The Holy Space

At our core the Soul is eternal and well beyond physical attributes. The Soul lies solely and permanently in Holy Space because it is Holy Space and nothing holy will ever leave this domain. Then again nothing unholy will ever get in. Within its eternal existence the Souls of all beings and the infrastructure for all things seem to exist there without distinction. In this Eternal Realm of the Heavens you can’t differentiate anything except Light, Dark and Space, occupying a seemingly empty universe. More Dark than Light the Eternal Realm is endless, mystifying and completely Aware. Eternally alive, it is Godly, the most Holy Place there is, and the visual effect of nothingness is the Eternal Body of God. That’s as Pure as it gets folks, where you see everything after it’s whittled down to its purest form. And despite the emptiness all are there after the layers of time and energy are pealed back revealing the eternal universe of Holy Space, or the Still Power of the Almighty Heavens.

Motionless and empty by physical standards the Holy Space is a bit pixelated with Light, however limited, distant and surrounded by Darkness, it nonetheless provides enough light. Nothing and nobody is any different from that Space and everything is grounded in that Holy Body.

They say follow the light after death but the light that is seen upon death is the wrong light to follow. The light manufactured by the energy residue of the mind is the light you need to ignore, because the real Light remains hidden within. The fake light created by you and energy is a high voltage light compared to Night Light that eternally burns. The Light we want to behold is the Soft Light of the Heavens which is only visible when the other light no longer dominates the horizon.

There is a lot of Darkness in Holy Space however You can see everything clearly which makes it a bit peculiar when there isn’t a lot to see. You would think a great ball of Light from the Almighty Source would be there somewhere. A Godhead, a Solid Core of Light somewhere in the Heavens if that happens to be true who knows what might be possible.

Maybe it will relinquish movement, although my attempt to move in Eternity was met with Stillness, and that Stillness seemed uncompromising but that could change after death. Hopefully then the Stillness will give way to a different type of travel for the Soul. I personally would like to help others find their heritage in whatever way I can but I’m afraid that’s only possible here when you’re learning with the mind, plus when I think about it everything works itself out in the end anyways. The Soul has to do the work on an individual basis, I can’t release you from what is yours that you are holding onto, no one can otherwise it has no meaning or understanding for you, which is necessary.

All that exists outside of Holy Space must perish and return to this exalted state, so the ultimate Seer must let go of what it sees in order to See the Grandeur of Eternity. All must be put aside in order to uncover your Holy Home, because everything else is an obstacle that you’re clinching too as a meaningless substitute. Don’t be distracted by anything after death, no appearances should entertain You because All are formless and Pure.

The fact that I’m using the brain/mind to decipher what was seen by the Soul is an amazing situation that holds the meaning to life and God. To be able to see the Eternal Heavens and return to the imperfect mind to make sense of Godly Perfection is unusual and remarkable, it actually brings the two universes together. It gives you a deep understanding of both that wasn’t there before. And, I don’t believe science has the ability to get any closer than that, it won’t be able to measure or prove the particle-less environment of Holy Space exists, so it’ll remain in theory to most and Reality to only a very few. Skepticism and doubt will forever dog Spiritual knowledge and the vision of Reality. The very act of letting go of the mind, body and universe in order to see beyond it is unbelievable, and then to reemerge back again is incredible but nonetheless a very real fact. And now we can use the mind in the most beneficial way to decode the illusion from Reality, which is paramount to the Seer and the seeker. While God needed nothing we need the mind to understand the ultimate meaning behind everything. We need to understand what has happened, the reason, and the decision to choose correctly is all important.

In the afterlife the particles of the mind are charged up with energy from which it came and the Soul will have to voluntarily depart from this. By refusing to take part in the afterlife dream the Soul will get a glimpse of the Heavens popping in and out of view, at this moment the wrong decision will regress the Souls attention onto the physical instead of Eternity. So, the mind in tandem with the Soul can work for you or against you, it ether propels one forward or regresses one back depending on individual choices and desires. The mind can either be the goat or the hero by surrendering all control, and the Souls visual attention is what makes ether of these happen. A decision and action coming from knowledge that the mind has garnered is instrumental to its own death. The mind is ether allowed to dominate or it’s the catalyst that opens the door to Holy Space.

