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The Misplaced Identity

This seems to be the underlying issue in the world and universe, which propels us to think and act like independent and well defined separate individuals with personalities and characteristics earned and owned. An identity that sums up our whole existence, which was really created through random acts of duality. A whole package of experiences that defines us and what is known as our personal identity or ego, a new attributable characteristic housed in a bio-form that takes precedence in the way we see the world and God. A one of a kind self-created personal reality attached to emotions, experiences and appearances that appropriately dictate a conditioned response based on one limited viewpoint. This viewpoint or interpretive lens is colored by ideologies that form an elusive identity that is ever evolving making it a victim of circumstances and a time based phenomenon. Being a victim and an attribute of evolution sentences this identity to morph constantly and provide little comfort, because the laws of duality or time demand oscillations. When your identity is locked onto these changing ideological formats and guarded by an ego or a closed mind, then only conditioned responses will appear which are always lacking in true critical thinking.

What do you identify with? And that which you do identify with is most likely the cause of your suffering.

 My position is that any ego that identifies with the physical and social ideologies is completely misplaced and false, because this type of identity changes constantly thus changing the way we see ourselves.

If the truth changes, is that still the truth?

No, if it changes then it wasn’t the truth to begin with, and only that which doesn’t change and remains constant is the truth!

That which doesn’t change despite the decay of the body and mind is your true identity and all else is false reasoning or a temporary aberration.

Time is based on matter and energy which is always in motion and subject to oscillations, growth, decay and death. What is true today may be gone tomorrow, so what is it that remains beyond the perceivable universe and time?

That my friends is your true identity and the Eternal Soul or the Self, however for now it’s temporarily glossed over by another identity which is limited, conditioned and fleeting. This new identity has a growing ideology that changes with time, but this type of identity is lacking in continuity and substance. During times of stress this identity forces a controlling attitude in uncontrollable situations, unable to accept the controller looks for control or explanations through personal ideologies. However, when you’re trying to lock down an identity to a body in a universe where everything is in motion and changing it doesn’t workout well, because you’re foundation is in flux. And despite the endless hardships with this frail and enigmatic identity that has a limited existence we still wholeheartedly identify with it and blindly fight for its existence.

Even if we think we are Eternal at the core of our being does that really change the identity you have with the body now?

No, of course not, and for this life has got you hook line and sinker, and as much as you want it to change it always remains business as usual and your just the pawn in the game of duality (life). The problem is this identity which latched onto a changing and imperfect continuum is really part of a natural occurrence in life making it a point that nobody wants to analyze, for it neutralizes all that a person supposedly stands for. It will do that and it should do that, because that which you’re standing on is a icy slope anyways that is destined to melt. If you’re standing on solid eternal ground then not even the world or death will shake you off, and contentment will be your steadfast repose.

Stability and an unshakeable confidence with a love that is lasting and real, but detached from appearanc
es and ideologies. Unconditioned by circumstances is real love and your true identity, otherwise your identity and love is conditioned by your environment and experiences.

Nobody will truly know this person you identify with, because it’s just too hard to understand the changing you, and how could anyone understand anyways? Everyone’s created separate and different complex personas with hidden secrets, experiences, and agendas that occupy their life, thus coloring every story they hear and say.

We hang on to this secretive baggage which makes up our hidden identity, and show people another version that we think we should be, however that image is flawed and lacking in information. How can we expect anyone to know us as we are when we don’t even identify with the image we give them! And, what we do identify with, that being the content of the mind and the body image is really a representation of change and decay, a limited and degrading idea of ourselves. Adding more than one identity just adds more confusion to the ever evolving notion of who we think we are. 

Can you really know yourself if you are constantly mutating?

Did you wake up this morning as the same person you were ten years ago?….two years ago?…..ten months ago?

A myriad of identities all wrapped up in a myriad of ideologies, housed by a single apparatus, which for better or worst will choose a reaction that only binds it further to this revolving identity. Only One identity is perfectly true and worth cultivating, the rest is duality expressing itself with an ego tagging along in a misplaced sense of belonging, unfortunately based on a purification system that uses annihilation to get its point across.

Imperfection gave us the many aspects of the Universe; however Perfection and Purity at our core gave birth to imperfection and impurity, and by wrongly identifying with the latter transient state of perfection causes the suffering.

This alone is the cause of the upheaval in the world with all the lost individuals exercising control to push their limited and personal agenda.

