With None to Come

All those years of people riding
Up natures track of dreams
Countless generations in one gene
But the train is running out of rail and steam

All those imprints, all those Souls
All the good, and all the mean
All those miles of trials
All those pieces made me

They are the reason
They delivered me
Away from the blood
They made me see

I am their child
With none to come
Their last son on
The family tree

The last setting son
The limb is done
The bud has bloomed
It all ends with me

I will end the code
Throw away the key
No more tears or cheers
I will happily set them free

For the line is done
But my day not gone
I will enjoy this last run
A complete life was meant to be

I’m honored by your sacrifice
Rest assured it was not in vain
Contentment dissolves the stain
Which delivers us from anymore pain

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