Your Last Addiction

There is one addiction that will remain as your very last addiction to break. One addiction that stands alone and above all the others. An addiction that plagues everyone and nobody is spared from this creeping distortion of reality. An imposing force with a complicated detox that takes a tremendous amount of insight in order to break the spell. Some take forever and relapse and some conquer it for good and enjoy this profound sobriety and proudly say: There is no other way of being because any other way would be abnormal. A scary sobriety that points the finger at a daunting issue and demands you to accept this eye-opener unconditionally. It’s scary because so few people in the world know what it is or how to tackle it, in fact nobody wants to admit it because nobody wants to give it up. The ironic part is they really don’t have too except for a moment and recovery will be complete. You can still partake and enjoy the contaminants because after your finale adjustment you will no longer be taken in and controlled by the contaminants.

The rehab part of this addiction is returning back to normal, the way you started in life and the way it should be. A norm that’s always existed, its been there all this time but the addiction has run roughshod over it keeping it hidden and blocked by elusive impurities. A norm that’s all natural and free from impurities, and in its natural state refusing all toxicities from penetrating its normal way of being again. All counter conflict to this norm will be kept at bay after conquering this mysterious addiction, because this norm is relentless and undeniably all powerful after it wins the higher ground. 

An established norm that all have access to and that will never change but we evolved far from it so returning back will be a formidable task. The rehab part will be hard and personally debilitating like all rehabs are and the wakeup call will be hard to accept. I’m not going to kid you for it takes a yeoman’s effort, however the rewards are substantial and worth it. Oddly enough this addiction is something from which you can’t go cold turkey because you have to continually live with it. Nonetheless sobriety is possible and highlighted with a most auspicious event that comes out of the blue bringing you back to normal. A profound and wondrous sobriety that claims the higher ground in its discovery thereby dispelling all false reasoning which this addiction has held over you in order to keep it intact.

It takes a lot of stamina at sticking with the process and with the idea of becoming sober, and this is your shimmering carrot until the carrot isn’t needed. It may happen in a few years if you’re bringing a lot of determination to the table or it can take many years if you attack it slowly. It doesn’t matter as long as you understand it and are doing something about it.

As intangible as it may sound it is very tangible and absolutely for real, and it’s highlighted by a sobriety that endures well beyond your years. It comes from a recovered identity that lies deep within you and will take charge from now on. All should rediscover this identity because without it you’ll be clouded in doubt and uncertainty. There will be no lasting ideals or peace until this addiction is corrected. We hang on to memories and build a personal identity around them thinking this patchy collage of random experiences is real, normal and you. We shelve the unfortunate ones and try to forget but memories aren’t far from falling off the shelf and dominating our thoughts. The bad memories are also interwoven into the same experiential realm from which you fabricated your temporary identity, so not only is it bound to happen but you’re also bound by them. We’ve been lead to believe that this is normal and an identity that is unflappable by counter thoughts is pretty much impossible.

I’m here to tell you that I did find this normal identity and it is possible and absolutely true. Unfortunately talking about it usually elicits a bad response for most are unable to accept it and push it aside. As foreign as it may sound to you at this time it is still within your grasp. In fact like all addictions this one has you deep within its clutch since the beginning and this will be the art of loosening its strangle hold over you in order to find clarity.

Very few people in the world truly understand this addiction and this ancient norm, and the ones who do have a hard time communicating it, because only the brave will accept it. Some might think it’s suicidal and impossible. Daunting odds to most teachers so they dance around the subject and won’t put a finger on it like I do. They want to help you along slowly instead of laying it on the line, and they prefer to leave it up to each individual to figure it out when the time is right.

Not me, I’m not going to enable you by saying non controversial stuff and delaying the process. In fact the sooner you start processing the information the better, and the devil is in complacency and ignorance which results when you can’t comprehend the subject. The important part is you have to at least try to understand and keep reading until you do. And then work towards it at any pace you can given your personal circumstances, for then in time the process will reveal its mysteries to you.  

Most of all you have to surrender all power to the instructor for you must believe in the instructors sobriety and follow their instruction, and despite all the variables you must believe it is real and attainable. I’ll be here to help you along the way and answer your questions, because you need to understand it logically before you know how to attack it.
This addiction is none other than the Souls addiction to the mind and time, this unfavorable connection has interwoven a new identity to unruly time based conditions that claim hierarchy over your Eternal identity. The mind and its relentless chatter have you believing in concepts and false ideals that only exist for a limited time and are prone to change with the social climate. This limited personal and varying view has been in charge since the beginning and few have sought a solution. Few have worked to dethrone it, control it, and move beyond it and few will admit to the problem, so the mind goes on doing what it’s been trained to do. Dominate your real identity and as a result the perks that come with it remain under the surface waiting to be uncovered.

Harmony, conflict and strife seem to dominate the landscape and with small windows of complete happiness we build a shaky foundation of hope which is crumbling to the unfolding scene. Completely disillusioned and addicted we unknowingly fight for it and believe we are in control, after all we painstakingly constructed a personal identity around it. However life keeps changing and you’re either stuck in the mud or you’re adding more ingredients into the mix and nothing seems to taste well. Lost in the ever changing identity mirage we banked on something that’s ambiguous and prone to vanish with the next let down. An identity that was never real or strong to begin with and will die with the mind and time. In the meantime the Eternal identity and Eternal life is squandered by the overactive mind and ego, which will eventually end. Not a happy ending for the populous and yet we go on trucking like this is the way it is and it’s absolutely normal.

In fact, there is one ideal and identity that doesn’t change and wi
ll never diminish.

There is an identity that is eternal and our Soul being a forever part of that Eternity has access to that divinity.

This identity or norm is something you can bank on and you never have to worry about time bankrupting your investment.

Once rediscovered you will undoubtedly know this normal way of being will endure beyond life. Because then you’ll know this is permanently established by the Almighty God, and you’re Soul being a small part of the eternal source has the same perfection.

I have to tell you without this ancient norm you will be bound by your experiences however with it, it’ll never leave your side and you’ll no longer be afraid of death or the unknown. A big improvement over your old identity with a sense of contentment and acceptance with what takes place, despite the personal conditions. Above the fray you will be a powerful beacon allowing the ever changing seas to flow around you instead of in you, breaking your bow.

What I’m talking about is the root of all spirituality and religion, which is your journey  back to your Eternal Home via the Soul. I’m just giving you the option of a faster track, more of a brass tacks approach and just by reading the content of my blogs you will know a lot more than the average person.

The rediscovery of the Eternal Soul and the Eternal God is what we call Enlightenment and Self-realization. A divine right given to each of us and this site is dedicated to this auspicious event and to the unveiling of Eternity.