This morphing identity compels one to act irrationally and emotionally demanding satisfaction, but no one can be satisfied with their transient state for very long, because duality is the king of this road. If you work hard to protect, preserve and prolong this identity through personal ideologies then you’re chained down to one limited view point, which will keep your love and knowledge conditioned. You really don’t know who you are among the myriad of false identities that you cultivated through the years. Don’t expect anyone else to truly understand you, nor you to understand where their identity lies at any given time.

Only the Self-realized or Enlightened folk will know for sure the true identity of the Source (God), because they have seen and know the Source intimately, thus identifying with It, and that’s Self-realization. Theirs and everyone’s identity is one of the same true Reality, however for now the Self is covered by illusions of the mind, and that comes with attachments. Only the truly awakened ones are content with life and know the Eternal Self, so they help others rediscover that divinity within, but beware there are many false teachers who didn’t see and can only parrot those who have. 

By identifying with a limited resource and not with Eternity or the Self, you thereby sentence yourself to needless mental suffering, because you are totally alone on this journey you identify with. It’s all based on time, so it will never be satisfying for very long before duality opens another door that tears into this fragile identity. A perpetually unstable identity that is vulnerable and prone to rocking, and with a world that has an endless supply of waves your world will be easily rocked. I would argue that loneliness and a sense of belonging is mostly everyone’s crutch on this journey, because of this lonely independent identity.

The main problem is that true independence is an outright joke anyways and all needs all. Alone yes, it will seem that way and all the way to the end it will seem that way, however in Eternity where all is One we are complete and without the need of manifestation (attachments). Getting use to this Eternal identity and a universe without form starts with meditation, which cultivates your truth and the rock solid identity that never changes regardless of what happens.

Unless true Reality, true Love, and the Eternal Self is taught within the core of our educational system and spiritual institutions, then true contentment and peace with life will never happen.

The Path of Negation

This spiritual path has a long lineage and success in regards to enlightenment or Self-realization; however it being overshadowed by larger more vocal religions and spiritual paths makes it more of a solo journey. This path doesn’t bore or bog you with ideals, history or reasons why it’s better, nor does it want anything from you except the desire to know firsthand. It’s seen as a hard path to follow, but I would assert it’s a more efficient way of finding your Self (Soul), as in Self-realization, and anyone can do it. This essentially is the path I took so I know it well, and I can tell you truly it’s one of the more efficient paths at dissolving the universe and uncovering Eternity, which is called Enlightenment.

This path runs deep in logic and goes straight to the Source by mentally looking away from any worldly meaning outside of the Self. You inwardly negate all appearances and words as unessential to the Self. You’re neutralizing life from the inside out rendering it incapable to distract you from your goal, and you personally hang everything on one hook, which is your last belief system, that nothing here can deliver you Home. You trust in your teacher and all the true teachers of the past and search without fear for the Self and the one true Reality, and you do this because of your trust and faith in your teacher, God and Self-realization. You do this because you can, and your deep interest in the truth, God liberation, peace, and happiness drives you. The freedom that comes with identifying with the true Self is your rightful heritage, a divinized state that’s waiting for you, so you can get your mind and body in sync with an Eternal tune-up, and that should be your last and only goal.  

 You do this with a discerning eye that sees the world as a fraud in order to create a new mindset, which understands the way to Reality is taken by withdrawing your personal stake in the illusionary world. Loosing your emotional interest in the outside drama, or knowing there will be no relief there forces you to look within for relief in a sustained search inside. Knowing full well that the illusion has you locked in and you have to be really diligent at unchaining your Self from the mind/body complex, almost like you want to wake up from a bad dream. You have to be willing to do what it takes and go within with a single minded focus on the Self, thus dissolving the universe from the inside out by meditating and talking your Self out of it.

You achieve an internal dialogue which continually sees things as false and not real, thereby counteracting any sway that desires and fears have on you. Since you can only see Eternity through the Self, which is a spec of God seeing God, then all other pull outside of that will be counterproductive to your pursuit. However, life has us captivated and the attention of the Self is now anchored in life, and that’s what you withdraw in order to break the spell and see clearly. By retracting your attention back away from the mind, body and world, and redirecting it back on the Self, then the clinging to the illusion is voluntarily surrendered and only God is left. Once all residual fears and desires loose their power to interfere in the process then you are ready to let go of everything including all concepts that comes with a personal identity, which has kept you thinking and believing as an individual.

