Consciousness vs. Awareness

In a lot of spiritual books consciousness is divided into two groups: The universal or super-consciousness, and regular consciousness. This change happens when experiencing the Source, resulting in a deep understanding, therefore consciousness is subject to changes, and matures spiritually. You can also go in and out of different states of consciousness that aren’t related to spirituality, and consciousness can be weak or strong and full of life. However, Awareness remains constant and unaffected, the solid background, watching the show.

Awareness, our Eternal identity doesn’t change, or have any feelings that are related to energy, so it needs a form with consciousness to perceive matter via the senses. Awareness is without changing particles and the variety of appearances it provides, so it needs a connection or a reflection in consciousness to witness the world. This is a natural connection, or progression, because energy is the child of Awareness, the prodigal son, and being activated for a tour of duty is a real blessing in disguise.

Awareness’s first point of contact is in this bio-consciousness mass, and is referred to as “The Witness” in spiritual books. This is the thoughtless observer or pure consciousness state of the body and mind, in union, produces different states of being in consciousness, which are called spiritual experiences. However, Awareness is always consistent as the watcher perceiving the flow of images through consciousness, and until Awareness sees Reality, consciousness keeps you here, entrapped or covered . Awareness can’t see the universe at all or even understand duality until birth, and when Enlightenment dawns this fact is obvious. Spiritual experiences in consciousness are all over the charts, but the ultimate experience of Self-realization is the same for one and all, and happens in Awareness only, no moving visuals, no sounds, no forms, no color, no movement. Birth turns on the display of sensory enjoyment, and the love affair takes off with energy and the flow of opposites. Lost in the thrill of consciousness we gloss over our Eternal identity, for this temporary heightened sense of existence, which is outside the norm.

After Self-realization one can say their consciousness developed into the universal state, which is true because the personal and mind limited consciousness is now expanded and complete. Awareness now understands consciousness as universal life, a product of the universe, and consequently must stay with the universe after death. Awareness sits in its own dimension of pure Space, and is unaffected by the unfolding drama of its new attached organism. Awareness is the most subtle form of consciousness, comprised of a Still Eternal Light, the common denominator in all things, which again is the still screen or foundation behind movement. It seems like Awareness radiated consciousness causing a spreading wave or “Akasha field” of energy seeping out creating the universal expansion we see today. And, even though this subtle movement eventually turned into the universe, it is still the moving part, reflection or the effect, and not the cause, or the real You.

You are the still essence that supports the universe, and all that appears in the universe is linked to You, but an imperfect link or reflection of You. You are perfect at the core and a crucial piece in the puzzle of life and Eternity. Just by existing in your true identity is all you have to do, and the best you can do, because by not identifying with this mass of vapors parading as reality, you turn into a beacon of truth for Awareness. Once your Soul gets a sobering look at Reality it washes away all the false notions, and consciousness goes along for the ride instead of Awareness being taken for a ride.

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