Worshiping God

 For me there is one way of worshiping God, that seems to be the best way possible to worship, above all other techniques, which are usually conditioned by the mind with desires and fears. One way of worshiping that is the ultimate service to God, a way that is not conditioned by any ideology, any personal or worldly events, not even the mind, which leaves this way pure, natural, and unconditional, above the rest. One way that shows your ability to surrender, that shows your ability to let go of everything which was previously thought of as too important to forgo, but now it’s voluntarily relinquished by this type of worshiping. And in the process all is worshiped, and nothing is left out or separated by beliefs or attributes, and through this way it will neutralize everything down into one state of being, which leads directly to the ultimate state of being in Eternity.

There is one way that reveals your earnestness, that reveals your persistence, that reveals your inner strength, that reveals your inner knowledge, that reveals your attachments, that reveals your love for God, instead of your love for the body and the world. One way that works in all religions and all ideologies, works anywhere at any time and is truly a cornerstone to peace and happiness. A way that allows everyone the opportunity to witness the Almighty in the glory of perfection, via the divinity within. One way that tells God that all else will be deemed flippant in comparison, and you will be lead by the light of this way for nothing else will do, no replacement is good enough, and in this way only God’s divine intervention will be acknowledged as reality. A way that tells the Almighty you will stop at nothing, and nothing will get in-between you and your love for the Almighty, including mind inclinations. Your determination in this fashion will not only benefit you immensely but it won’t give any counter reasons to doubt your spiritual earnestness, because your effort in a regular practice indicates your resolve, which in turn steadfastly cultivates liberation.

The way is through the silent mind in meditation which worships God in the purest sense of the word. The way starts as a formless meditation observing the energy within, then that merges into the Samadhi State which is the ultimate state of worship. This is as close as you can get to enlightenment before it happens, your natural state of being, which is before the mind. Your ability to stay in this silent repose will reflect your earnestness, and how persistent you are will show how devoted you are to God, despite worldly attractions. This state of being is a state of pure Awareness, or the Self witnessing different states of existing in consciousness. In this thoughtless state one will naturally bounce around from compelling thoughts (attachments) which Awareness witnesses, to the witnessing of moving energies in the body (formless meditating) which takes the place of thoughts, then onto an Awareness of Awareness, which neutralizes the witnessing states altogether, this is beyond perceiving anything externally but God within. In this state there is no longer any Karma, any preconditions, any religions, any spirituality, any universe, any body, or any mind, just you as One, waiting for the illusion to pass by, so the One can see and know the One in All. And after realizing your anchor in Reality you now understand what all the great ones were talking about and the many ways they used to express this divine state of being. Your attachments are replaced by the One, your love lives and breaths through the unconditional state in all, your identity now lies with God, which is your natural state of existing, and you talk and think according to “That”, because everything revolves around “That”.

I hope you can see that formless meditating and the “Samadhi state” is the purest form of worshiping and I originally expand on the words of Nisargadatta who said: The silent mind is the purest form of worship.