This path of looking away from everything by insistently denouncing the value in time and matter goes right to the heart of your Eternal identity, delivering you into Stillness by disconnecting the external movement of life. If you stick to this path around the clock it will take but a few years, and not the lifetime or several lives as reincarnation states to achieve God liberation.

By mentally negating all that ‘It’ isn’t, you rediscover that which ‘It’ truly is.

Answers from the Source

When we look for solutions that come from the Source for any questions there are a few things that stand in the way or block these divinely influenced answers. The ego influenced mind and the resulting emotions which effectively alter the mind and make it incapable of obtaining the translucent quality that is conducive to the subtle characteristics of the Source, and the universal knowledge that comes therein. The universal perspective is imprinted in consciousness because it’s tied into and held afloat by Awareness (The Self) its still relative. Once the mind is crowded with thoughts that emanate from a personality or entity that overly identifies with appearances then emotions are laced throughout, which escalate things to a higher energy level, intensity level or frequency. All of this revs the mind up and creates its own problems that won’t entertain or let the subtle energies in to mutate and take root; instead the high flying energy of the cycling mind either superimposes over it, or uses it up quickly as a weak source of energy.

You may recall a time when you’re relaxed and letting go welcoming sleep and out of the blue you got your answer, or remembered something important. These types of answers from the Source could happen to you anywhere at anytime as long as you’re surrendering your control. This allows the subtle energies to softly push forward into an open or suspended mind permitting the circulation of energy throughout the brain even activating dormant cells in a subtle synchronicity. Answers and spiritual experiences from the Source come as softly and easy as that, but it can have a huge impact on the individual mind resulting in a turn around moment in ones life. A flood or wave of subtle energy can make one feel light and floating on air as an epiphany carries you through to a higher state of consciousness and unity with life, which changes your outlook. Pure consciousness can give one the spiritual feeling of at-one-ment with all of life, because of its unbinding formless nature and your connection to it allows you to feel and get a sense of universal unity.

Consciousness has access to a purer consciousness which is the first transition point from Awareness, then transforming into different energy giving us the ability to use it and store imprints which make it ours as we direct it. But, pure free consciousness before imprints is clean slate on a subtle level, which is below the normal human mind frequency, and it’s the pushing factor in tandem with Awareness. This free floating current which is labeled pure or universal consciousness flows everywhere in the universe, and what we use as humans when we morph into the individual ego. Emotions then take off and embed that personality and all of its attachments deeper in the psyche, and life and God is filtered through this new interpretive lens, which keeps the mind from entertaining the lower subtle frequencies that pure consciousness and Awareness invokes.

The soft flood light of pure consciousness is divinely inspired by Awareness which is its still anchor in God or your Source. The purity of your Source is the Soul or the inside guru that can see things from a clear perspective only influenced by: The Almighty, and moving (which pushes outward) pure consciousness. When that mixes with the outstanding issues in your life in a suspended mind state then the remaining debris is in a hovering state now vulnerable to change, which falls simply, naturally, subtlety and gracefully into place, and the problem is solved. The problem is really solved by consciousness and the natural laws of attraction and repulsion, which organizes the information rightly, allowing connections and attracting answers, but the open mind also plays a role in cultivating pure consciousness, setting a directive and translating.   

Meditating is the key that cultivates this subtle knowledge and keeps your mind fertile and in silent repose as the spreading of seed takes place on an open field which takes root. And, ‘Pop’ goes the answer like a bud popping through soil and it can have an enlightening affect on the individual that is sometimes confused with Enlightenment.

Contemplation is the other key ingredient in solving hard problems, because you have to make it a problem that will remain with you all the time even during sleep, so it has to be worked on during all your spare time giving the suspended ego and mind more time to decipher the issue. Since the suspended mind in most busy minds only happens for a second or two your problem has to be your primary thought above all else. The mind that sticks to one subject without the unnecessary escalation of energy from emotions and with sufficient time spent in clearing the mind with peaceful pauses and meditation will increase your odds greatly. Thoughtless meditation creates a wider spreading focal point or wave to balance out the isolated focal point or narrow stream resulting from deep thinking, and that sort of yin and yang of energies brings in the whole spectrum of help that doesn’t leave anything unturned.

