Spirituality is the exit ramp off the expressway of life. It shows you another way of living that isn’t confined and defined by the high speed rat race. It talks about the field of wildflowers that thrive and survive in the stillness of the off ramp, and offers a quite refuge from the nonstop pace. It shouldn’t buy into the brainwashing of society that wants you at the same speed as everyone else, to be more productive, so you can buy more things and donate more money. In today’s religious institutions you get very little in return, a few words of wisdom, a lot of wishful thinking, and a real lack of logical answers to big questions. When it should answer all those questions and be an informative discussion on finding your own Realization, so you can be as content as the wildflowers which sit in the stillness of a simple existence, and invite you in unconditionally. It should show you the way by discerning the false from fact, thereby guiding you to your own contentment that is waiting within you. And, you should stop what you’re doing and look inside for it, and the happiness that flowers naturally from it. Real spirituality moves away from the outside world of the senses and goes inward to explore the reality that lies beyond appearances.

Being productive in the world is societies beckoning call, however being spiritually productive is God’s beckoning call, and they are related, as far as duty is concerned. You have your duty to the family and to society by creating a stable environment for it to thrive and duty to God by worshiping in silence through meditation and contemplation. Meditation is the most important component to spirituality because it activates the thoughtless witness, which usually lays dormant, and the witness is the bridge between the Soul (Eternity) and mind. Meditation and introspection on the outside may look unproductive and easy, but on the inside it’s very productive in the spiritual sense, and hard to master. Spirituality is not an easy endeavor; as a matter of fact it might be one of the hardest but most rewarding endeavors of your life. Self-realization will turn your world inside out, and when you do face reality, you no longer see yourself as a human first and foremost. The end goal of spirituality is to see what you really are, which is pure Awareness in Eternal space without the body, mind and universe. Then you’re aligned with the truth, and you find your natural state of existence, that was previously glossed over by the manic doer of the untrue. You go back to the beginning of time, where the core of all things sit as one, and you see where it all comes from and where it all ends up. The wisdom of the Saints is now your wisdom, as you blaze your own trail in the realm of spirituality. You will see life and God as clear as the Saints did and understand the pit falls and stepping stones of the spiritual aspirant, which eventually leads them to contentment.

Spiritual Myths

There are massive amounts of spiritual dogmas out there that place conditions on the spiritual aspirant out of ignorance. The teachers, who are not finding their own bed of wildflowers, speak about others that have, they translate it with the infusion from those who haven’t, and after placing it along side their own ideas of spiritual purity they profess righteousness. In reality, there are no preconditions or outside disciplines to spirituality, just inside work, and it’s an open door for everyone. You could be a big time sinner, an obese meat eater, love sex, lost faith in the bible, commit crimes, gay, handicapped, illiterate, mentally challenged, poor or rich, it doesn’t matter. Some religions enforce rules of strict celibacy, diet, vegetarianism, adherence to disciplines, being completely drug and alcohol free, and some are even gender, race and culturally biased. When you start using strict conditions like that, it makes it feel like purity is way out of reach, and a feeling of being inadequate, faulty, undesirable and unworthy takes over, and along with that the guilt and fear of being that way. Spirituality should not endorse abstinence or regulatory disciplines such as penance for sins, for it clearly does not work, and has no effect on your spiritual progress whatsoever, and in fact it can be counterproductive due to the spiritual ego, however they should endorse moderation. Because in fact, you can partake in all of the above sins and still reach the ultimate goal of Enlightenment, for salvation has no physical prerequisites.

Moderation is the key both physically and mentally, if moderation is not your forte and you consider yourself a hopeless extremist then understandably you must drop certain vices. Because when it occupies your every thought your metal strength is poor, and this battle is won by ignoring the mind. Positive thinking, personal introspection, and spiritual contemplation should play a dominate role in the way you use your mind. If spirituality is the main topic in your mind, then the desire to stray is loosing its sway, which means you’re on the right track. It is stepping away from old mental patterns that the rat race induces on your mind, and replacing it with the wildflower seeds on the fertile spiritual mind that is tilled in silence and introspection. You are not what you perceive yourself to be, nor what society perceives you to be, and in order to grasp this and what you really are, you have to go within and inwardly detach yourself from the perceivable. The imperfect human and world are all part of your personal illusion, and distancing yourself from that, is discerning the real you from the perceived you and that is spirituality.

Sins are the acquired baggage or imperfections that keep you from reaching perfection, but perfection is your Soul, eternal and changeless never out of reach. All of life is an escape, an escape from Reality, to toil in and with imperfection, which means any distraction in life that diverts your attention away from knowing the truth can be considered a sin. Sins are the distractions off the path, and once on the steadfast path the sins are negated quickly by the withdraw of attention, and when you totally give up they’re activated again. Does it matter what you did in the past or what you are doing now, if you are now going to give up on the whole idea of being human? That means you are surrendering all of your personal ideals, as well as the body and mind that housed them, and anything that changes, moves or decays in the world. Looking away or ignoring the temporary identity that’s attached to the body, and start looking for that identity which doesn’t change, an identity that’s saturated with Eternity or Eternal awareness. Working towards self-realization is to loosen your hold on a world that is imperfect and transitory for the real world of Absolute Awareness, which is pure and indestructible. You have to relinquish the old value system that held you hostage as a less than holy or perfect person, and know that you are worthy of being spiritual avatar, saint or teacher. It is the divine right of everyone regardless of what transpired. Despite of all the transgressions, you are pure and perfect at the core of your being, and nothing has the power to change that. Go in and reclaim it, by disclaiming the other.

Faded Black

Show me the color
That won’t go away
A color for all
That will stay

I’ll show you
Faded Black

Show me something
That won’t leave me
Decay in front of me
That will be with me

I’ll show you
Faded Black

Show me someone
That won’t leave me
Will love and hold me
That will be with me

I’ll show you
Faded Black

I see nothing that doesn’t
Return to Faded Black
Matter is Faded Black
Eternity is Faded Black

All is Faded Black

The Road to Eternity

You have to surrender the finite 
    To see the infinite
You have to give up on the temporary 
    To see the permanent
You have to Loosen your grip on the fleeting
    To gain the enduring
You have to see the transient as false
    To see the truth as everlasting
You have to look away from the light of the world
    To see the Light of Absolute Awareness
You have to stop believing in appearances
    To start believing in reality
You have to stop listening to the word
    To understand the meaning behind the silence
You have to turn in and away from the senses
    To see that which the senses can’t show you
You have to stop hanging on to the changing
    To see that which is changeless and pure
You have to know the universe as a brief illusion
    To see Eternity as the infinite reality
You have to surrender all
    To gain all
Including the road
    To Eternity

The Appearance of Separation

Real love sees no separation through differences 
    But appearances give us differences that separate us
Desires and fears takeover and give a rank to those differences
    A personal love develops within those conditions
This personal criteria keeps the love confined and limited 
    Based on personal needs, desires, fears and expectations
Due to the appearance of separation
    Love is conditional
Real spirituality knows no separation by appearances
    But appearances create a personal God
To bridge the gap and hide the feeling of separation
    A personal love for God develops defined by criteria and conditions
A conditioned God based on needs, desires, fears and expectations 
    Due to the appearance of separation
God is conditional
    The real love and true God are lost in a personal ideology
Limited and induced by separation love and God is subjective
    To the personal illusion