“The Witness State”

The Witness is the thoughtless observer within us, or a state of being in consciousness that is purely witnessing life take place without contemplating differences. A state of complete acceptance without personal predispositions that alter the event, find fault, take credit or judge. Reactions are present but not with any forethought or designs on the outcome, going with the flow in a thoughtless state of observing, which consequently is minus the doer or ego. The Witness is the Soul’s first contact in consciousness, the birth state of being, before the mind developed with a personality causing the Doer to step into the picture. The Soul, Self, or Awareness is the Watcher of all, and on its own sees nothing but Eternity and God, but when the Watcher is attached to consciousness it turns into the Witness of the world. Then the witness eventually turns into the Doer after staking claim in the world as an independent thinker, so the mislead mind is the doer, and the witness is consciousness without thinking, and the pure Watcher is Reality without the witness. Cultivating the pure Witness back into the forefront of your life is the purpose of meditations and a very important step for the Spiritual Seeker.

Reclaiming that universal witness that exists in all living creatures, can be done during active times and inactive times. These different states of witnessing are both relatively hard to master, however well worth the effort, and the inactive Witness is the most important part of spirituality. Meditation techniques are geared towards different states of witnessing, and the experiences that follow are milestones on the spiritual path. Any activity in life can be done by remaining in the moment as the Witness, and this is a good step in garnering control of the mind by falling back into the Witness, keeps the mind at bay. There are different types of mind decoys available for meditating, which help in keeping the mind targeted on something repetitious as you slip behind into deeper states of witnessing. Many spiritual experiences happen within these different layers, but experiences in the “Samadhi State” are on a deeper level yet, which can change your outlook or understanding on life and
God. In all cases, besides the finale awakening, the experiences are an
indication of transitional periods in spiritually, which can be good or
scary, and usually untranslatable.

The spiritual process through meditation delivers emotional stability and balance into ones life, and it can also help you control the direction of your mind. The constant redirection towards spiritual techniques or being the Witness, strengthens your control over the mind, allowing you to guide it and find the advance stages of thoughtless meditating. The pure Witness of this basic formless life force (consciousness) within, is the last meditating stage before one slips into the “Samadhi State”, which is beyond observing. It can be a long process, depending of course on your determination, but keeping the mind in silent repose is the key cornerstone to Enlightenment or Self-realization. For then, there is no way to go but further in, now that the world is rendered useless, discarded as the primary attention getter you cast your moorings aside for a new focus on the Eternal God.

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  1. Meditation seems to have some great mental health benefits, although your calculations of “witness”, “doer”, etc are a little confusing, and maybe a little much of an abstraction of the simple idea of concentration. I guess, once you step into the “spiritual” realm, the definition of meditation changes

  2. Your concentration, focus or attention is the key that unlocks the Source. And, directed at the world in full mind mode keeps you emotionally entangled and identifying with what you perceive. Disconnecting your focus from the world and mind is what meditating does, which in essence is a retraction or the refocusing of concentration on something else that’s within. Your attention embroiled in worldly endeavors with the ego in full lockdown is the “Doer,” your attention placed on the Self in meditation or your attention witnessing the inner workings of the mind is considered the “Witness”. This is where detachment comes into play and when it starts maturing you see things in a truer light without ideologies, emotions or anything that hangs onto the false perspective. 
    It’s like you have to disown that which you picked up on the journey including the ego and mind, and the only way to do that is through introspection and the retrieval of attention. Disconnecting and retreating from the Doer (ego) to the Witness and then from the witness to the ‘Samadhi State’, which is beyond witnessing, and then the final step Home.
    There are different states of being in the body and although they are subtle they do make a big difference in ones maturity and spiritual development, so I try to break it down into steps or make present day phrases more understandable.
    It really is simple and not that complicated, but words and meanings do clog up the process.
  3. The witness state is one where we can witness our mind in depth. In other words it is the soul within every individual. The state is non-judgmental and unemotional. In this state our activities are without thought. We cannot know what we are doing. When we do meditation we are in this kind of a state. It helps to control our mind. Some experts in this field say that it is similar to death stage. But the correct meaning is not yet found.

  4. Do you know where the definition of the witness came from? i see it on several different pages but none of them have its source. i’m really curious. thanks for your response.
    “The Witness is the thoughtless observer within us, or a state of being in consciousness that is purely witnessing life take place without contemplating differences. A state of complete acceptance without personal predispositions that alter the event, find fault, take credit or judge. ”

  5. The spiritual witness is a term I use to describe a state of being. All living creatures has this ability to witness even without any brain activity or even a heart and blood like plant life. To answer your questions, I have nowhere to point to a source, I borrow words from other spiritual texts if it serves a purpose for me, I just explain things from my own experience.  

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