Self-Realization or Enlightenment is the most important event or wakening in a seekers life (or any), and it is the only spiritual recognizing that is done by the Almighty Spirit and God.  It actualizes the Soul Eternally and reestablishes the Eternal Identity within the body despite the misdiagnoses of the mind, which has now been properly treated.


Self-Realization happens when the Self or Soul Realizes its own Eternal Nature first hand within Eternity.


There is nothing more important, bigger or better than realizing your Self Eternally because in the same wakening you see the Almighty Source of all things.  No event in your life or in the universe can compare to this rare event, and its value is unsurpassed by anything known.


Undeniably the highest experience available while living anywhere in the universe, and it comes in the most silent and subtle fashion that automatically destroys any false notions of Soul, God, and Heaven.


It is by far the highest goal possible, and the only goal that is worthy of striving because it is the only one that’ll stay with you and not leave your side, taking the sting out of death and anything else in-between you and God.


Eternity striving for Eternity realizes its Divinity within Eternity.


The Eternal Soul rediscovers its Eternal Home after dislodging from its physical existence, and from that moment on the only type of contentment that is available while embodied is now your blessing to behold.  After Self-Realization you know and understand the starting point and end result of all things and you know how to get there, and now you know you can’t be denied for it has also made you Self-confident and resolute.


Instant comprehension through integration in a place where Soul’s only can go leaves this Almighty Realm unchanged and pure, a Heavenly place.  In order to get to this sacred place you have to return to your original state, and that being the Soul without the body and mind makes this no small feat however well worth the effort.


Returning to your original state takes place after a long and tedious detachment from all that the Soul isn’t.  In a nutshell, this is done through meditation guided by contemplation until you’re able to enter the Samadhi State and stay for periods of time.  This is a deep, thoughtless, meditative state of the Soul as it eases away from the body and mind.


The mind has big attachments that link you to all that the mind thinks the Soul has become and that governs your Soul.  The mind only knows this world but the Soul knows both realms, and the Eternal realm being the Soul’s only nature and resting place, gives everyone a viable escape hatch from here to There.  And this is why Self-Realization is possible because of the connection to Eternity that’ll never go away.


As remarkable as it may sound you have always been eternal and untarnished, and with Self-Realization you realize this fact.  This is really a Realization of Godliness, if you will, because you realize your Soul is as Pure and as Perfect as God is.  Eternity doesn’t change in spite of its connection to time and neither does the Soul.  The Soul being a small fraction of God nonetheless has the same qualities of God, and size doesn’t matter in this case however altogether we are the Almighty.


There is nothing in the universe that is better than that!


It should be the pursuit of everyone, and the highlight of our existence glorified everywhere or at the very least by our spiritual institutions, however it’s squandered.  Book knowledge is good but personal experience is much better in the spiritual field and most any field for that matter.  Book knowledge can only carry you so far and then you have to go out and see for yourself.  Most religions don’t really understand Self-Realization and Enlightenment, and feel it is the sole property of Eastern Spirituality. Even Eastern Religions have strayed into austerities, physical restrictions, falling for mistaken prophets, cons, and spiritual leaders with not much to share besides what they have heard and read.


I try to spell it out the best way I can and I rarely quote anyone else making this an oasis of spiritual information for those who want words they can count on far past this flash of a lifetime.