and it can’t take you beyond itself!

Nothing in the foreground can take you to the Background; only the Background can see and be the Background. You can play with the foreground in any conceivable way you want, but it won’t help, and it can’t liberate you, because the foreground has never been constant or real enough to do so. You can sweat, talk, cry, stretch, laugh, walk, starve, intoxicate, and drive nails into you hands, but physical austerities can’t help you spiritually. It’s completely impossible to experience God through the senses. You can even cheat death and come back to tell your story, however it’s all based in energy, using the same deck just dealing out different cards.

It’s the dealer that remains still while a transparent appendage (consciousness, energy) keeps shuffling the cards and randomly dealing them.

The same holds true for the players, they remain perfectly still as their own appendage extends their attention in observance of the cards and then playing them, which gives them the impression of movement and independence. Their attention fixed on the game the Stillness behind the senses isn’t noticeable until their attention voluntarily withdraws from the foreground and is refocused on the Background, causing Self-realization to dawn, and then you see and understand the dealer and players as they really are.

The dealer and players are both Eternal Entities and our real identity, however being connected somehow to the body by this invisible appendage throws our eternal attention into the energy mix creating confusion and a new fleeting identity.

The Background is beyond the apposing forces of time and space making it all powerful and all neutral. Indifferent to the game or casual universe, it’s unaffected by the impurities and imperfections of energy and time, the cause and effect forever gone makes this Realm forever pure and perfect. But, Pure and Perfect are now connected to their opposite and they are unknowingly downgraded to accommodate the circumstances.

At the core of all we are always perfect only our expression is imperfect.  

When we identify with the cards its natural to think the dealer is a separate entity or independent God, and thus the external worshiping begins.

You need techniques that are focused on the Background (internal worshipping) to get rid of the impurities superimposed by the foreground. If you are focused on the foreground the Background reality won’t strip the foreground illusion of its validity. You have to work at sticking with the Background (meditation) as the only true reality or identity worth cultivating.  

In spirituality today most paths are concerned about the foreground, trying to make it more palatable, and the techniques used are based on foreground activity or time related phenomenon. All thoughts and temporary identities are part of the foreground material, having birthed from energy and kept afloat by energy.

Indifferent, the Background is everywhere and everything lacking in nothing and holding everything together. The foreground being the playground of impurities and imperfections will never be anything different besides the constant state of change it is, which reflects a perpetual lack of control for all. But, the changeless Background is always there and always in control, being beyond the control of energy  keeps it pure and all powerful.   

Stick with meditation techniques that are formless, visualess, stretchless, movementless, soundless and thoughtless, as much as you can, if you are serious about Self-realization.

The Misplaced Identity

This seems to be the underlying issue in the world and universe, which propels us to think and act like independent and well defined separate individuals with personalities and characteristics earned and owned. An identity that sums up our whole existence, which was really created through random acts of duality. A whole package of experiences that defines us and what is known as our personal identity or ego, a new attributable characteristic housed in a bio-form that takes precedence in the way we see the world and God. A one of a kind self-created personal reality attached to emotions, experiences and appearances that appropriately dictate a conditioned response based on one limited viewpoint. This viewpoint or interpretive lens is colored by ideologies that form an elusive identity that is ever evolving making it a victim of circumstances and a time based phenomenon. Being a victim and an attribute of evolution sentences this identity to morph constantly and provide little comfort, because the laws of duality or time demand oscillations. When your identity is locked onto these changing ideological formats and guarded by an ego or a closed mind, then only conditioned responses will appear which are always lacking in true critical thinking.

What do you identify with? And that which you do identify with is most likely the cause of your suffering.

 My position is that any ego that identifies with the physical and social ideologies is completely misplaced and false, because this type of identity changes constantly thus changing the way we see ourselves.

If the truth changes, is that still the truth?

No, if it changes then it wasn’t the truth to begin with, and only that which doesn’t change and remains constant is the truth!

That which doesn’t change despite the decay of the body and mind is your true identity and all else is false reasoning or a temporary aberration.

Time is based on matter and energy which is always in motion and subject to oscillations, growth, decay and death. What is true today may be gone tomorrow, so what is it that remains beyond the perceivable universe and time?

