Is This All You Want?

If you could come back to the world after death and start over, not knowing what you know now, not knowing who and where you will be born, would you do it? If I could snap my fingers right now and end your life, erase everything, and you will return to the blank slate of a child in an unknown place and family, would you do it? Even if you’re not happy with the way things are now is it still worth starting over? Would you really take a gamble at a new start, and just hope you don’t land in a terrible place? Isn’t that what everyone wants? A fresh start, a chance to do it all over again, in the future experiencing the pains and pleasures of life in an all new generation. Does that sound like something you want to do? If you wanted to change the world, well, here is your chance to do it, because I’ll even let you do it after each lifetime, after erasing everything you know from the previous one. Press the reset and toss everything away and you’ll have to go through the same trials and tribulations of life all over again. Making the same mistakes as an immature youth, and face the hash realities of life as an adult in an uncertain future, without insurances, would that make you happy? If I let you take your mind with you to the heavens, would you do it? Is that really what you want? Do you really love your mind that much to be stuck with it forever? Is your mind a good thing to take with you? Having an uncontrollable mind that’s on full speed forever, is that a good thing to have? Do you really want something like that haunting you forever? It would bring all your problems with you, fears, desires, anxiety, disharmony, and is that really what you want? Will you be happy and satisfied with the mind you have now, for Eternity? What do you have with you anyways that’s good enough for Eternity? Do you like any of my proposals? What’s wrong? Isn’t that what you want? I need your answer now, what option do you want? Do you like any of them?

I was playing God in this type of kidding manner to my father and his girlfriend, for they were reminiscing and wishing they were youthful and free as before. They’re both 86, and surprised when I said; “Well, no, I don’t believe you, your just saying that,” and they both asserted “No, we aren’t”. I think most people if they thought deeply about it wouldn’t say such a thing. So, I said, “OK, pretend I’m God, and I’ll give you a choice to do it all over again, with a few conditions, which are set in stone, and I’ll grant you your wish. A short debate ensued, they didn’t hesitate to explore every avenue, I had to explain my reasons and they had to be sound before they moved on, they even tried to negotiate a new deal, but to no avail. After answering all their questions a long pause took over. So, what’ll it be? What’s your answer? His girlfriend put her hands together and bowed her head. I looked to my father and he said in an absolutely sure voice “No! Once is enough”. She raised her head with a smile and said “No way, it’s too chancy, once is enough”. How true that is, for once is enough, there is no need to repeat, and there is no one around to force you to repeat, separation through appearances are in the mind only. There is no need for a second chance, you understand fully the properties of manifestation, and you’ve been inducted into the universe of space and time, and become fully aware of its presence. You exist! That’s your ultimate answer, the finale conclusion is “You Exist!” that wasn’t there before, because it is only understood through living when your faced with the opposite, the feeling of existence that only comes from the threat of nonexistence. You now acquired an Awareness of your own existence in a pool of Awareness. All the information you need about the universe is already ingrained, you just have to stop identifying with a limited resource. Reincarnation is recycling, and recycling is only done in an environment with limited resources, when your dealing with Eternity and infinity there is no need for it, there is a limitless and redundant source.

6 thoughts on “Is This All You Want?”

  1. Would you not want to have a life again, if that life continued to be enlightened ?

    Can not a desire, such as the desire to have peace in the world, be detached ?

    Is the game to not play the game ?

  2. “Would you not want to have a life again, if that life continued to be enlightened ?”

    Yes I would, if that was a guarantee, that being enlightened in a good family on a good progressive planet, but there are too many variables in that equation. Everyone’s origin is the same and the difference in lives is extreme, how can I be sure that suffering isn’t what I’m opening my eyes too. I’ve gone through it and finished, I saw the movie and the end, and even though the characters and the sets change, the stories are all similar, it’s a very repetitive life and a struggle to survive. But, who knows, maybe after a long stint in Eternity I might take that gamble again, I guess I can’t say for sure, I should stay away from absolutes even if it waters down my initiative. Here is another one that is similar: It would be wonderful to be able to move in Eternity but I resigned myself to the Stillness that prevents movement, just in case.

    “Can not a desire, such as the desire to have peace in the world, be detached ?”

    Yes, of course, but is it realistic to want world peace, isn’t it part and parcel of the whole to have the negative and the positive experiences? If you want that world virtue then you need to be detached and a Sage is perfect for the job.

    “Is the game to not play the game ?”

    The game is to know its as a game. Then the acting out in different roles comes into play and the game isn’t taken so seriously. You can’t help but play the game, however you can change the way you react to the game, so you can play it more efficiently with less emotions tied up in the outcome.

    Thank you Rekha, all your questions are relevant and well thought of, thanks for keeping me spiritually active.

  3. Kurt, Your answers always have some new or different perspective that is a learning to me. It is good to know I’m not wrong in continually wanting to know more, not only the purpose of life but, through it, how to live it every moment.

    It’s only been a week or so since I’ve been trying out keeping my energy even at all times. But now I actually feel the release, more connected with the heart and less needy-minded. I haven’t felt this way in years and thought I’d share. I felt very grateful to everyone, including you, who have helped me progress.

    I do however feel the heart and mind are still attachments of different kinds. I guess progress happens in all kinds of permutations and combinations, and every little thing adds to it.

    ~Many good wishes to you.

  4. I’m happy to be of service and I’m happy to hear of your progress. You’re right, there will be different signs of progress in each person and as long as we don’t hang our hat on it and move on, the progression will continue.  
    Thank you, Rekha.

  5. I think the point of anyone wishing they were younger again is to have those experiences while understanding the significance or appreciating the moment better (gained from their life-knowledge). So, I think the catch of “starting new” or not being able to recall your gained experiences, would void the desire to return to childhood.
    Your final thought seems to suggest that you believe in reincarnation, is that correct? Because without reincarnation, there is no infinity of [earthly] existence (the subject of debate)

  6. You can call it reincarnation, but I stay away from that, because each birth is like the first birth without past life predispositions. You start off from ground zero after you release and surrender your previous life completely, otherwise that which you refuse to let go will anchor you down in the after-life until the process purifies itself of outside influences. Your attachments that you procured are strictly your issue to solve, and the power that you lost to these attachments will have to be restored by you in order to move on, and during that process you naturally eliminate any new attributes through your dwindling interest.   
    There is no earthly infinity, it will all be gone one day, however infinity does express itself in the endless universe and consciousness. And, infinity expresses itself in a never ending supply of life and Souls.

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