The Path of Negation

This spiritual path has a long lineage and success in regards to enlightenment or Self-realization; however it being overshadowed by larger more vocal religions and spiritual paths makes it more of a solo journey. This path doesn’t bore or bog you with ideals, history or reasons why it’s better, nor does it want anything from you except the desire to know firsthand. It’s seen as a hard path to follow, but I would assert it’s a more efficient way of finding your Self (Soul), as in Self-realization, and anyone can do it. This essentially is the path I took so I know it well, and I can tell you truly it’s one of the more efficient paths at dissolving the universe and uncovering Eternity, which is called Enlightenment.

This path runs deep in logic and goes straight to the Source by mentally looking away from any worldly meaning outside of the Self. You inwardly negate all appearances and words as unessential to the Self. You’re neutralizing life from the inside out rendering it incapable to distract you from your goal, and you personally hang everything on one hook, which is your last belief system, that nothing here can deliver you Home. You trust in your teacher and all the true teachers of the past and search without fear for the Self and the one true Reality, and you do this because of your trust and faith in your teacher, God and Self-realization. You do this because you can, and your deep interest in the truth, God liberation, peace, and happiness drives you. The freedom that comes with identifying with the true Self is your rightful heritage, a divinized state that’s waiting for you, so you can get your mind and body in sync with an Eternal tune-up, and that should be your last and only goal.  

 You do this with a discerning eye that sees the world as a fraud in order to create a new mindset, which understands the way to Reality is taken by withdrawing your personal stake in the illusionary world. Loosing your emotional interest in the outside drama, or knowing there will be no relief there forces you to look within for relief in a sustained search inside. Knowing full well that the illusion has you locked in and you have to be really diligent at unchaining your Self from the mind/body complex, almost like you want to wake up from a bad dream. You have to be willing to do what it takes and go within with a single minded focus on the Self, thus dissolving the universe from the inside out by meditating and talking your Self out of it.

You achieve an internal dialogue which continually sees things as false and not real, thereby counteracting any sway that desires and fears have on you. Since you can only see Eternity through the Self, which is a spec of God seeing God, then all other pull outside of that will be counterproductive to your pursuit. However, life has us captivated and the attention of the Self is now anchored in life, and that’s what you withdraw in order to break the spell and see clearly. By retracting your attention back away from the mind, body and world, and redirecting it back on the Self, then the clinging to the illusion is voluntarily surrendered and only God is left. Once all residual fears and desires loose their power to interfere in the process then you are ready to let go of everything including all concepts that comes with a personal identity, which has kept you thinking and believing as an individual.

This path of looking away from everything by insistently denouncing the value in time and matter goes right to the heart of your Eternal identity, delivering you into Stillness by disconnecting the external movement of life. If you stick to this path around the clock it will take but a few years, and not the lifetime or several lives as reincarnation states to achieve God liberation.

By mentally negating all that ‘It’ isn’t, you rediscover that which ‘It’ truly is.

Answers from the Source

When we look for solutions that come from the Source for any questions there are a few things that stand in the way or block these divinely influenced answers. The ego influenced mind and the resulting emotions which effectively alter the mind and make it incapable of obtaining the translucent quality that is conducive to the subtle characteristics of the Source, and the universal knowledge that comes therein. The universal perspective is imprinted in consciousness because it’s tied into and held afloat by Awareness (The Self) its still relative. Once the mind is crowded with thoughts that emanate from a personality or entity that overly identifies with appearances then emotions are laced throughout, which escalate things to a higher energy level, intensity level or frequency. All of this revs the mind up and creates its own problems that won’t entertain or let the subtle energies in to mutate and take root; instead the high flying energy of the cycling mind either superimposes over it, or uses it up quickly as a weak source of energy.

You may recall a time when you’re relaxed and letting go welcoming sleep and out of the blue you got your answer, or remembered something important. These types of answers from the Source could happen to you anywhere at anytime as long as you’re surrendering your control. This allows the subtle energies to softly push forward into an open or suspended mind permitting the circulation of energy throughout the brain even activating dormant cells in a subtle synchronicity. Answers and spiritual experiences from the Source come as softly and easy as that, but it can have a huge impact on the individual mind resulting in a turn around moment in ones life. A flood or wave of subtle energy can make one feel light and floating on air as an epiphany carries you through to a higher state of consciousness and unity with life, which changes your outlook. Pure consciousness can give one the spiritual feeling of at-one-ment with all of life, because of its unbinding formless nature and your connection to it allows you to feel and get a sense of universal unity.

Consciousness has access to a purer consciousness which is the first transition point from Awareness, then transforming into different energy giving us the ability to use it and store imprints which make it ours as we direct it. But, pure free consciousness before imprints is clean slate on a subtle level, which is below the normal human mind frequency, and it’s the pushing factor in tandem with Awareness. This free floating current which is labeled pure or universal consciousness flows everywhere in the universe, and what we use as humans when we morph into the individual ego. Emotions then take off and embed that personality and all of its attachments deeper in the psyche, and life and God is filtered through this new interpretive lens, which keeps the mind from entertaining the lower subtle frequencies that pure consciousness and Awareness invokes.

The soft flood light of pure consciousness is divinely inspired by Awareness which is its still anchor in God or your Source. The purity of your Source is the Soul or the inside guru that can see things from a clear perspective only influenced by: The Almighty, and moving (which pushes outward) pure consciousness. When that mixes with the outstanding issues in your life in a suspended mind state then the remaining debris is in a hovering state now vulnerable to change, which falls simply, naturally, subtlety and gracefully into place, and the problem is solved. The problem is really solved by consciousness and the natural laws of attraction and repulsion, which organizes the information rightly, allowing connections and attracting answers, but the open mind also plays a role in cultivating pure consciousness, setting a directive and translating.   

Meditating is the key that cultivates this subtle knowledge and keeps your mind fertile and in silent repose as the spreading of seed takes place on an open field which takes root. And, ‘Pop’ goes the answer like a bud popping through soil and it can have an enlightening affect on the individual that is sometimes confused with Enlightenment.

Contemplation is the other key ingredient in solving hard problems, because you have to make it a problem that will remain with you all the time even during sleep, so it has to be worked on during all your spare time giving the suspended ego and mind more time to decipher the issue. Since the suspended mind in most busy minds only happens for a second or two your problem has to be your primary thought above all else. The mind that sticks to one subject without the unnecessary escalation of energy from emotions and with sufficient time spent in clearing the mind with peaceful pauses and meditation will increase your odds greatly. Thoughtless meditation creates a wider spreading focal point or wave to balance out the isolated focal point or narrow stream resulting from deep thinking, and that sort of yin and yang of energies brings in the whole spectrum of help that doesn’t leave anything unturned.