That my friends is your true identity and the Eternal Soul or the Self, however for now it’s temporarily glossed over by another identity which is limited, conditioned and fleeting. This new identity has a growing ideology that changes with time, but this type of identity is lacking in continuity and substance. During times of stress this identity forces a controlling attitude in uncontrollable situations, unable to accept the controller looks for control or explanations through personal ideologies. However, when you’re trying to lock down an identity to a body in a universe where everything is in motion and changing it doesn’t workout well, because you’re foundation is in flux. And despite the endless hardships with this frail and enigmatic identity that has a limited existence we still wholeheartedly identify with it and blindly fight for its existence.

Even if we think we are Eternal at the core of our being does that really change the identity you have with the body now?

No, of course not, and for this life has got you hook line and sinker, and as much as you want it to change it always remains business as usual and your just the pawn in the game of duality (life). The problem is this identity which latched onto a changing and imperfect continuum is really part of a natural occurrence in life making it a point that nobody wants to analyze, for it neutralizes all that a person supposedly stands for. It will do that and it should do that, because that which you’re standing on is a icy slope anyways that is destined to melt. If you’re standing on solid eternal ground then not even the world or death will shake you off, and contentment will be your steadfast repose.

Stability and an unshakeable confidence with a love that is lasting and real, but detached from appearanc
es and ideologies. Unconditioned by circumstances is real love and your true identity, otherwise your identity and love is conditioned by your environment and experiences.

Nobody will truly know this person you identify with, because it’s just too hard to understand the changing you, and how could anyone understand anyways? Everyone’s created separate and different complex personas with hidden secrets, experiences, and agendas that occupy their life, thus coloring every story they hear and say.

We hang on to this secretive baggage which makes up our hidden identity, and show people another version that we think we should be, however that image is flawed and lacking in information. How can we expect anyone to know us as we are when we don’t even identify with the image we give them! And, what we do identify with, that being the content of the mind and the body image is really a representation of change and decay, a limited and degrading idea of ourselves. Adding more than one identity just adds more confusion to the ever evolving notion of who we think we are. 

Can you really know yourself if you are constantly mutating?

Did you wake up this morning as the same person you were ten years ago?….two years ago?…..ten months ago?

A myriad of identities all wrapped up in a myriad of ideologies, housed by a single apparatus, which for better or worst will choose a reaction that only binds it further to this revolving identity. Only One identity is perfectly true and worth cultivating, the rest is duality expressing itself with an ego tagging along in a misplaced sense of belonging, unfortunately based on a purification system that uses annihilation to get its point across.

Imperfection gave us the many aspects of the Universe; however Perfection and Purity at our core gave birth to imperfection and impurity, and by wrongly identifying with the latter transient state of perfection causes the suffering.

This alone is the cause of the upheaval in the world with all the lost individuals exercising control to push their limited and personal agenda.

This morphing identity compels one to act irrationally and emotionally demanding satisfaction, but no one can be satisfied with their transient state for very long, because duality is the king of this road. If you work hard to protect, preserve and prolong this identity through personal ideologies then you’re chained down to one limited view point, which will keep your love and knowledge conditioned. You really don’t know who you are among the myriad of false identities that you cultivated through the years. Don’t expect anyone else to truly understand you, nor you to understand where their identity lies at any given time.

Only the Self-realized or Enlightened folk will know for sure the true identity of the Source (God), because they have seen and know the Source intimately, thus identifying with It, and that’s Self-realization. Theirs and everyone’s identity is one of the same true Reality, however for now the Self is covered by illusions of the mind, and that comes with attachments. Only the truly awakened ones are content with life and know the Eternal Self, so they help others rediscover that divinity within, but beware there are many false teachers who didn’t see and can only parrot those who have. 

By identifying with a limited resource and not with Eternity or the Self, you thereby sentence yourself to needless mental suffering, because you are totally alone on this journey you identify with. It’s all based on time, so it will never be satisfying for very long before duality opens another door that tears into this fragile identity. A perpetually unstable identity that is vulnerable and prone to rocking, and with a world that has an endless supply of waves your world will be easily rocked. I would argue that loneliness and a sense of belonging is mostly everyone’s crutch on this journey, because of this lonely independent identity.

The main problem is that true independence is an outright joke anyways and all needs all. Alone yes, it will seem that way and all the way to the end it will seem that way, however in Eternity where all is One we are complete and without the need of manifestation (attachments). Getting use to this Eternal identity and a universe without form starts with meditation, which cultivates your truth and the rock solid identity that never changes regardless of what happens.

Unless true Reality, true Love, and the Eternal Self is taught within the core of our educational system and spiritual institutions, then true contentment and peace with life will never happen.