Sayings on Self-Realization

Life is everything you thought you wanted, everything you thought you needed, and everything you thought you were, then suddenly it’s all stripped away when you see God.

Your identity, God’s identity, and the identity of the universe is then rightfully returned to its original position within you.  

Only one answer is needed, only one answer is worth the effort, and only one answer is worthy of the universal question, and the answer reveals Eternity within you.

Seeing is believing therefore believing is having faith in being and action towards seeing is believing in oneself. 

The perfect and pure Self sees the imperfect world with the impure mind and identifies with what it sees, and firsthand realization of this mistake is Enlightenment.

Caught up in a nonstop flow of opposites we unwittingly downgrade our perception of Reality and fabricate a time limited identity.

Truth is not anything that evolves for a changing truth was false, and that which doesn’t begin from false is the timeless truth.

Self-realization delivers contentment when Eternity bankrupts time.  

Detachment from time is meditation at its purest level, so any meditation that has time related byproducts in it is still attached to time, and grounded by impurities.

Its time to suffer when time is your only belief.

Self-realization is the only real power we have over manifestation.

Eternal at our Source we are a piece of God, but seemingly rendered powerless to control much of anything until Self-realization, which changes your identity and outlook.  

Looking everywhere and finding nothing the aspirant looks within and finds everything in nothing. 

Being at home in the world will never happen, but being at home within the body can.

Seemingly lost and searching the restless Spirit doesn’t find solace in anything until it uncovers Eternity, and that discovery finds solace in being. 

Meditation is searching for stability in an unstable environment, and the stable part is found when the unstable part realizes its limitations.

There is only one egoless moment, only one present moment, only one bodiless moment, and only one mindless moment, which is authentic to being, and that moment is called Self-realization.