Worshiping God

 For me there is one way of worshiping God, that seems to be the best way possible to worship, above all other techniques, which are usually conditioned by the mind with desires and fears. One way of worshiping that is the ultimate service to God, a way that is not conditioned by any ideology, any personal or worldly events, not even the mind, which leaves this way pure, natural, and unconditional, above the rest. One way that shows your ability to surrender, that shows your ability to let go of everything which was previously thought of as too important to forgo, but now it’s voluntarily relinquished by this type of worshiping. And in the process all is worshiped, and nothing is left out or separated by beliefs or attributes, and through this way it will neutralize everything down into one state of being, which leads directly to the ultimate state of being in Eternity.

There is one way that reveals your earnestness, that reveals your persistence, that reveals your inner strength, that reveals your inner knowledge, that reveals your attachments, that reveals your love for God, instead of your love for the body and the world. One way that works in all religions and all ideologies, works anywhere at any time and is truly a cornerstone to peace and happiness. A way that allows everyone the opportunity to witness the Almighty in the glory of perfection, via the divinity within. One way that tells God that all else will be deemed flippant in comparison, and you will be lead by the light of this way for nothing else will do, no replacement is good enough, and in this way only God’s divine intervention will be acknowledged as reality. A way that tells the Almighty you will stop at nothing, and nothing will get in-between you and your love for the Almighty, including mind inclinations. Your determination in this fashion will not only benefit you immensely but it won’t give any counter reasons to doubt your spiritual earnestness, because your effort in a regular practice indicates your resolve, which in turn steadfastly cultivates liberation.

The way is through the silent mind in meditation which worships God in the purest sense of the word. The way starts as a formless meditation observing the energy within, then that merges into the Samadhi State which is the ultimate state of worship. This is as close as you can get to enlightenment before it happens, your natural state of being, which is before the mind. Your ability to stay in this silent repose will reflect your earnestness, and how persistent you are will show how devoted you are to God, despite worldly attractions. This state of being is a state of pure Awareness, or the Self witnessing different states of existing in consciousness. In this thoughtless state one will naturally bounce around from compelling thoughts (attachments) which Awareness witnesses, to the witnessing of moving energies in the body (formless meditating) which takes the place of thoughts, then onto an Awareness of Awareness, which neutralizes the witnessing states altogether, this is beyond perceiving anything externally but God within. In this state there is no longer any Karma, any preconditions, any religions, any spirituality, any universe, any body, or any mind, just you as One, waiting for the illusion to pass by, so the One can see and know the One in All. And after realizing your anchor in Reality you now understand what all the great ones were talking about and the many ways they used to express this divine state of being. Your attachments are replaced by the One, your love lives and breaths through the unconditional state in all, your identity now lies with God, which is your natural state of existing, and you talk and think according to “That”, because everything revolves around “That”.

I hope you can see that formless meditating and the “Samadhi state” is the purest form of worshiping and I originally expand on the words of Nisargadatta who said: The silent mind is the purest form of worship.


Although my branches sway on the winds of time.
My center is still and timeless away from moving leafs.
My limbs are moving but my core stands still with you.
Sit by my side, bask in the shady stillness and take in the view.

The living water will refresh your tired feet, my bench is strong and stable. Rest close to that which radiates still peace and brings tranquility to all who sit. My bench is empty, my water clear and my sky is free, come sit and be one with me.Meditate by my side under the shade of stillness and feel the living waters flow in thee. 

Your tree lives and breaths time but its roots are planted firmly in Reality. Your life on the run, the world on your back, relax here and feel at ease. The water reflects the images of past illusions that are now under your feet. The sky has passing clouds of thoughts that when left alone won’t find a seat.

The still Awareness is always here your just focused on the world that is calling. Don’t finger the phone, don’t double click, or paper back now when peace is knocking. Its you turn to feel the waters, your turn to rest, your turn to know the view for its in you. Wake up child of the world, friend of God, and know that thy divinity lies with God.

You who identifies with decay, you who acts mortal, you who judges according to this. You are the fault, you need to stop, you need to change, for true love is lost in separation. Love is the common bond that lives through commonality not that which sees differences. 
Real love will recognize real love if you allow it, so brush off the dirt of old dominance’s. 

We will sit under the dark canopy in this empty decision less place and forget life. The headlines and the calling voices will cease, for the world will be a distant thought. You won’t want to leave the bench of timeless emptiness and beauty, so grab a seat. We will sit together above the fray for we have God’s grace that shelters us from the heat. 

