The Time Traveler vs. The Timeless One

What the Time Traveler doesn’t know the Timeless One knows all too well.


He doesn’t speak a word or thinks a thought but he undoubtedly knows and remains silent.


The Time Traveler is enriched by the senses and is carried away by the sheer magnitude.


Forgetting his roots in the colorful flood he seemingly lost solid ground and grabs all that he can.


Every grip falls prey to the changing current and it seems hopeless but he continues to grab.


The Timeless One watches as one bad attempt after another is thwarted but never intervenes.


Ideologies from the changing tide provide some stability but the current is always changing.


He cries for help but the Timeless One refuses to answer and watches from a distance.


He has to wait until the Time Traveler surrenders all because the flood is ungraspable.


Powerless to intervene waiting and watching is the alternative that’ll outlast the struggle.


When the Time Traveler is ready he will start yielding grip and look for the Timeless One.


Until then the ups and downs in the struggle for stability will be his passing reality.


The Timeless One will show up when it passes but for now the Time traveler’s decisions rule.


Ether voluntarily or reluctantly forced through the system the Timeless One always wins.


Like a dream the time traveler is aimlessly wandering always in a state of conversion.


But the Timeless One is forever still and solid not wandering or changing, locked into Reality.


Seemingly locked into the changing current of energy the Time Traveler forgets it all has to end.


The Time Traveler wants it all and won’t let go of the past, present or future and puts up a fight.


The struggle is with his firm grip that’s refusing to surrender the big 3 which delays deliverance.


The Timeless One has Eternity to wait for the foolish traveler who picks the struggle over peace.


Waits for that mistake to be realized so that the big 3 dream and the Time Traveler end together.


That’ll be the moment the Time Traveler realizes he is the Timeless One who waits and watches.


At home in the belly of the Almighty the Timeless One realizes he never struggled or suffered.


It was only a flash of colorful light and his real life is in Eternity as the Timeless Watcher.


Operating from a distance within the Almighty he never was the Time Traveler to begin with.

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