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Outside of Our Selves

The shift into a sense of being, a sense of existence, a spatial Awareness in Eternal Space matured out of the nothingness of Pure Space and it is now the body of Awareness, it is the Source of all.  Space before particles, matter and energy essentially altered its makeup as if it had been latent in order to be Aware of its own existence.  I guess it can be viewed as a purposeful action but I think it was all by chance and the creation of particles, matter and energy is a wonderful benefit.  Either way it happened and whatever way you want to look at it there is one thing that is certain; its ability to evolve.  A chain of reactions that had to happen and it didn’t need a purpose since Pure Space does exist, and its existence naturally matures otherwise nonexistence Space means we wouldn’t be here to talk about it.


Eternal Space developed an Awareness of existence and it was obviously within its potential to develop the layers of growth that eventually matured into the universe.  Separate layers within its bounds but on grosser dimensional levels that scale up to the current universe, that development is really outside of its own existence, but spatial Awareness created this expansion and its expression is seen throughout in the different forms of conscious life.


What this tells us is God (Eternal Awareness in Pure Space) matured from within and thereby created dimensions of form that allow Awareness to individualize (Humans) and perceive outside realms of a grosser existence, even though it never leaves Eternal Space.  Those temporary connections to life are an outlet for Eternal Awareness which adds an individual touch to Awareness.  Aware Space matures now in a whole different way with the culturing of so many Aware Beings yet visually it’s the same, just empty Space accompanied by a soft Light when Awareness dawned.


Through act or accident this is why we exist and why it has meaning.  We all have Eternal Awareness at our Core allowing us to perceive things as conscious human beings.  That extension into outer realms is what creates Souls.  Our Soul positioned in Eternity is seeing things outside of its Self and that very act creates the expanded attention that is needed to develop Souls.  That is the glory of life and you can use it in your favor like I did and ride the wave back Home and see for yourself.  Seeing this life is seeing outside of one’s normal existence giving you the ability to look back and reflect on existence and its meaning, causing the Self-Aware Soul to mature into a Self-governing component.  When the cycle is complete and your attention retracts back into Pure Space You are now a Pure Being that can still observe, which wasn’t there before.  This also allows you to see Eternity after your attention returns Home from the particle universe.  This in essence is Self-Realization. You are given a piece of the Whole as your own existence and you have the power to return and realize your existence.


The ability to see outside of our Selves produces the self-directing Soul that comes into maturation when seeing through the layers of consciousness.  If you put a single word answer on the reason behind everything then God is appropriate, the ultimate common denominator behind existence.

The Holy Space

At our core the Soul is eternal and well beyond physical attributes. The Soul lies solely and permanently in Holy Space because it is Holy Space and nothing holy will ever leave this domain. Then again nothing unholy will ever get in. Within its eternal existence the Souls of all beings and the infrastructure for all things seem to exist there without distinction. In this Eternal Realm of the Heavens you can’t differentiate anything except Light, Dark and Space, occupying a seemingly empty universe. More Dark than Light the Eternal Realm is endless, mystifying and completely Aware. Eternally alive, it is Godly, the most Holy Place there is, and the visual effect of nothingness is the Eternal Body of God. That’s as Pure as it gets folks, where you see everything after it’s whittled down to its purest form. And despite the emptiness all are there after the layers of time and energy are pealed back revealing the eternal universe of Holy Space, or the Still Power of the Almighty Heavens.

Motionless and empty by physical standards the Holy Space is a bit pixelated with Light, however limited, distant and surrounded by Darkness, it nonetheless provides enough light. Nothing and nobody is any different from that Space and everything is grounded in that Holy Body.

They say follow the light after death but the light that is seen upon death is the wrong light to follow. The light manufactured by the energy residue of the mind is the light you need to ignore, because the real Light remains hidden within. The fake light created by you and energy is a high voltage light compared to Night Light that eternally burns. The Light we want to behold is the Soft Light of the Heavens which is only visible when the other light no longer dominates the horizon.

There is a lot of Darkness in Holy Space however You can see everything clearly which makes it a bit peculiar when there isn’t a lot to see. You would think a great ball of Light from the Almighty Source would be there somewhere. A Godhead, a Solid Core of Light somewhere in the Heavens if that happens to be true who knows what might be possible.

Maybe it will relinquish movement, although my attempt to move in Eternity was met with Stillness, and that Stillness seemed uncompromising but that could change after death. Hopefully then the Stillness will give way to a different type of travel for the Soul. I personally would like to help others find their heritage in whatever way I can but I’m afraid that’s only possible here when you’re learning with the mind, plus when I think about it everything works itself out in the end anyways. The Soul has to do the work on an individual basis, I can’t release you from what is yours that you are holding onto, no one can otherwise it has no meaning or understanding for you, which is necessary.

All that exists outside of Holy Space must perish and return to this exalted state, so the ultimate Seer must let go of what it sees in order to See the Grandeur of Eternity. All must be put aside in order to uncover your Holy Home, because everything else is an obstacle that you’re clinching too as a meaningless substitute. Don’t be distracted by anything after death, no appearances should entertain You because All are formless and Pure.

