The Feeling of Unity

That certain feeling of oneness, which is described by many as unity consciousness is a wonderful moment in the expansion of consciousness. A lovely feeling of unity that is felt through the subtle waves of consciousness, which takes place when the individual suddenly and without warning moves aside causes their internal perceiving point to retract into subtler waves of energy. This is usually an important event in many people’s lives, that will leave them thirsting for more. This consciousness unity can lead many down the spiritual path and it’s indispensable for that reason, and it can happen in natural or unnatural situations, however it should not to be confused with Self-realization or Eternity, because of the feeling aspect.

This feeling of unity can be attained in many different ways and although it may change your outlook it simply doesn’t have a lasting effect, but the thought of it will, and it should inspire you to continue on to higher levels of spiritualism. Unfortunately some get complacent and some look for notoriety before its time, and this will stagnate any further growth. Some find this place unnaturally and try to replicate the conditions and some teeter on thin lines falling into it, but both of these conditions are usually very misleading.  

Any number of things can bring about this unity feeling naturally or forced and sometimes an event induces it, such as: a traumatic experience, a near death experience or drugs, however the trigger mechanism reflects the conditions making every situation different. The natural way through Religion and Spirituality is the best way to attain this heightened state of free-floating awareness, and the results here should propel you on to deeper states, if you continue your pursuit.    

The Evangelist’s are waving arms trying to feel that unity, the Catholics are reciting scripture and prayers, the spiritual groups are reciting mantras and meditating, the fringe groups are using sleep and food deprivation as a tool, and the chemist is doing powerful drugs in order to recapture it, however most are looking within the confines of matter and energy. Looking everywhere and doing anything for that feeling, but that feeling can only be temporary and never repeated in the same manner, because feelings are very convoluted. Anything that’s based in energy and matter such as feelings are so complex they’re usually a one-hit-wonder and that’s helpful, but at the same time a curse for some. Because the seeker will try to recapture it in any form they can, for they believe that this is ‘it’ and they know how to find it, thus pushing them in the wrong direction.

The natural way is somewhat similar to the unnatural way in this regard, because trying to duplicate the same conditions as before is impossible, and this is the reason why the present moment is ever fresh and ever new. However, there is a stark difference between the two that needs to be pointed out and that’s the danger factor, one is safe and the other is a life threatening stumble in the dark with a possibility of no return.

The natural way propels you further while the unnatural way has the tendency to mislead.

I have fallen for both ways and found that feeling of unity in drugs and naturally through meditation, but I didn’t stop there, because my mentor urged me to let go and continue. We need to heed the advice from those who walked before us and trust in their ability to guide without letting our ego in to inflate or deflate the situation.

The real experience of Self-realization is totally contrasting to feelings of any type and forms of any type and that will be Self evident when Self-realization happens to you.

Eternity is permanence at the source and only the Self can experience this eternal realm, because energy consciousness is oscillating waves breeding interim opposites, which have a short shelf life and energy consciousness allows you the ability to perceive these opposites in action. Pure Awareness or Pure Consciousness at the source is beyond all of these new attributes provided by energy consciousness, but nonetheless the two are still related. Pure Consciousness is still, and moving energy consciousness evolves out of that Stillness giving birth to new qualities, including the mind. The sacred feeling of unity through the unbiased universal consciousness is a purer source of energy consciousness that is subtler, identity-less and free flowing.