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Unusual Morning

First of all I would like to give you a little background to show this unusual experience is not something that came from mental illness, lack of sleep, sleepwalking or drugs. Thanks to lucky DNA in one area of my life I have no mental illness of any kind, I have never slept walk and drugs or alcohol are in my distant past.
I had unusual and groundbreaking experiences in deep meditation but it had nothing to do with life, mind or body. This experience that I will detail here is by far the most unusual experience I had in every day life which contradicts my normal solid state of living.

This unusual morning I woke up early from a normal dream. I awoke in a thoughtless state which is my usual practice Just in case I want to fall back asleep. Sitting on the side of the bed, all of a sudden these thoughts come streaming in: I shouldn’t be alive, I should be dead, I shouldn’t be sitting up! There was a feeling of confusion and unhappiness in the words. It was so unusual I decided to go with it by remaining thoughtless in the background. As I get up more words come: “I shouldn’t be walking, I should be dead!” I’m now walking through bathroom and into the walk-in closet I get a sense that I loosing the connection and/or the voice is starting to understand what’s going on as I sit down in the closet and wait in silence for more. The cat walks in I voluntarily decide to pet the cat to see if I can get a reaction. The cat feels extra warm and fluffy to the touch when the word “Wooonnderfull” comes in. No more feeling of confusion or unhappiness. I sit and wait for minutes but nothing else comes up. My morning ritual ensues and thoughts come roaring in. Why and where are these words coming from when I didn’t die in my dream, and why was I not happy about being alive? Why was I insisting I should be dead? Why is there confusion in the words. Drinking my coffee my sister calls to inform me my sister died two hours ago. I told her that explains the unusual thing that happened to me and I text her the experience. It was My sister! I was her medium. She had the use of my brain and senses since hers were gone. She was an amazing women. She dedicated her life to helping others and the harder she worked the more people she could help. My wife once said “she is hardest working unemployed person I know.” 100 mph she went, traveling around the world until her passing, her ambition never waned. Around a 1000 people showed up to her life celebration party and I was honored too give her a last parting gift with the cat. I remember thinking about my teacher after the phone call when these words popped in – Sawmiji was right after all but will she remain with me as an attached Soul. His belief was that like Souls, people of similar magnetism, or people in your family will attach to you as they go through their end of life process. I believed they are free floating and earth bound going through their afterlife before Eternity, but now I’m thinking more like him, is it attached or both, I think both are probably correct since attachment to places is possible so it depends on the circumstance.


I went to his meditation retreats in the eighties and sponsored retreats in Sedona in early nighties. It was an instrumental pleasure to have him stay at my house it gave me a lot of time alone with him. He said, when people die they stay earth bound and usually piggyback on siblings (and tragically sometimes places) because of the same magnetism in a magnetic attraction, a common frequency as the go through their stuff. I guess I was a too good of a host and we had an unusual mind meld before her memory stick kicked into shuffle. In hindsight, deep down I knew it was her. She was battling brain cancer. I’m so happy I was able to gift myself to her and petting the cat was really a great send off.

The Moment of Death

If there was ever an opportune time to make an amazing transition in a glorious fashion this will be your shining moment to do so.  This transition has everything to do with your immediate future and your everlasting peace.   It’ll have nothing to do with the world you’re transitioning from nor the relationships you acquired.  You’re seriously on your own but you’ll have the power to rewrite the next chapter and control the outcome, or get stuck in the residue mud of life.  There will be an invisible path available for use but a visible path will be summoning your attention.  The right decision now can right the wrong way and that way will appear when the other and the connection to the other ends.  The correct decision will be the invisible path and the family or saint you expect to see in the afterlife will be the incorrect path.  This opportune moment boils down between the identity that was created through birth and the true identity which waits within the Almighty Heavens as the Soul.


If you want the Eternal Heavens to open the doors to Home and release you from this holding pattern called life then your time has come to act.  A practice in meditation during life can give you the strength to resist the temptation along old patterns and unveil what’s beyond.  But it is still a tough nut to crack.


If you are successful this moment will be monumental for you, allowing you to forego the long and confusing afterlife and break free from what transpired.  There will be a moment when the dissolving energy of life gives you the most favorable window before the afterlife closes in.  Even if you fall for the images of life that can also be your red flag by realizing the mistake you can deny the attraction, knowing full well they are just hallow images without any substance.  They are ghosts and they are your ghosts.  They are downloads of the past and they are self-created, an ongoing illusion from the physical life, however you can’t allow that to hold your attention because the window is closing.


Eastern Books of the Dead and Self-realized Saints touch upon this defining moment of death which your Soul can take advantage of for deliverance.  The teachers throughout time have opened this same door when enlightenment dawned, and they will use death in this fashion to bypass all else.  It all has to take place right after one stage is finishing and before the other stage completely takes over making both vulnerable to change.  The Soul at this moment can redirect its destiny beyond this accord if one knows what to do and what to look for, with a stern retraction away from the show.  A practice in meditation is a practice in the right direction because you start the disconnect process when you recede in and away from the outside world and mind.


Any image especially one of your Saint or God can really foil you by drawing you into its clutches out of fear from being left behind; however it’s your own conjuring, your mental world still lingering with the same positive and negative aspects of life.  You made it, and at this point only you can dissolve it by retracting your attention.  It must be ignored if you want to see Eternity because you can’t do both, time based images can’t exist in Eternity.  It’s a separate dimension all together and to enter the Pure Heavens you have to leave your personal life at the door.


All images must be completely disregarded to find the imageless place which is a completely empty darkish Pure Space of the Eternal Heavens.