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  1. Hello kurt

    I do not know if u remember me Amina
    I got in touch with u a while back u taught me about witnessing/I am at the back of head

    I have been very busy still practicing but this is the hardest practice ever still not stabilised attention is pulled so often to the front scene but I am not giving up know it is the doorway out and in

    I wanted to tell u that this latest post is so beautiful I have never heard it expressed like this before it actually made me cry like ha ing a faint memory of its truth yet I know it cannot be

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Thank you Amina,


    Oh it certainly can, especially with you.  It should strike a chord in certain people
    who are sincerely searching.  Unless you
    are completely closed off it should resonate deep within and that is my hope.


    I know it’s tough and it’s tough for me to explain it.  In the past it felt like I wasn’t making any
    progress but gradually breakthroughs were coming and rewarding enough to entice
    me on.  Now I have to think back to my struggles
    before it became easy and figure out what I did to overcome the obstacles. 


    First of all the very act of witnessing the inner flow of the body is
    more or less it because it’ll be one step away from the minds focal point, and
    by slowly redirecting away from its normal positioning is a good start.  That in essence is all you need because in
    the act of witnessing the mind stops and it becomes vulnerable to change and
    redirection.  The mind is always thinking
    and getting in the way and that yo-yo mind diet of bouncing back and forth feels
    like you’re not getting anywhere but you are! 
    Just witnessing, the Souls attention naturally falls back to the in-between
    point before it falls back to the possible melding point in Samadhi.  I should point out that this meditation with
    seemingly simple instructions is hard to master but the most direct.  It takes more than 20 minutes twice a day to
    master it or get a sense of progress, much in the same way you can’t expect to
    master a craft by putting in just 40 minutes a day.  You can still get there over the course of
    time and master it; however urgency has to be replaced with patients.  I started with Kundalini yoga which was an
    easier meditation for sitting for short periods of time, so you can use one
    like that which is easier until you can put more time in. I went from the two
    twenty minutes to four hours a day with the Kundalini meditation but the energy
    got to strong and disconcerting.  That’s
    when I turned to Nisarga yoga which slowly brought my attention to the
    background thereby neutralizing the energy because I wasn’t directing it
    anywhere specific.  It took a while but
    it felt a lot better with that mellow calm or mental strength that ensued from
    it because I was not taking part in the bodily functions.  I realized the importance of just letting it
    all go on by itself naturally and that alone would eventually put me in a
    position to get there, because that eventually neutralizes the mental
    resistance we have to surrendering control.


  3. Dear Kurt

    So nice to hear from you!

    Yes I do feel a deep connection to ur writing s especially the last one

    Could u explain to me in more details the practice of witnessing the inner flow in the body
    Can the witnessing be done with other aspects of ?
    And is witnessing only from the mind? Whi h would defeat the purpose
    Im just asking as I want to unxerztand better the exact position I should stand as

    Also I sometime experience a vast formless background behind the head what is it? It feels like I am being pulled in backwards it feels peaceful and thoughts do not intrude so much
    But I cannot abide there long and can only remain there when doing nothing impossible in activity

    As for longer sitting practice I find it difficult as I am at a place n my life where a lot is changing things crumbling down family wise etc… I also hve 4 children which makes time for what I need difficult. Still nothing s more important to me than Truth so persevering no matter what appears in my life.

    Long reply hope its not too much
    Did u find the path a very ALONE thing? I find that mine is always has been

    Anyway lovely talking to u after so long

    Trust u r doing fine? Please keep writing

    By the way r u teaching formally at all?
    And where do u live?
    Again nly f u feel drawn to share if not better ts all good

  4. Spirituality is a lonely path that you do solo. Nothing else matters
    here except You.  It all boils down to
    You meditating on You without the new you getting in the way, you can get back
    to that later. For now it is strictly for You and between You and God.  It’s a solo mission of Power renewal which
    can only be granted by the Almighty. 
    It’ll be determined by your ability to remain unafraid, to drop
    everything and stand naked from all personal ideals and face the unknown alone.
     The Soul needs to step up to the plate
    and it will if you sit with It.  It has
    all the Power you need and now you know how to bring it out.


    I live in Sedona and one of these days when I can afford to teach
    without straining the finances I would like to give it a go.  


