The Road to Eternity

You have to surrender the finite 
    To see the infinite
You have to give up on the temporary 
    To see the permanent
You have to Loosen your grip on the fleeting
    To gain the enduring
You have to see the transient as false
    To see the truth as everlasting
You have to look away from the light of the world
    To see the Light of Absolute Awareness
You have to stop believing in appearances
    To start believing in reality
You have to stop listening to the word
    To understand the meaning behind the silence
You have to turn in and away from the senses
    To see that which the senses can’t show you
You have to stop hanging on to the changing
    To see that which is changeless and pure
You have to know the universe as a brief illusion
    To see Eternity as the infinite reality
You have to surrender all
    To gain all
Including the road
    To Eternity

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