The fact that I’m using the brain/mind to decipher what was seen by the Soul is an amazing situation that holds the meaning to life and God. To be able to see the Eternal Heavens and return to the imperfect mind to make sense of Godly Perfection is unusual and remarkable, it actually brings the two universes together. It gives you a deep understanding of both that wasn’t there before. And, I don’t believe science has the ability to get any closer than that, it won’t be able to measure or prove the particle-less environment of Holy Space exists, so it’ll remain in theory to most and Reality to only a very few. Skepticism and doubt will forever dog Spiritual knowledge and the vision of Reality. The very act of letting go of the mind, body and universe in order to see beyond it is unbelievable, and then to reemerge back again is incredible but nonetheless a very real fact. And now we can use the mind in the most beneficial way to decode the illusion from Reality, which is paramount to the Seer and the seeker. While God needed nothing we need the mind to understand the ultimate meaning behind everything. We need to understand what has happened, the reason, and the decision to choose correctly is all important.

In the afterlife the particles of the mind are charged up with energy from which it came and the Soul will have to voluntarily depart from this. By refusing to take part in the afterlife dream the Soul will get a glimpse of the Heavens popping in and out of view, at this moment the wrong decision will regress the Souls attention onto the physical instead of Eternity. So, the mind in tandem with the Soul can work for you or against you, it ether propels one forward or regresses one back depending on individual choices and desires. The mind can either be the goat or the hero by surrendering all control, and the Souls visual attention is what makes ether of these happen. A decision and action coming from knowledge that the mind has garnered is instrumental to its own death. The mind is ether allowed to dominate or it’s the catalyst that opens the door to Holy Space.

God Realization and Our Link

In essence this created everything.  The ultimate beginning of all came from that realization of Supreme Existence, when Pure Space became Aware of its existence, which is the ultimate Awareness of Being, and that set everything in motion.  Pure Eternal Space lite up with Self Awareness, and the Still Soft Light that fused within Eternal Darkness is what we call God.


Never to be separated again Pure Light and Pure Darkness is forever linked and one of the same thing.  It is always Pure and Perfect, and it can never be imperfect despite the imperfection that we see before us.  Supreme Darkness is the founding Father* of Supreme Light and they are forever interlinked, that indispensable union ultimately birthed everything.  That Primary Union made the linking process and the universe a reality.


The multi-dimensions of time that spun off this eternal fusing naturally developed over but within Pure Space, and an invisible linking process resulted which connects everything together.    The universe actually exists within the bounds of Eternal Space however completely unnoticeable and hidden, but the link reveals the universe and the universe thus reveals there is a link.  This link created an elusive and unusual transition process for the Soul.  Starting from Eternal Space the link takes us up through the dimensions onto gross matter and life, and then upon dissolution it descends back to the next dimension before it ends in Eternity.


Each dimension is self-governed by the laws of that dimension, and no Soul literally makes the transition from one dimension to the next despite perceiving it has.  The elusive link transmits the Souls visual attention through the connection, and as we disconnect from one realm the link retracts to the next dimension.  The gross byproducts created by each dimension have to stay in that dimension, and in the finale transition all energy particles are left behind.  The link will continue to retract until it falls back into the Source where the Eternal Soul is stationed.


The Soul doesn’t have to wait for the long process of using up energy and retracting down, because the connection to the Source is always there for instant travel.  There for you and made for your retraction, because in essence it’s your Souls diverted Attention which keeps it a viable byway.  Self-Realization is latent in all Souls due to the original God Realization that birthed it all.  In reality it is God Realization for the Soul but on a small individual scale.  When it happens to the Soul while living it is called Enlightenment or Self-Realization, which is the result of a deep meditation practice that redirects the Souls attention back in.  The Soul then realizes its existence as Pure Eternal Space, which is an Awareness of Being that is as Pure as the Source.  The ultimate God Realization that created everything is within our grasp to experience as Self-Realization, very real and attainable by each of us.


The link to Self-Realization is always there when you are elsewhere because Eternity is always there.  When you stray from Eternity the link will eventually bring you back, but forced through dissolution most likely means you’ll return to living form.  The link is never visible at any moment but I can guarantee its existence and its importance is extremely immeasurable.  Its lone existence has created the re-circulation process that is evident throughout life.  A beautiful give and take process that needs no outside help for it is always self-sustaining and self-correcting.


God Consciousness is the answer to why anything is here at all, and Self-Realization is the answer to why we are here.  It’s the beginning and end to everything and nothing is really lost in the process except our own ignorance.  The Soul is the Eternal intermingler and it defines who we really are but we don’t realize that significance until Self-Realization dawns.



*Biblically speaking God Realization is the Father of all, and the Son is the Self-Realization of the Soul signifying solidarity with God, its inherited offspring, and the Holy Ghost is the universe, which also can be considered one of Gods offspring.  The Holy Ghost is never stable always changing and disappearing.