Kundalini Energy

The energy or life force that flows through the body has a stronger and purer current that runs up the Spinal Column, which is called the kundalini energy. Originating from the base of the Spinal Column the energy travels up to certain intersections called chakras where it can be directed to and from with practice. Certain Yoga’s such as Kriya and Hatha which practice extensive techniques to activate the kundalini in order to raise it to the top Chakra, or the crown of the head, but it takes a lot of time. A qualified SKY master or realized teacher can raise the energy by touch and save the aspirant many years of hard work, but in order to keep it going the student has to establish a routine.

The energy starts off as a slight pressure or vibration in selected areas of the head and body, and grows substantially with time put in; it can actually become too strong if it isn’t kept in check. Any colors, sounds or visuals may occur from misdirection, but should be avoided, as well as excess energy in the brain. You’re looking for the actual feel of moving energy, and avoiding pressure oriented energy which is like a still mass, and the subtle side effects the energy creates with visuals and sounds. The feeling of energy is electrical by nature causing it to act like a loose wire or like static electricity, which can be felt as a tingling sensation. When it gets stronger it can fill up the top of the head with a moving and vibrating stream of energy that feels pleasurable, and at times feels like ants are crawling around on the top of your head. When the energy is activated continually it will have a range of physical effects to the practitioner that helps them in their spiritual maturity. These sensations are all related to a moving electrical current, and when it becomes isolated it will vibrate and feel like a drilling is taking place. Small areas in and all around the brain will feel like little sink holes are popping open, and you have a sense that some sort of rearrangement is taking place. During rare occasions the energy spreads out deep within the brain and you can actually feel the subtle brain cells opening up, which is similar to a thousand of tiny buds or seeds all popping open within a second or two, it’s an amazing feeling.

These are the positive effects from the kundalini, and the negative effects are pressure headaches, facial twitches, excess heat, hyper energy, palpitations and even some serious issues can arise. Keeping it regulated and on track is a must by redirecting it to the starting point, at the base of the spinal column (the mooladhara chakra) will bring relief, or by directing it to other chakras. This is done by refocusing your attention there, which sends the current back down, keeping you in balance. The electrical vibrations and pin points of energy can be felt anywhere in the body, but controlling it is important, because you want it to work for you in a positive way. A controlled and balanced current that applies energy to all the chakras can create a balanced and more peaceful life. Once the energy is felt on the crown chakra, it means all your blockages or intersections are cleared, but staying with the current in one area to long leads to problems, that’s why the art of redirection is employed. Directing and observing the current is the meditation, and it strengthens your concentration, focus, the thoughtless witness, overall health, and the mind from the changing in thought direction.

When the brain is tingling and crawling with energy on a daily bases you notice that you perceive the brain/mind from a distance, which slowly brings you to the conclusion that you are before the mind witnessing it. The perceiver and the perceived goes on within, and a disassociation to the mind/body develops, because you are not what you perceive in life, and the same holds true within the subtle levels of the body. The kundalini energy now gives you a physical point to perceive and reference back from, especially when it’s tingling the lowest area of the brain. If you can perceive it, there must be a perceiver that isn’t it. When you perceive thoughts, there is a perceiver who perceives them, and if there wasn’t a separate witness to perceive the show of words and images, the show couldn’t take place. If the audience looses interest in the show by not reacting to the performance, the show changes accordingly, looking to recapture interest wherever it can. This is where we direct it to the spiritual field, and reestablish a new mind set that doesn’t except the old religious values which entangle us. A new value system takes over that’s not influenced by outside conditions, which creates a loss in value, so you need an ideology that remains consistent above the fringe of those with strict or fluctuating values.

It is also very important that you become aware of the spiritual ego, which can take over during the vulnerable developmental stage, and ruin any hope of progress. For it will be looking for a new home to hang its hat on, and its important not to give it any hooks. Always remain open for serious introspection in order to prevent the mind and ego from beating you down with dogma, ridged ideals, superficial goals, and don’t buy into the self-serving opinions that other people throw at us. You have to be an independent self sufficient spiritual warrior.

2 thoughts on “Kundalini Energy”

  1. Hi Kurt,
    How are you ?
    I had the question – can meditation can be done lying prone ?
    Is simple meditation as effective as as the various yogas as far as Kundalini is concerned ?

  2. Hi Rekha,

    You can meditate in any position, at any time or in any place you want. Postures are helpful for the back and when activating the kundalini energy, because the back being somewhat straight helps in starting, maintaining and controlling the energy. Once activated at the crown charka and strong you’ll notice that postures aren’t necessary, and lying prone works well with Kundalini Yoga anyways, because the back is straight. Postures are really not that important for meditating, but it helps to keep you awake (then again so does coffee), and for the serious meditator it helps to alleviate back pain. However, when considering Kundalini Yoga it is more helpful to keep the back straight then other meditations.

    When I was hot on the path I was meditating with each spare moment and it didn’t matter what I was doing or where I was at the time. At that time in my life I wasn’t going to let anything in to set me back nor was I going to pass up a golden opportunity to meditate, even if it was for a minute and I was hunched over. I would still try to distance myself within to find home or Self-realization. I looked at the world with a discerning eye, a constant distain from the truth which neutralized it and made it less and less valid.

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