Death and the Afterlife

After my own Self-realization I was able to formulate a theory on the Afterlife, or the zone in-between here and Eternity. The most I can do now is tell you how very certain I am about this theory, and if correct this essay will be one of the most important articles you’ll read, for it will be indispensable to all who read it.  

The Afterlife is a transitioning zone under the influence of time, however time here is different. The ethereal nature of this environment lends itself to time very slowly, and light on a subtle level is the very catalyst that propels this realm. This transition zone is a very important step in ones journey where you undiscover the discovered domain of manifestation within another dimension, a sort of dialing down of energy, ego and images, until you see what’s behind them. This 2nd dimension of time is very similar to the dream state you experience every night, and essentially it’s the realm of the mind. This is a personal world of your life, and your ultimate goal is to get past it in order to uncover the other side, which is your Eternal Home, or the only lasting reality that doesn’t perish. It’s largely based on your ability to differentiate and understand your real Self or Soul in the light of appearances. Your Afterlife is held together by a group of particles and their ability to hang together for a very long time creates a lifespan that can continue for many centuries.

This realm is a self-governed environment that works without any outside influences and its totally self produced, directed and written by you, for you, so it has to be dismantled by you. If you wait for time in order to slowly dissolve the show you’re asking for a lot of unusual and repetitive drama, however you can dismantle the particles from the inside out. Time based particles stick together through a magnetic charge of positive and negative ions and your life is what charged it up, but now your attention keeps it going. And, if you follow that lead you’ll be bouncing around between desires (+) and fears (-) in a seemingly endless and uncontrollable circle. Remaining neutral by retracting your attention (the act of meditation) will stop feeding the images, and your persistence at this task will stop the show altogether. The withdrawal of attention causes the particles to break up for the lack of direction and attraction, and it also depletes the resource of energy and light.

The Afterlife is a necessary stop, because you can’t take this identity with you, and your identity to this mind and body manifests fears and desires that’ll play out, which you put together and now validate their existence. Eternity doesn’t have images, emotions, issues or imbalance of any kind and your eternal Soul reflects that, but it’s still connected to a new identity and a world it won’t let go of. You have to voluntarily restore your pure eternal identity by rejecting your new one, so your eternal identity is unveiled after you let go of the new one. Your identity and attention placed in appearances through the course of a lifetime has now given you an ingrain habit, and that’s the spell that needs to be broken. Your compelled to participate and your attention focused in and on the images is exactly what keeps the Afterlife alive and well.

The diversion of your attention is the only power you have here, and if your attention is focused outside of your Self then another avenue of life experiences will open up. All of your data is stored within a group of energy particles that are drawn together in a small sphere, like memory chips within a plasma TV, and your stuck right in front it with your attention playing the role of the computer mouse triggering memories. Unable to control much of anything it will seem hopeless and endless until you start retracting your vision through meditation. You’re essentially looking away and thereby not identifying with what you see.

The retraction of attention away from the drama and back onto the Soul is your only recourse and in essence this is called meditation. You must understand that meditation is a very important spiritual ritual, and if you are doing it now as a habit it will benefit you here and in the Afterlife.

This personal world of yours is for you only so it has to be relinquished by you, because it stands in the way of your eternal harmony. All of your life’s habits will be part of the show, and although you will be freed from pain, hunger, thirst, work, responsibilities and so on, the mental idea of it will still plague your every move, because it’s a deeply imprinted mind pattern. You need not work or eat anymore for survival, but the habitual idea of it will compel you to continue. It all has to be surrendered, because your little world is a product of manifestation and any time based product will have a limited shelf life. Things that change or evolve don’t have the right properties to exist in Eternity. Eternity has always been a changeless and formless space, for it has to be in order to be eternal and anything that has to do with time must be forfeited.   

Identifying with appearances is the root of all suffering.

This will glue you to this 2d realm for a very long time until you continually withdraw your attention from the images, thus refusing its validity and importance, because the next step will have to be free of all dispositions. When you have nothing then nothing allows you entry into everything, because Eternity is everything at the source, which is God and the only identity you can keep. The finale dimension of One is ground zero of the ultimate unity, where all attributes are cast aside and you remain as One in the belly of God, which is beyond all opposites and disharmony of any kind.

Those who did serious spiritual research aligned with critical introspection will advance out quicker. Those who had a long and complete life and those who had a rough life will detach quicker, even  those with lucid dreaming qualities will graduate faster, if they know what to do.

It all depends on you and your ability to cast off all habits, desires and fears, or anything that keeps you connected to the Afterlife, because your interest in the scene is getting in the way of your complete unity with God.