The “Samadhi State”

This is a state of being, in consciousness, is similar to your most natural state of existence, which means it’s a refection on your Eternal state of being. This state of being can be considered as the waiting room before Self-realization. Your ability to spend some time here will be determined by your dedication, mind strength, and surrendering powers. Mind strength is your ability to keep the mind in silent repose, and surrendering the world and all your predispositions is a huge part of staying that way. To arrive in the Samadhi state takes a high level of surrendering, sincere earnestness, and a lot of practice, because the “Witnessing state” with eyes closed is difficult, but a necessary stage.

The characteristics of the Samadhi state are beyond meditation techniques, because most techniques are designed to get you to the Witness state. However, taking the next step in, the Witness and all the mind decoy techniques have to be abandoned before entering. There’s a sort of a transition zone where the decoys die out (mantras, etc.), and your perceiving (Witnessing) nothing but consciousness, life force, or internal energy. This zone is more or less another waiting area, or stage before you slip into Samadhi, which is the merging or union of the perceiver and the perceived. Altogether, I see four levels or stages of spiritual progression: The Doer state, the Witness state (Active and Inactive), the Samadhi state, and the Eternal state.

Surrendering all concepts that are related to appearances, and ideas of a separate God are part of the transitioning into this divine state. Letting go, releasing your grip, or looking away from all personal and conditioned responses of the mind, for one thoughtless and primordial state of being in consciousness. When sitting and waiting in the transition zone of formless meditating witnessing the life force it produces an unnoticeable and feelingless merging between different states, and before you know it your in Samadhi. An entrainment occurs when consciousness falls in sync with Awareness and they sit as one in the Samadhi state, without movement or reason. This thoughtless state of being is characterized as a lost of perceiving of anything external or internal, nothing outside or inside of you is perceivable, or preventing you from just being like this. The Samadhi state is the supreme state of surrendering, and your ability to stay like this for extended periods, determines your ability to surrender and go with it, which is releasing limited identity for the Eternal One. Eventually your fortitude and determination at acquiring this state of being when meditating will release you from your imaginary bondage, once liberated from death and desire, contentment will reign supreme.

This Samadhi state, which is the closest representation of your Eternal state of being while embodied will be last step you can take before Self-realization, and the ultimate step will be beyond all. To go beyond, I believe another entrainment happens in the Samadhi state between Eternity (God) and your Awareness, that overpowers the curtain of consciousness (energy), which is like a film or covering over Awareness, which in turn keeps it captive. It’s almost like you’re spreading out consciousness thinly until a tear in the fabric takes off and exposes the Eternal realm, our real Home.

Consciousness vs. Awareness

In a lot of spiritual books consciousness is divided into two groups: The universal or super-consciousness, and regular consciousness. This change happens when experiencing the Source, resulting in a deep understanding, therefore consciousness is subject to changes, and matures spiritually. You can also go in and out of different states of consciousness that aren’t related to spirituality, and consciousness can be weak or strong and full of life. However, Awareness remains constant and unaffected, the solid background, watching the show.

Awareness, our Eternal identity doesn’t change, or have any feelings that are related to energy, so it needs a form with consciousness to perceive matter via the senses. Awareness is without changing particles and the variety of appearances it provides, so it needs a connection or a reflection in consciousness to witness the world. This is a natural connection, or progression, because energy is the child of Awareness, the prodigal son, and being activated for a tour of duty is a real blessing in disguise.

Awareness’s first point of contact is in this bio-consciousness mass, and is referred to as “The Witness” in spiritual books. This is the thoughtless observer or pure consciousness state of the body and mind, in union, produces different states of being in consciousness, which are called spiritual experiences. However, Awareness is always consistent as the watcher perceiving the flow of images through consciousness, and until Awareness sees Reality, consciousness keeps you here, entrapped or covered . Awareness can’t see the universe at all or even understand duality until birth, and when Enlightenment dawns this fact is obvious. Spiritual experiences in consciousness are all over the charts, but the ultimate experience of Self-realization is the same for one and all, and happens in Awareness only, no moving visuals, no sounds, no forms, no color, no movement. Birth turns on the display of sensory enjoyment, and the love affair takes off with energy and the flow of opposites. Lost in the thrill of consciousness we gloss over our Eternal identity, for this temporary heightened sense of existence, which is outside the norm.

