Mask Free

At the very end of the human journey you’ll see the very Beginning in silent repose.


The beginning and the end existing together in the same realm has no start or end.


You will see all it in its glory, the true Reality behind the mask, and realize you’re part.


Just a fraction of Eternity will be You but that critical fraction will exist Eternally as You.


In this realm all will be there, all will be revealed, Mask Free and striped to the Core.


All false notions and appearances vanish forever giving them little aberration over Truth.


The universe imperfect, incapable of producing perfection, hides Perfection behind clutter.


The visible will always be impure while the Substance and Soul are always invisibly Pure.


Empty space is wonderful and beautiful once you see its value within the face of clutter.


Once Eternity is seen, via Self-Realization, you’ll know the invisible beauty of Pure Space.


That Grey Black hue is eternal life and that life has a multitude of undetectable delineation.


All Souls are there, all the great ones will remain there, forever silent and in still repose.


The Soul bears witness to only one revealing quality of Eternal Space that being God.


That seemingly dim Light which all the profits call the Almighty God is for all to behold.


Simply pure it glows, the Light of Self Awareness, creating aware beings and Souls.


In the Mask Free state of Heaven I will always be there, and may I never turn away.


The Freedom you bestow on me oh God may my attention never waver and my gaze be still.


You’re the only reason there is one and despite the lapses I am always Home with You.


If my presence and gaze be all that is needed of me then let me be still upon You.


Never to be born again I will be there in the end and in the beginning where it all began.