    I was wondering how busy your life is which is the usual constraints
    making it hard to sit, and even if you do the mind continues to work. The desire
    is good in you and a big part of the equation because when you have that
    yearning there is unfinished business. 


    That type of witnessing the inner darkness only works when sitting, and
    the active ways of meditating do help but not in the same way that would lend
    itself to Realization (it’s too physical). 
    It does help with the redirection of the mind and that’ll help when it
    comes time to sit, and it also keeps the ultimate goal in the forefront.   


    There is a distance that is acquired and although slight it makes a big
    difference and I think that’s what you are referring too. Life pulls the Soul’s
    attention to the forefront and for the most part that’s where it stays, but now
    meditation shows it a way out through retraction.  When starting it may be seconds before You
    are drawn back to the forefront then as you go time gets longer and the
    distance gets longer and seems vast. 
    When Realization comes Your resting area in manifestation will be
    further back than it is now, in that rear most position.  So as you dedicate yourself the further you
    move down that corridor until you can spend some time in the foyer before the
    Heavens. You spend time there and in reality it has to open up because the Soul
    rests in Eternity.  By waiting there
    means you want the Power of Your Souls attention to get You out of these
    restraints by retracting Home, then the finale barrier of particles gives way
    due to the innate Still Power of the Heavens that the Soul possess. You patiently
    sit there and wait and Eternity does the rest.


    Thanks for your patients with my delayed response time.

  5. Dear Kurt,

    You are perhaps the second person I have come across in the entire internet space who is talking from direct experience ( And I have read voluminously). I come from the Advaita tradition and I have spent the last fifteen years in self inquiry. I have come up to the witness stage. After this no one ever explains what is to be done. I had never done formal meditation (except in brief periods) so far except philosophical contemplation, to reach the witness stage. This is because I am a householder and had to fulfill various duties. But I realize that I need to push further into the Soul and then to Spirit/God. I intuitively came to know that perhaps meditation would be the way out. I came across your website as I was searching how to go past the witness stage. Thank you so much for all your sharing in the website, which is so simple and direct, based totally out of experience. I have a strong Kundalini phenomena and at present most of the time it is concentrated towards the crown chakra.

    Your web postings has instilled the confidence in me that only meditation is the way out. I shall start meditation from tomorrow itself. I would be happy if you could guide me through this process in case I do have any questions as I proceed with my meditations.

    Much love,

    (I am a 38 years old male from India)

  6. Hello Kurt.
    Just checking in.
    My life has changed so much since I last spoke with you.
    I don’t know if it will make sense or if it even fits in which your teaching.

    A shift happened in December. Let me try and put it on words.

    I simply fell in Love with mySelf my Soul.
    Totally utterly in Love with my Being which in turn made me realise that I am Love I am The Love that God is eternally one with mySelf with God.
    I have never been separated from Love from God how could I as He is my very Soul. He is Me.
    All is Him everything appearing as the world is a reflection of Him of His Beauty of His Love.

    The seeming separation was only a mistaken belief acquired in ignorance from the sleeping collective consciousness.

    I am and always have been one with Love/God it cannot be otherwise.
    And in knowing mySelf I have come to know God to truly Love Him with all my Being as the whole of my Being.

    Also duality ( creation) and God/Love are one no division like two sides of one coin.
    All is the One which in turn makes Life so much richer so much more miraculous Holy and Divine.
    Resistance is no more how can I resist the One.
    So I just live moment by moment immetsed in my Being in God in the unknown.
    Also the world seems now to reflect back
    To me what is hidden within me like a beautiful gift of Love helping let go and surrender allthat is not aligned with Truth. Such wisfom and intelligence Love is such a Powerful Force it affects every part of me including body nervous system sometimes overwhelming but then in His mercy and wisfom He lets my body resy acclimatise to integrate and embody the Truth the Love.

    Anyway so much more to it .
    Hope it was not too long.
    Love k

  7. Love it….. Beautifully said….these are the spiritual experiences that
    tell you that you are on the right track. 
    Thank goodness for that because for the most part we get the feeling
    that we are failing 95% of the time with no results and then all of a sudden Bam!
     Keep up the good work.

