Heirs to the Eternal Throne.

The Soul existing eternally as the Whole doesn’t know mortality until life, and the idea of death enhances a love for existence which ultimately gives meaning and legitimacy for the Soul.


A defined purpose for existing through the act of witnessing on the physical plane and the retraction of that link establishes an ultimate reason for the sacrifice, that being the Soul.


Eternity is responsible for creating life and life in turn is responsible for crafting Soul’s, the deeper meaning behind it happens when the Soul knows it’s an intricate Part of the Whole.


Eternity is metaphorically demarcated by the procedure of life and the Soul is the result, the Awareness of life adds an extra quality to Eternity within the knowingness that exists in Being.


This component to Being is the outcome of knowing that you exist and have existed for an Eternity, part of the Pure Eternal Whole but with an added cog that delivers independence.


An enhanced knowing is created by life and it instills a reason for the struggle that outweighs any idea that the personal life has any real need for continuance because the Soul continues.


That love for life is a heightened version of the greater rite to be which is never threatened by annihilation and although the byproduct is it’s nonetheless a valuable quality that qualifies itself.


An eternal existence for the Soul never loses that right to exist and by the very fate of that existence is thereby been lent to life so that it can exist too, but the Soul is the real profit.


Deep in the heart of Eternity this Awareness of Being is our Soul’s divinity and it actualizes its Self through its connection to form, and to know the Soul provides your own uniqueness.


An independent Part of the Whole that originally needs no purpose in order to exist but the existence of life did seed a reason by spawning the Soul creating a free rendition to Being.


Now Awareness of Being has a greater purpose for existing and it lies at the core of each Soul that has been actualized via the development of life reigning in heirs in the Eternal Throne.