The Riddles Between This and That (the Illusion and the Reality)

We are not, at our core, any of ‘this’, but we are ‘That,’ however ‘this’ is the opposite of ‘That,’ and since opposites clash, then ‘That’ doesn’t have any opposites like ‘this’ has here to oppose it, and its true, but ‘That’ is still connected to ‘this.’ ‘This’ is ‘That’s’ opposite and a seemingly solid connection while living, but spiritual books deny ‘this’ existence and call it an illusion. Should they really do that? I mean, since ‘That’ has no opposites, they refer to ‘this’ as false, then ‘this’ has no purpose at all, but it has a purpose. We use ‘this’ to become Aware of Being ‘That,’ to attain an all knowing Eternal Awareness of being, which can only come from a dip into ‘this’ place, then upon Realization we know what it means to be a One in All. So it does serve a purpose, because when faced with our opposite we work our way out of its grasp, thus becoming a knower of it, and through this process we discover our Being in the One and only true Reality. We will all have to dissolve, detach or surrender our personal reality for the One lasting Taste of Reality, so I guess calling it an illusion serves a purpose on the path, and it seems like the best way to go, despite the fact that this illusion is serving another purpose. Do we still call it an illusion because it sure fit’s the description or do we dare call it something else; its like a Self discovery battle field of opposites which always leads us to the pursuit of perfection in the wake of its destruction. Everything here will give us reason to look elsewhere, if you hang on to it, whatever it is, you will see it and your reasons for hanging on to it, decay in a slow painful death. Whatever you identify with here will disappoint you, because the real you only identifies with ‘That,’ and ‘this’ is what the mind identities with because it is made out of ‘this’.

Meditation or the art of devaluating the misidentification with ‘this’ within, is the spiritual path to ‘That’, because the mind thinks it owns this realm, and it doesn’t want to admit to its limitations nor its impending death. ‘That’ has to look away from ‘this’ (the mind) as well, so ‘That’ must see all of ‘this’ as a temporary illusion, connected for a reason, and ‘this’ also some characteristics of infinities which is related to ‘That.’ The common bond seems to be in infinite space, however it must separate somewhere before that into the transitory phenomenon, from Stillness to movement, because infinite space has moving particles, and there must be a transition zone. From Awareness to consciousness which is but a moving form of Awareness, from complete Stillness to the first subtle movement in consciousness, and at this location must be the transition zone, back and forth, which originated from Still Light (the reason, not a decision). To look, or to look away seems to be the ultimate question, to be content at looking at God, or to look away and be born. Because there is a connection to ‘this’ that is always there, unnoticeable, but present as long as the universe stays as ‘this.’ And the same transition zone holds true for here too, as in enlightenment, either you are happy with ‘this’ and attached to it or you’re spiritual enough to look away by focusing your attention on ‘That.’

 Look forward and don’t look back when you arrive in ‘That,’ and maybe we have mobility (forward) upon permanent dissolution into ‘That,’ however maybe not. I have totally accepted the fact that we are frozen in Eternal Stillness, unable to move besides diverting our attention, and this defies and debunks all spiritual myths that defied the properties of manifestation, but that’s the way it goes, it is, what it is. Reality sees Reality and is known by Reality only, and the illusion sees the illusion but it is known by Reality and the illusion, until the illusion dissolves (enlightenment) then the illusion submissively understands its limitations, and falls into order. Yet the laws of ‘this’ rule supreme in manifestation creating an independence and freedom that is very much needed, a noninterference clause that is necessary to keep them pure, free and separate, and a transition point that makes you commit to ‘this’ or ‘That,’ until you finally understand, then you won’t look away from ‘That’ to live and feel vulnerable in ‘this’ again.

