The Power of One

There is one source of power that formed the universe and despite its subtle nature it is all encompassing and all powerful.


Bestowing eternal Awareness to nothingness is a huge result and despite its seemingly empty nature it is eternal life and it’s teeming with eternal Souls waiting to regain eternal vision.


The door is open to all and it never really closes and no Soul ever entered or exited just witnessed life from afar and despite the realness it wasn’t real because only one power is real.


Vacuum sealed in its eternal existence the Power of One allows nothing in that is not eternal so despite creating another dimension of timed life it will not be disturbed or depleted.


Energy will go on harmonizing and clashing but this dynamic is minor compared to the main dynamic of the Soul witnessing it and despite any briefness all the rigging’s are already rigged.


The Soul linking in and seeing another realm thereby creates its own independence and despite being forever locked into Eternity our final salvation one has to independently surrender to it.


Eternal Awareness lit the way granting vision and life to all here and in eternal Space however no forms are seen there in this visually unchanging environment despite the universe of forms.

The only vision one has in Eternity is that of the Almighty Power of One and despite the completeness of that One Power the universe brings in the Soul paradigm enriching Awareness.


The Soul can rely on one thing in the light of everything that being the Power of One which is always there behind the scene and despite your ideology you are that eternal Power of One.


The Power of One is Self-Aware of its existence and that translates to each and every Soul having that power of Self-Awareness thus realizing its part of the Almighty Power of One.