The Religious Promise

As fragile humans we find it almost a requirement to believe in Religion as the way to God, a promise of an overseer that guides us, watches over us, and of course, keeps track of our discretion’s.  In some cases religions promote a spiritual leader besides God as a go between and savior.  They promise help through their divine connection along with the promise of salvation and eternal life, and of course, they say, their way is the only way possible for this salvation.


I think that would be great if it were true, I would love someone to stand by me throughout life and death, and I won’t have to do much of anything else except believe in it, and once I do, this ultimate redeemer will save me.  Wow…..that sounds great and easy to do, but is that at all possible? ….. No it really isn’t, and it’s more like a spiritual Ponzi scheme to me with no spiritual equity for your investment, but these types of spiritual institutions do help people in other ways.  I just wish they were more responsible when it comes down to helping you with your spiritual practice.  They have a spiritual duty to help you progress towards Self-realization but they don’t, and they fall back on old dogma and promises as a substitute, and in the end this doesn’t help anyone nor does it help them.  This glaring misstep reduces their legitimacy by downgrading spiritual progress to a slow crawl, causing them to rely solely on promises.


The Religions have missed their call spiritually by totally relying on old scripture and promises which really don’t help you towards Self-Realization.  I believe their promise which is centered on the unknown aspect was put down in order to give them an edge over other paths, but that time is long gone and it’s time to find legitimacy as a valid path that really works.  They gave a promise of divine help that is really unverifiable and unavailable, but the eternal life aspect is still an acceptable and pursuable goal.


The real truth is; there is no help and the Soul that is the real You doesn’t need saving because it has always been Eternal and Perfect, but you still have to uncover this eternal treasure by pealing back the layers of time.


The religions don’t help you with this however they do help by making their mark in the community by helping folks find their way through the tough times in life, and also with charities.  But, in the real spiritual sense they are blocked by old concepts which incorporate little spiritual involvement by the masses.  There is a tremendous need in that respect, and they would find the added responsibility motivating and beneficial, demanding more group participation and individual accountability.


The wisdom of most religions is just not enough unless they have practicing patrons and practitioners in the Meditation field.


Spiritually speaking, no one can help you unless you’re willing to help yourself by putting forth the effort in mediation because contemplating isn’t enough.  It just doesn’t do the work on its own and you have to go in with a steadfast determination, but you need to know what to do and how to do it, for it takes practice.  In the process it promotes a sense of wellbeing and grounds you to your spiritual path and creates stability in life, but instead of this they bank on help from beyond, which is a lofty expectation and not a promise they can keep nor a promise should they make.


No Spirits are in any position to help you in the world or in the Afterlife, you’re basically on your own.  No God is keeping track of your discretions and no God in going to jump in and save you, the only real help that can come is from a teacher (preferably Self-realized) who can only coach you while living.  It is entirely up to you to do the work and the Afterlife just reinforces this rule.


There are some underlining facts that you need to know that only a Self-realized teacher knows:


1)      The Soul is eternal and unstainable, always Pure and Perfect and no flash of a lifetime can ever change that, so it doesn’t need any purifying or saving.


2)      The Soul never left Eternity and it can’t because it is a product of Eternity and it will never leave this eternal cradle, its permanent nesting site.  This means, technically you have always been Eternal, everpure and never endanger.


3)      In the end no Soul actually suffers or is in need.


4)      God doesn’t keep track of your discretions and there is neither a want to nor need to, because time and energy records all, and that’s the issue that’s before you.  Self-realization is your only escape from this time and energy hold on you.  And the Afterlife is where justice is served up by you, via a lifetime of downloads recorded in energy particles that serve as your mind.  Once you break free from the time and mind continuums then the records are thereby nullified, and the finished product is all that remains for it is all that matters, nothing else does.


In reality no Soul actually needs saving, just Eternity needs to be saved from the new person you’ve become.


That’s the issue here, however blunt it is, you have to break free from this new identity to the mind and body, this connection to life must be severed completely in order to be who you really are in Eternity.  There are no shortcuts for anyone and no one including the Almighty will help you with this.  It’s your creation, your life, your illusion, your connection and it’s your problem to deal with, and by waiting for a savior that’ll never show up is like handing down a sentence of imprisonment after death.  You carry all your imbedded personalized illusions in tow after death and you must voluntarily release them or you’ll be stuck in the revolving door of the mind.


The thinking mind is the pilot throughout life however with death the pilot ends its reign and the nonthinking mind takes control, and now the Soul’s attention is the pilot.


We forged a strong bond with the mind, and the mind won’t release itself.  Death does not dissolve the subtle energies of time and mind only the grosser ones, and to be caught up in the invisible energies is to behold the Afterlife, the stage before Eternity.  In the Afterlife It takes a lot of determination to break free from the compelling drama because it all will seem so personal, endless and uncontrollable.  Time is very different here and it won’t seem logical or orderly, and when it’s lacking linear reasoning it may seem like a daunting task but it isn’t, you just need to know what to do and what to look for.


Everything is a gift of time but the gift has to be returned.


Time always demands full payment whether you like it or not, so you might as well start paying it back while living which is called meditation.  It’s the ultimate worship and prayer towards God by wishing for nothing except complete unity with the Source, above everything else.


You see, the real gift has already been planted in you, and the real You that will remain with you throughout the process won’t be taken away or soiled, only temporarily covered.  It’s up to you to uncover the real You by surrendering the fake you that is covering it.  Meditation does that by purposely discounting everything as a valid obstruction between you and Eternity.


The Religions of today are basically for the busy person to give them communal support and ease their tensions towards life and death.  And I agree, that’s good, and I wouldn’t want to change that but the bandage isn’t enough for the Spirit, because it needs total freedom.


Temporarily covered by this illusion of time the Soul sits and waits for your own Enlightenment, which dispels times temporary control revealing Eternity and the Almighty.


It’s real hard to hear the hard truths and since I have no qualms about saying them this web site comes in real handy.  I’m not here to scare you or to ask for money, I’m here to help you unravel your personal story so you can be who you have been since the dawn of time.