The Trail to Eternity

Take refuge in the calmness of a silent mind
Refuse attention to the ego that lays claim in doing

Take nothing personally, for this person you are not
Refuse any claim to the fragile human, which you can find

Take in your outside concerns, for inside introspection
Refuse to identify with labels that the ego claims as real

Take alms from the moment, which cleanses the mind
Refuse any alms which inflate your attachments to the body

Take the body and mind as the holy ghost, but be the Son
Refuse to except appearances as reality, for they will bind

Take no satisfaction in desires, and no fears as relevant
Refuse homage to the world as real, and look within for reality

Take your stand in Eternity a universe without stars is your sign
Refuse ownership in living and see suffering as translucent chains

Take nothing here with you, and be satisfied with nothing as you go
Refuse giving high value to images, for in Eternity, pure space is divine

The Theater Seat

There was this simple man who had simple values, and cherished a simple life style. He lived in a small town, and everyone in that town knew the town Mayor personally as an honest and respected man with well educated advice, and he was one of the few worldly people in the area. Born and raised in the small town the Mayor went on to a big college, and was successful as a big city Mayor before he decided to help his home town community. After twenty years of service he was thinking of opening a spiritual clinic, which was a shock to the rest of the town since he never went to church.

The simple man who was well liked and respected in town as well, decided to have the Mayor over for dinner, and try to talk him into keeping his city position. After all, he turned the city around from a dying ghost town to a thriving community, and everyone loved and respected him, but now he stands to loose all that.

Sitting down after dinner with a cup of coffee the simple man spoke up and said to his Mayor, “Is there something we can do as communities that will make you change your mind? If there is something wrong then let us know and we’ll fix it, we will do anything to keep you as Mayor my good friend.” The Mayor politely responded with a shrug and a smile and said, “Nothing is wrong and nothing could be better. I finished my job here and it’s time to do something that I always wanted to do, which is to teach spirituality.” “How did this happen and why, when so many people depend on you, and you’re a hero to many,” retorted the simple man. The Mayor responded; “You know this exact situation happened to me after my first Mayoral job and it wasn’t easy to explain, so I told them a fictitious story to alleviate any wrong conclusions.” The simple man realized he was at heart of the matter, and probed deep into the mayors past by asking for a explanation on why he left his first job.

Well, the Mayor said, “I will tell you, but first understand I am dead serious about this, and I wouldn’t tell you if it wasn’t the absolute truth.” I understand, replied the man, and I will respect your statement as the truth, and be happy with it, just tell me the reason and I’ll drop it.

While I was Mayor of the big city I would walk to the train station after work and pass by a Yoga center on the way. One time the business owner was locking up when I was passing by, so I introduced myself as Mayor, and he said something unusual.

“Oh no your not, I know better than that,” said the venerable old man, “you never left your theater seat.” What! What are you talking about? Have you lost your mind silly old man? “No!” He said, “You’re the one that lost your mind, because you lost control of it. When you take control of it and realize where your seat is, which your natural identity is, you’ll find out that you never really left your seat, and you’ll start talking like this as well.” “Really, tell me more” replied the Mayor. “Well, I found out that we don’t really die and we were never born, as a matter of fact I never left my seat and went anywhere, it was all a theatrical play and I thought I was in it playing a staring role. Then I found out the joke was on me, because the lights came on and the show ended, then I saw the gravity of my mistake. I realized I didn’t even have a part in the show, just thought I had. Now, I help others in finding that light switch, so they can see their position in the theater of reality.”

That’s strange, what else did he say?

“He told me I was making a grave error in believing that I was a fragile human, when I was Eternal and indestructible.” After a long discussion and follow up meetings he said I was ready, and sent me off with a method and clues, and retorted, “figure it out”….“no one can do that for you”…. “Believe in me and what I say and don’t look back, keep searching for the theater until you find it, and see for yourself, what all the great ones saw, you won’t be disappointed. Because in knowing your true position, you find your own anchor of stability on the open seas, and it is a most valuable asset, for you’ll never be lost again. Look within and away from the theatrical world and perceivable movements of energy, and you’ll find yourself sitting in the pure still sea of Eternity.”

This was all so new to me and I was taken back by the statement, but I was also very curious, and whether he was crazy or not he had me hook, line and sinker. Walking to the station I asked him, what is the theater? And, how do I find this switch to turn on the light?

“The theater is the grand arena of Eternal space that our Soul resides in, permanently, and you find the switch after fumbling around in the dark for some time. But when you do, you see the source of all, and you realize this play was an illusion, which you had bought into, with a ticket called birth. You never find out where the switch is, or how you turned it on, but by following a simple formula, thereby detaching yourself from the play mentally, you start the search for the switch and eventually the theater will be reveled. You’re in essence moving away from the foreground of sensual involvement in the play, to the background darkness of the theater opens up. So, sit back in your seat and know your seat is still, energyless, feelingless, and not perceivable, and what you perceive is the show. When you’re able to look away from the show long enough, the show ends and the theater is visible. Your relentless noninvolvement in the show switches on the original Light of God, in Absolute space, your eternal home. But remember, when you’re caught up in the show, your not looking for the switch.”

I could not stop thinking about what he said, so I went on the search and years later I proved his formula true, which is why I moved back home to live a simple life. Now I feel compelled to help others find their switch, now that this community is in fine working order on a strong economic foundation.

The simple man stayed up all night thinking about this unusual conversation. The Mayor was a shining example of stability over the past twenty years, and he has not misled me or has been caught in a lie by anyone. Why would he lie now? Especially, to a nobody like me? It’s obviously a more important endeavor to him than being mayor, when he is willing to throw it all behind him and start a new. I find that I have no reason to distrust him, and the spiritual life I have now has done nothing for me. If he was willing to give up everything for the cause, it must be worth it, and I have less than he does to give up. It just seems like a grave error not to follow his advice when I can have the same contentment as he has.

The simple man decides to follow his friends counsel and became his number one disciple. After a couple of years of training his teacher told him, “stop searching for the switch, for the switch is your ability to surrender everything and switch it all off for that. So, sit in the stillness of the theater seat, which is your rear most point of observation, and in the darkness which is in-between the observer and the observed, lies the switch. Become the thoughtless observer from that seat, and stay there in that pure Awareness of nothing else but being, and in that place you naturally cast your moorings aside for what’s beyond.”

The simple man went away, and showed up three months later at his teachers clinic, got down on his knees before him for the first time and said, “That which I thought was real and tangible is shallow and superficial in comparison, you have opened my eyes. You truly are one of the great teachers of all that is timeless, I have to give you my deepest thanks and repay my debt by passing on your teachings of the true and timeless words of Spirituality.” Tears welded up in his master’s eyes as he said in a tender voice, “You have already given me the greatest gift of all with the second most glorious day of my life. It is truly one of the best days on earth to receive such a precious gift in return, and now you know we are That, and not this.” The master held out his hands and helped the simple man off his knees. “God has bestowed his grace on you with the glorious vision of his kingdom, now go my saintly friend and help other seekers, for now you are beyond the need of further help.” A long embrace and a few tears dropped from the great joy of the moment, and a sense of awe hung in the air due to the rarity of such an event, and they were basking in it. They parted and never saw one another in form again, but the simple man turned into one of the best spiritual teachers of his time.