     These verifying moments were encouraging me on the path, and I figured
    when the mind is ready for silence and surrender and everything is just right
    for that moment to arise to another level then it naturally happens. And how
    will I know when that time is right so I don’t miss it?  You won’t know unless you’re trying to go in,
    and the chance to pass up on another opportune moment was too much for me to
    not try. The patience to sit and wait through the bad days (and not take it to
    heart) for the few good ones that are far between is the key. The same love in
    return, Kurt

  8. Hi Anurag, sorry for delay because I didn’t see your post until now, and
    your post didn’t make it to my mail box for some reason.

     I have a lot of experience with Kundalini meditation via my teacher
    Yogiraj and can help you there, and the energy is still alive and well even
    though I choose to ignore it. The main issue is doing the right meditation
    without support of anything born out of manifestation.  It’s the most difficult but the most direct
    and I think the most simple and natural path there is. With your
    ability to contemplate and the spiritual rewards achieved through that if you
    add a good practice of meditating it should compound your spiritual rewards.  I realize the restraints of free time but even
    then you can work on yourself during the busy day until it frees up.

     I was thinking about it the other day when a saw a piece on meditating
    monks…if you apply yourself steadfast to the path with the right techniques and
    the available time needed to meditate like they have, how long will
    Self-realization take?  If you can’t
    Realized your Self in 2-8 years you’re doing something wrong or you’re not earnest
    enough. It really shouldn’t take that long and it seems like a lot of sincere
    aspirants are wasting their precious time on something that’ll never work. That
    is discouraging to the aspirant and to me, and my hope is that they never stop searching.
    Hope to hear from ya, Kurt

    Meditation is the most important spiritual practice you can do even if Self-realization isn’t attained during the life time. Because not only do you have to know what to look for (upon death) you have to know how to make that decision happen. Meditation gives you the ability to retract your Souls attention away from time based phenomenon in order to get past it.   

  9. Thank you Kurt
    Altho I trust fully my experience it is so useful to have someone else who has gone before you. Letting you know that it is ok.

    Kurt I experience mySelf as Love and Being one with the One Love. Does everyone experience s Truth as Love? Bcse from having read so many teachers etc.. the answer would be no!
    And yet to me right now that is all there is Love within without sometimes do not make sense anymore Love holds within itself everything seen and experienced time and space is seemingly happening within the Now of Love all is embraced the appeRing good and bad all a sacred Gift of Love leading me deeper into mySelf into Love.

    But it is not still stabilised. But even this doesnt matter it feels like there is no more effort from my part except being present open to IT.
    Love is doing it all for me no matter if the ego/mind wNts to or not there is going back.

    Also witnessing from the background is nearly impossible now where there should be a head is spacious like a window through which I meet everything.

    Anyway lovely talking and sharing with you.
    I would love to maybe skype with you one day if if you find it appropriate of course.
    Putting a face to Kurt would be fun or if not knowing a little bit more about you in this or other..
    Love A

  10. Love here has so many connotations because it is so selective and needy.
    The real Love that has bestowed eternal life by a single embrace is the only
    Love that matters in the end.

     You can say Truth as Love, for God is Pure Love, and your type of
    experience of love sounded spiritual. 

     A good teacher should down play passing phases on the spiritual path
    because they don’t have any staying power and dwelling on them causes stagnation. 

     These types of experiences are milestones along the way that
    inspire you to continue until the finale Love opens the door and you can see
    via the Self that you were always embraced by the Almighty.


    I do
    think about teaching over the net because it would allow me to stay home which
    sounds like a great idea to me. For now I’ll stay incognito until I actually start
    teaching in public.


  11. Ok Kurt got u about being incognito.

    Could explain in a clearer way what u just wrote.
    Are you saying that what is happening now in my life the Love is only a phase that will eventually disappear.

  12. All spiritual experiences are temporary until the final one. However,
    they do leave a mark on the mind as the form of a breakthrough memory.  Love is always there in different shades and
    the epiphany of universal Love is a spiritual wakening that is fused with euphoria
    which eventually expires, however that understanding is marked with a
    breakthrough which one is able to ride for a while.  Riding that wave is what some spiritual
    teachers do too much of and too early in their development, banking on something that has not
    been finalized which stagnates further growth. My experiences pale in
    comparison to the finale one and they are barely remembered, while before they
    were significant milestones on my spiritual path. They should be used to compel
    one onward. So, my job is to push you forward and cheer you on. 


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