The Chalkboard Metaphor

Let’s try a metaphor on for fun, this is the one about the blackboard and chalk. The blackboard is a symbol for Eternity or God, always still, always the same, attribute less, nothing changes, then it became Aware of being, and when the light of Awareness dawned, it in turn, just from being Aware, not only created the chalk but set the chalk in motion. Chalk went on to draw different forms upon the board, that eventually evolved into, colors, pictures, words and a multitude of moving objects. The chalk was know as energy or consciousness, which is but a moving form of the original consciousness, or from an Awareness of being. Each one of us is a tiny part of the blackboard, and each one of us is viewing the chalk designs on the surface and they are temporarily a part of us, which is a moving expression of us, or our personal worlds. The chalks essence is constantly moving, but the blackboard is still and unaffected by the movement, and once all the chalk is erased (enlightenment) from the board, then the blackboard realizes that it wasn’t the chalk at all, but the blackboard all along, and it never changed or went anywhere. The identity to the chalk is no longer needed nor is it seen as important as ones true identity. Now the blackboard knows for sure that it is the blackboard and talks like a blackboard should, and the chalk is seen as it is, a condition of time and thus not real or pure like the backboard is. The blackboard realizes that it was not only Eternal, indestructible, unchanging (because any form, or movement is change in action which is conditioned by the chalk or time), and Godly, but also beyond the mind, senses or feelings. One solid mass of Eternal Reality that is impenetrable by moving energy thus making it omnipotent and more powerful then anything manifested. One single backdrop to all of manifestation that is beyond all physical perception, which remains absolutely Still, formless and forever pure, so that the dance of manifestation can take place. If it wasn’t all powerful and still like that, it wouldn’t be able to hold up the universe with its great weight, or hold it all together. You can see that there has to be something other than the give and take of energy, something bigger then the negative and the positive forces that we live in. And there is, and thank God for that, because without the eternal blackboard and the chalk of light there is no universe or us.


As explained in Wikipedia: this is the process whereby two interacting oscillating systems, which have different periods when they function independently, assume the same period. The two oscillators may fall into synchrony, but other phase relationships are also possible.

These phase relationships also work with people, their relationships, in groups, and the tighter the relationship the more in sync they become. The fact that entrainment can happen with inanimate objects means it certainly can happen to humans. Women in the same house have been known to fall in sync with their menstrual cycle, and it can work on many different personal levels, also in business environments or sporting ones, anywhere at any time you can find synchronicity with the circumstances. In group meditations a feeling of at-one-ment can be felt and enhanced proportionally, and the study of unstable groups and their viral behavior is recognized by researchers, and I see it as a high intensity entrainment. Just from proximity and a willingness to surrender to the event seems to create all sorts of phase relationships whether it be good or bad.

During personal relationships we learn our partners cycle of happiness, setbacks, and activities and fall into a rhythm that coexists with those characteristics. A comfort zone is achieved that gives one a feeling of security, predictability, and chemistry. Both partners have to be open, and have a willingness to surrender and work within their weaknesses and strengths, in order to become one solid and well rounded entity. The ability to become a good receiver is essential to the equation because an open mind is a flexible ingredient that gives one the opportunity to grow and merge together. If the mind resists and fights for the ego, then the synchronicity and the subtle frequencies can’t fall into rhythm, and growth stops. Being in sync with your partner is the most peaceful and harmonious relationship possible. Arguments will be a relic of the past, and life seems almost surreal in the home, without any made up disturbances your able to float around most of life’s setbacks. A powerful team that can’t be denied is a team that relies on no individual power. One heart beat, its efficient, its easier, its natural, its alert, its productive, and its the most harmonious way of living with your partner.

The great business teams or sporting teams are that ones that know all of their weaknesses and strengths, come together to work on those weaknesses, enhance the positives, face the hardships together and surrender to the cause is a reflection of your earnestness. Every bit of personal sabotage, negativity, disappointments, personal merits, personal failures, stubborn attitudes or anything that props up the selfish ego that wants to stray into the self absorbed mind, must be surrendered for the cause. Nothing can penetrate the focus of the team and create disharmony within the group, they continue despite all that has transpired, and all the outside heat won’t make them trip or respond out of team character. Any relationships can have a bond like this which is shielded from outside influences so a balance is allowed to flourish within the union. A phase relationship forms from an easy synchronicity that fell naturally into place out of proximity and familiarity. Its all about success in an efficient manner, and by allowing the entrainment to prosper within you’ll feel impenetrable or unstoppable due to the strong connections from within the group.

The same holds true with the Guru and disciple relationship, which allows peace to flow through the group, if one is a good receiver and leaves themselves open to subtle frequencies they’ll find the peace noticeable and palatable. If the guru stops his or her mind and sits in the tranquility of the moment then peace has a chance to radiate through the whole room with the help of the good receivers passing it on. If people are resistant, fighting within or fighting with the teacher then no surrendering can take place. But even that road block can fall for a second and the silent mind wins the moment, then witnessing peace can take place. Surrendering restraints can happen to the most stubborn minds, and it can turn them on a dime with an epiphany, and this happens when one gives up the reigns. Face to face with their issues they realize its up to them to clear the way for more understanding, and give up the fight, after one taste of inner peace.


