Eternity + Awareness = God

In Eternal darkness Awareness dawns and that Awareness brings a subtle Light to the vast region of darkness. Now Light and Darkness coexist in this empty expanse, which we call Eternity or God. “Awareness is the latent potential of Eternity” (Vethathiri Maharishi), having the same eternal properties it expresses itself with a Still Eternal Light. It is a formless and image-less space that didn’t really change, however the new dim light of Awareness does make this eternal region visible and aware, so something did happen.

This Eternal Awareness before anything else is without manifestation, energy or attributes of any kind, but there are repercussions when something like Awareness develops out of nothing, because that set off a chain reaction from within. Creating another dimension of movement and energy, this is superimposed over and on the outside of the only pure Reality. Eternity being timeless has no properties for evolution, growth or decay, so it’s spared all the imperfections that come with time and energy. Both dimensions are invisible to each other and Eternity is unaffected, because this 2nd dimension is made up of its own properties and on a less subtle level, which is moving and naturally evolving. Eternity can only see and be that which is eternally pure and without fleeting properties, so it’s like a vacuum that keeps everything on the outside of it. But, the word ‘outside’ here is used differently due to the infinite properties and really nothing can be on the outside of infinity, so it advances from within ascending to grosser levels.

Time and light on a particle level starts evolving in this new realm, and these two qualities are expressed in infinite measures when relating to any new dimension and Light and Awareness starts forming the basic properties of energy and consciousness. This is a matter-less dimension; however when things are moving and creating it forces this 2nd dimension to peak, and that in turn gives birth to the 3rd dimension of manifestation.

Again, another dimension starts forming when the particles start colliding and bonding, and this 3rd dimension is developing over the 2nd, in the same manner the 2nd is covering over the first dimension. All the dimensions are telescopically connected, and all are in need of the other in order to exist, and all formed naturally and not purposely. The only way to experience each dimension is through our telescopic connection, which links the dimensions and everything inside of them to this Eternal realm. No rights are denied, because access to and from is always there and available, however we unwittingly hang on to each dimension we’re in and deny our Soul that access or realization.

Three dimensions starting from the Stillness of Eternity to the subtle energy that makes up the 2nd dimension, and then onto the gross particles that make up the universe. Everything takes care of itself, because the cycle developed naturally and anchored in perfection gives it an Absolute foundation that supports everything. There’s no need for any being to intervene for it would upset the natural balance, and besides that no one looses anything and no Soul really suffers or is lost, and it all runs perfectly well and fair. Just the body and mind suffer and they’re riddled with imperfections anyways and must be discarded. When you’ve had enough you will voluntarily retract you’re vision through the connection. It’s just your perspective that was rearranged, and that which you think you’re losing was on loan anyways, and you should do your duty and willingly surrender it.

The collective source of everything in one solid unchangeable unit is our eternal Home, and what name people give it shouldn’t matter as long as we don’t humanize it. We are but a fraction of the eternal whole, but each fraction makes up the whole thus making you an intricate part of God. You are not human and nether is God. You are a fraction of Eternity that mistakenly identifies with time, and this mistake is what creates so much turmoil in you and the world. Your formless, aware and still Soul has always been and always will be eternally pure and sitting in the dimension of God. However, for the time being your Awareness and/or vision is tied up in your connection to the other two dimensions of time. Enlightenment and Self-realization is to break free from those dimensional limitations in order to see the real state of affairs, which is your true nature, your true home, and what is meant by the word God.