The Spiritualist or Realized Spiritual Teacher

This enlightened instructor will guide anyone in their spiritual development regardless of past transgressions and religious ideologies. All that is needed on the student’s part is a willingness to learn accompanied with earnestness to put into practice, so trust and faith is a big part of that connection. The Spiritualist will offer the best guidelines and usually stay away from religious dogmas and religions, and they won’t hold anyone to strict spiritual requirements regarding austerities and abstinence, just moderation and evaluation.

They will talk about the truth, God, Self, Soul or Eternity as the central core where all paths lead, and emphasize due diligence at eroding personal but common blocks that obstruct the aspirant’s finale transition into Eternity. The problem has a very common and recognizable root system in manifestation, and the teacher has worked through the situation thus understands the issue, but always working towards Eternity they will disregard the situation and may treat it as frivolous.

Because, in the opposite direction of Eternity lies a myriad of personal ideologies, accolades and issues (attachments) that the aspirant has to move beyond with guidance from the Spiritualist. The teacher can’t force the student to do anything if the student isn’t willing to do so for their self. The priceless information raised in teaching will be understandable by those who are willing to apply themselves in research, introspection and meditation. Earnestness towards that creates the internal surrendering that is needed, and that in turn causes attachments to fall away natural, however if the seeker isn’t sincere then the words will wait patiently for the right moment to trigger them.

The ego is a hard wall to fight against, but the spiritualist doesn’t waver for this is a very common theme and at some point even the most harden and resistant people will verify their words from within the Self. Therefore nothing is lost and everything is eventually found, so the instructor patiently understands that it will always help, but usually in the future. Very few will be able to respond and verify their words during their lifetime, however it doesn’t matter for the words once read or heard will be verified. 

The process or journey that leads up to this spiritual understanding is different for everyone as well as the way one teaches spirituality after Realization, however the act of surrendering and Self-realization is the same for all seekers when their seeking comes to a close. Their journey over they unite and see their unity in the Almighty, and although this primordial enigmatic experience is the same for everyone there can be attributable effects on the body, which will be determined by genetics or predispositions. And, the instructor’s unique way of teaching will vary depending on their background and circumstances.

The mind reaching its limit and the Self loosing its, the finale outcome of Enlightenment is identical for everyone when their identity inverts back into Eternity. 

This identity altering event is on the mind, and the mind will express this in many different ways and may show signs of contradiction, but words that are depending on circumstances and taken out of context will get obscured. The whole gamut of expressions is open for hijacking in order to make a point, and since that point is relatively unknown the words get tangled up in concepts and misunderstood. 

Only time and hindsight seems to validate these lasting words of the teacher, and with help from the truly intuitive people will bring the words into the forefront of spirituality. The instructor will find some serious seekers along the way and have some success in helping, but most people are knee deep in preserving the mind and guarding its present ideas and concepts as their primary identity. Not many are willing to pursue Self-realization in the face of life’s adversity, even though just the act of pursuing it will soften life’s pitfalls and smooth out the ride.

Most of the spiritualist’s words will have to wait just below the surface for the right moment when the aspirant is ready, or when desperation causes them to reevaluate.

The spiritualist will always continue to the last breath, because they know beyond any doubt that what they speak is the truth and they are the best person for this position, and they also know their words will not fail, but continue to resonate in all who read them.