The Human Love

It sounds unusual but us as temporary humans have this emotional love that is overwhelming and dependent, and entirely our own. The majority of people think this is the real love, and it is an extreme representation of love, however it’s a human version or a conditional response. In the pure meaning of the word, love is not this, and in its simple and natural state is unconditional in humans. The morphed conditioned version resulted from the ego laying claim as “I” and “Mine,” which the mind confuses as love. And, true unconditional love is the love that the sages find through Self-realization, and although they may still show signs of feelings, that seem to resemble I and mine, however it’s naturally extinguished in short order. Because in comparison to real love without boundaries, it wasn’t factual, an intense drama but I’m still in the theater. I know, like, I know that I’m sitting in a “room” writing at this moment, and you are reading this in a “room” at this moment, and how could you not know that. Similarly, I know that I’m in the theater watching the drama unfold, like you would know you were in the movie theater watching a movie, temporally caught up in it, like an empathic, but soon to file it away as a movie. This detached love doesn’t sound like love but it is the highest form of love, which knows no boundaries and knows all is not lost for nothing was really gained. It may look distant like tough love, and it won’t tally with the attached version of personal love that’s dependent, so it’ll be hardly noticeable and understood. But it’s in you, in one and all, and this will be realized by all, eventually, however for right now only the Realized or the serious aspirant hot on the path will know this. The purity in all of life can not be forgotten once Realized, and this charade of plots and tragedies can be captivating entertainment and at times heart wrenching. When bodies collide with harder objects only that part which has to dissolve anyways, that impure part suffers, and that which is purer and impossible to hurt is still unaffected and watching, and that’s hard to forget. Only the ugly part dies and if you identify with the ugly part you will fear in living and death, and suffer accordingly to your attachments. Isn’t it nice to know that freedom from the ugly (the world, body and mind) is our final outcome and true love our effortless existence. Real love doesn’t have boundaries or restrictions that the mind habitually uses, and sees no differences that are real and binding to a natural love that lasts forever.

Are We Enlightened Already?….If so, then there’s nothing to pursue and nothing to change…Right?

Technically speaking, at the core, you are already enlightened or Self-Realized, however
Technically speaking the mind is not enlightened until the Self (Soul) sees Reality or God.
The mind, body and consciousness get in tune with enlightenment when this happens.
Although the Self is in a state of Realization, the mind and body can’t comprehend it.
The mind can only mentally understand enlightenment, until the Self sees Reality.

When consciousness or the mind and body Realizes this, then one is fully enlightened.
The mind and body will undergo subtle changes after the big change of enlightenment hits.
The big transformation of enlightenment will change you, emptying your desires and fears.
This immediate altering is strong yet subtly bankrupting all your useless desires and fears.
These events garner even more control over the mind, but it will still undergo refinement.
The body will slowly undergo changes getting more and more sensitive to refined energy.
Making the transition from clashing internal and external energies to harmonizing energies.

If none of these things were possible then the idea of enlightenment wouldn’t even arise.
Since the body and mind are foreign to the Self, it makes Self-realization a possible goal.
If the Self was a product of energy, not its opposite, it wouldn’t be Eternal or Realizable.
The Self is connected to the universal consciousness at birth but this egg shell is breakable.
Universal consciousness is a subtle energy that evolved from the Self, the Void or God.
It breaths life into everything and is responsible for the universe of changing phenomenon.
It changes and moves, but the Self never changes, expands or moves in any way.
In enlightenment, consciousness becomes universally known and somewhat controllable.
It becomes an informational avenue for understanding life and God, via the universal mind.

This is so important because total liberation can’t happen until this is understood.
Because the shell breaks when one looks away from the world, mind and consciousness.
This is the job for deep states of Samadhi meditation, which isolate the yolk from the shell.
Causing the shell to collapse and thus exposes the realm of Eternity, or God to the Self.
This rare event among the Seers, Saints, and Sages is what is called enlightenment.
You find your position in Eternity, your place with God, which in essence is God seeing God.
The universe and all of its contents, including the universal mind and consciousness is then
Seen as an illusion, not real, an impure and imperfect offshoot of Pure Perfection or God.