After Self-realization one can say their consciousness developed into the universal state, which is true because the personal and mind limited consciousness is now expanded and complete. Awareness now understands consciousness as universal life, a product of the universe, and consequently must stay with the universe after death. Awareness sits in its own dimension of pure Space, and is unaffected by the unfolding drama of its new attached organism. Awareness is the most subtle form of consciousness, comprised of a Still Eternal Light, the common denominator in all things, which again is the still screen or foundation behind movement. It seems like Awareness radiated consciousness causing a spreading wave or “Akasha field” of energy seeping out creating the universal expansion we see today. And, even though this subtle movement eventually turned into the universe, it is still the moving part, reflection or the effect, and not the cause, or the real You.

You are the still essence that supports the universe, and all that appears in the universe is linked to You, but an imperfect link or reflection of You. You are perfect at the core and a crucial piece in the puzzle of life and Eternity. Just by existing in your true identity is all you have to do, and the best you can do, because by not identifying with this mass of vapors parading as reality, you turn into a beacon of truth for Awareness. Once your Soul gets a sobering look at Reality it washes away all the false notions, and consciousness goes along for the ride instead of Awareness being taken for a ride.

Peaceful Pauses

Everyday in our normal working lives we are faced with many opportunities to work on our spiritual development, but we usually waste it on unproductive mind chatter. Why not put this time to good use, it really doesn’t matter how little time it is, because in establishing a new mental pattern it all begins with these wasted moments. Why let the mind control you and take you to places that don’t have any meaning, and may eventually add to the weight on your back. When we take a close look at our internal dialogue, beyond our normal reactions, most of it is complete gibberish, and this technique can turn your life around and cultivate stability. You can work on these moments to advance yourself spiritually, strengthen the mind and concentration, and you don’t have to give up anything.

No matter how busy our day is we experience down time and gaps in-between places, which can become mentally and spiritually productive. If you can text message or check email you will have the time to check in for a peaceful pause. So many times we are caught between appointments and destinations, and it seems like a big part of life is wasting time, but most of the time we fill it up with mental gossip, desires and worries.

With practice these pauses can also be done with the eyes open, whether in front of the computer, TV, reading a paper or any number of ways. I was able to find many ways throughout the day, and everyone thinks you’re caught up in the mind, reading, or just relaxing in waiting rooms, for there is no need of posture. When it’s down time anyways why not do it? There is no need to be obvious, keep it hidden, under the radar and you’ll find a place to escape to at any time, and a series of pauses can help you regulate your emotions. It’ll give you a calm foundation throughout the hectic day, and give you a sense of peace in trying moments. It is important not to let the spiritual path mix with the ego’s need for attention, thus creating a spiritual ego which is counterproductive to spirituality and self-realization.

A lot of techniques involve staying in the moment which is good meditation, however this is giving up on the external sensory moment altogether. The “living in the moment” needs the world as a participant, an object of observation and this is the next step up or in, by observing the body energies and forgetting about the world for a moment. You’re unplugging from the mind, and standing back within, withdrawing your attention away to observe or focus on the internal energies, thereby being in the moment with that energy. You will notice different types of currents and sensations. It will depend on what you’re involved with at the time, but by withdrawing back you’re defusing the situation. Now the over stimulated areas have lost their concentration of energy, and the energy is left to flounder aimlessly, dissipating slowly without direction resulting in a spreading action. You can perceive all this and different kinds of wavy currents, heart rate, blood flow and heat changes. I actually enjoy checking out to check in with that life-force whenever I can.

It’s like a short detour, I’ll try to explain it with an example of what it is like. But first, we’re using meditation techniques of Nisarga Yoga and self-realization meditations, but in short periods. It’s good to start with these pauses, because sitting for long periods of time in a thoughtless manner is hard to master, so you work up to more time. When you are in the background observing the current the mind ceases, but when your involved in thought your back to the foreground and the world. It’s a change in direction with your attention and focus, by falling back to the rear position before the energy you can sit and watch.

Now a visual example of what it’s like, which is similar to this withdrawing of attention. When you’re reading this script your focus is out in front of you on the words, and the periphery environment your in is out of focus. With the screen in the front of you, sit back and pan out periphery and focus in on the room. The writing is out of focus or unreadable, because when you diverted your attention back the energy spreads out on a wide angle. You can’t read this and see the room at the same time, its either focusing on the room or the script, which is either the body energy or the mind. The screen is the mind and the body energy is the room, and you do it not with the eyes but behind closed eyes. You do it with your attention retreating, pulling back the control thus regulating the minds control.

Try it, it’ll give you something to do even on a busy day, and you should take the time to shake off this illusion of being the body. Remember you are not what you observe in life, so be what you are, and separate yourself from what you are not, this is the goal of peaceful pauses and meditation in general.