Outside of Our Selves

The shift into a sense of being, a sense of existence, a spatial Awareness in Eternal Space matured out of the nothingness of Pure Space and it is now the body of Awareness, it is the Source of all.  Space before particles, matter and energy essentially altered its makeup as if it had been latent in order to be Aware of its own existence.  I guess it can be viewed as a purposeful action but I think it was all by chance and the creation of particles, matter and energy is a wonderful benefit.  Either way it happened and whatever way you want to look at it there is one thing that is certain; its ability to evolve.  A chain of reactions that had to happen and it didn’t need a purpose since Pure Space does exist, and its existence naturally matures otherwise nonexistence Space means we wouldn’t be here to talk about it.


Eternal Space developed an Awareness of existence and it was obviously within its potential to develop the layers of growth that eventually matured into the universe.  Separate layers within its bounds but on grosser dimensional levels that scale up to the current universe, that development is really outside of its own existence, but spatial Awareness created this expansion and its expression is seen throughout in the different forms of conscious life.


What this tells us is God (Eternal Awareness in Pure Space) matured from within and thereby created dimensions of form that allow Awareness to individualize (Humans) and perceive outside realms of a grosser existence, even though it never leaves Eternal Space.  Those temporary connections to life are an outlet for Eternal Awareness which adds an individual touch to Awareness.  Aware Space matures now in a whole different way with the culturing of so many Aware Beings yet visually it’s the same, just empty Space accompanied by a soft Light when Awareness dawned.


Through act or accident this is why we exist and why it has meaning.  We all have Eternal Awareness at our Core allowing us to perceive things as conscious human beings.  That extension into outer realms is what creates Souls.  Our Soul positioned in Eternity is seeing things outside of its Self and that very act creates the expanded attention that is needed to develop Souls.  That is the glory of life and you can use it in your favor like I did and ride the wave back Home and see for yourself.  Seeing this life is seeing outside of one’s normal existence giving you the ability to look back and reflect on existence and its meaning, causing the Self-Aware Soul to mature into a Self-governing component.  When the cycle is complete and your attention retracts back into Pure Space You are now a Pure Being that can still observe, which wasn’t there before.  This also allows you to see Eternity after your attention returns Home from the particle universe.  This in essence is Self-Realization. You are given a piece of the Whole as your own existence and you have the power to return and realize your existence.


The ability to see outside of our Selves produces the self-directing Soul that comes into maturation when seeing through the layers of consciousness.  If you put a single word answer on the reason behind everything then God is appropriate, the ultimate common denominator behind existence.

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  1. Would you please describe your journey to enlightenment in more detail and what happened in the final moment before crossing that doorway, the experience itself and what was on the other side?

    With the greatest of respect, are you aware that there are stages that move far beyond the level of peace?

    Once again, with respect Dr Hawkins says there are a handful of people on the planet who are enlightened and they tend to keep themselves to themselves. What prompted you to make this blog and start teaching?

    I recognise that enlightenment is the pinacle of human achievement and humbly thank you for your efforts.

    I have been looking for living masters and would love to meet you someday.

    1. Hi Jim, the moment before I was in deep meditative state or Samadhi state and a hole of white powdered light opened up from pinpoint to whole in a split second….and there I was in the Eternal Heaven.

      There are levels up to that point and none after that. After you reach the furthest point what more do you want? In that place nothing is more peaceful. In life the Samadhi state is the most peaceful state. After that whenever your meditating or when the mind is silent as in active meditation would be next.

      It depends on the person, I am somewhere in between, I’m helping but the internet allows me to remain at a distance. I don’t belong to any religion or honor any restrictions so this is a good relationship. I can certainly understand why they would hide because I like my solitude, although I think anyone would at least try especially with the internet. It allows me to try my own way otherwise not. My teachers jumped right into the fray of public teaching and did the most good they could.

      I just looked at DH’s video…..I don’t mean any disrespect and I’m not trying to be insensitive but at the same time I have to stay true. I can relate to what he is talking about and fear always wins, I struggled with it. But, Spiritual experiences before Enlightenment are empty subjective delusions of no real value to the realized person and it’s a bit deceptive adding saints for a sort of holy verification when its not important to begin with, even if it did happen, images are from this domain and have nothing to do with enlightenment. Self-realization doesn’t come from a sense of oneness with nature, world or universe, in fact you have to completely transcend the illusion of matter and space. A oneness yes but with the Almighty Awareness in Eternity (God) which is well beyond any sense of universe or any saintly visions. His monotone talk reminded me of someone trying to act enlightened, trying to hard to prove something to us. I ran into several teachers like that which were either faking it or mistaking it until I found my mentors. All Self-realized people have seen the same thing and talking about may vary slightly but staying real is still at the core, without saying anything that can be completely wrong. Self-realization gives one the ability to see from the highest perspective, it’s the holiest of the holy and you are inclined to protect it.

        1. Thinking of writing again. Every time I think about teaching I think about what my way of teaching without a personal religion would be like, it totally revolves around spirituality without traditions and I don’t know if there are enough serious seekers around here and it would boil down to just a few. Most people here wear it like a fashion accessory and not looking for something like me who tells it like it is. I need the big city.

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