The Soul or The Directed Aware Focal Point

The title of this piece tries to describe our Eternal nature in human words. Although seemingly limited when compared to the temporary attributes we enjoy today, the eternal attribute of Awareness with directed vision trumps anything that comes after this, because of its sustainability and stability.  

An Aware focal point that can be directed by our attention is the nature of the Soul, and it leads to embodiment when directed away, which means toward the universe. This focal point can see Eternity clearly when unattached, but when attached it will identify with the world and body it’s attached too.

Unattached it has perfect vision and understanding of Eternity and God, attached it has an impure vision of reality, which results in an impure understanding of Reality.

The Soul’s focal point can narrow and expand, and be directed by the Self, so this implies some control over ones destiny thus allowing a Self-determining action, even in the Eternal state of Being.

To be embodied or not to be?

To be Eternally home and in full order of harmony and peace never to feel pain, fear and conflicting emotions again, or enter the universe and be vulnerable to all that life has to offer.  

A question that is never posed and an answer that has to be experienced to know the difference.

Stay in the company of the Devine or turn away and roll the dice, it’s the ultimate decision, and one that you have chosen.

All it takes is the focus of Awareness back onto itself and away from Eternity and you’re manifested.

Now manifested with a body you can still withdraw your attention away as before, or your Awareness focused back onto itself, which is the art of meditation, and this is a representation of the eternal control you have, which allows you to change your environment. This shift in attention not only leads to Self-realization, but in Eternity it also leads to embodiment.

The directed Aware focal point is the catalyst to enlightenment and embodiment.

It is your only control. It is your Soul and your Awareness directed out that brings life to everything its directed at, or it can take it all away in an instant, as if to say; You have the power to dissolve the universe from view, because you are part of the whole that made it and through that process it naturally made the path to and from it. This path back home is the only path available to you and it must be voluntarily taken. Open to all regardless of the many different avenues which lead up to it, the path remains for only the solitary Soul to enter empty handed. You can’t take anything with you from here, including your mind and identity, so the path is only for the naked Soul. If you try to take anything more than that it will shake you down to your foundation and rock your inner world to the point of death, maybe you come back, and maybe you won’t, but ether way, no enlightenment.

Strip yourself of all mental attachments and wait naked in the dark surrendering everything to the cause, and know that the path is there, which will open the proverbial door to the Eternal realm, a pure state of Being, and your only true Home.  

5 thoughts on “The Soul or The Directed Aware Focal Point”

  1. Hi Kurt, In the line “This shift in attention not only leads to Self-realization, but in Eternity it also leads to embodiment.” what is meant by the second part ?

  2. The shift in my attention or my Awareness which is focused back onto its Self is the path taken through meditation, and after a sufficient time spent there (Samadhi state) brings about Self-realization.

    In the formless state of Absolute space or when we are in our pure form we are in Eternity, and we have the ability to direct our attention in that state, by focusing our attention away from the foreground (God, Absolute space) and into the background we in turn bring about a new birth, which is very similar to the same way we attain enlightenment.

    My transition was quick when I came back, but very hard in getting ‘There’. I think that’s due to the connection to the mind, which makes it a struggle, however I feel the transition from Eternity to here is always quick, or safely said its quick, instead of the struggle reflected by the other direction.

    The path is always here and everywhere and the same holds true in Eternity, just remain focused forward when you’re ‘There.’

    Stay or turn away.

    This phrase works in both realms and between the two there is a path even though its visually absent and we really don’t go anywhere, but nonetheless the path I took was the path that was taken in return. This leads me to believe that ultimately the decision is ours to make, however I believe it’s a crapshoot and you start over, not one to try again, especially after Self-realization.

    You can call that reincarnation, for it is a type of reincarnation without the predispositions or karma, because you restart from ground zero and then all that is learned in knowing is lost. So, who is being reincarnated then…..if it’s identical as the first birth?


  3. it is clear now, thankyou. Yeah, the mind has a mind of it’s own! as I’m finding out many challenges I would otherwise neve know I had.

    Another question I had was, is it the mind that perceives Reality, and if so why is the experience considered beyond the mind ?

  4. No, the mind can’t see reality only the naked Self can see reality, but the mind is affected by it when the Self is identified. This brings me to my next post The Mind and Knowing, which may answer some of your questions. I appreciate the questions for they help me find areas where I loose people and it gives me something to write about.  

  5. Our Soul is our Atma which leaves our body after we die and gets or doesn’t get reborn depending on our karma or actions during our lifetime. It is for this we try and do meditation so that we can cleanse our soul from all materialistic thoughts and you give yourself to God! To do this we need a lot of will power and commitment and it is through months and years of meditation that we finally get to the pure state of Being! anonymous 

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