Although my branches sway on the winds of time.
My center is still and timeless away from moving leafs.
My limbs are moving but my core stands still with you.
Sit by my side, bask in the shady stillness and take in the view.

The living water will refresh your tired feet, my bench is strong and stable. Rest close to that which radiates still peace and brings tranquility to all who sit. My bench is empty, my water clear and my sky is free, come sit and be one with me.Meditate by my side under the shade of stillness and feel the living waters flow in thee. 

Your tree lives and breaths time but its roots are planted firmly in Reality. Your life on the run, the world on your back, relax here and feel at ease. The water reflects the images of past illusions that are now under your feet. The sky has passing clouds of thoughts that when left alone won’t find a seat.

The still Awareness is always here your just focused on the world that is calling. Don’t finger the phone, don’t double click, or paper back now when peace is knocking. Its you turn to feel the waters, your turn to rest, your turn to know the view for its in you. Wake up child of the world, friend of God, and know that thy divinity lies with God.

You who identifies with decay, you who acts mortal, you who judges according to this. You are the fault, you need to stop, you need to change, for true love is lost in separation. Love is the common bond that lives through commonality not that which sees differences. 
Real love will recognize real love if you allow it, so brush off the dirt of old dominance’s. 

We will sit under the dark canopy in this empty decision less place and forget life. The headlines and the calling voices will cease, for the world will be a distant thought. You won’t want to leave the bench of timeless emptiness and beauty, so grab a seat. We will sit together above the fray for we have God’s grace that shelters us from the heat. 

5 thoughts on “Tranquility”

  1. But how long can one remain in this state ? How can there be no flow ?

    Doesn’t existence at some point beg the question ‘what is my purpose?’

    Why exist to know there is nothing but non-existence ?

    I cannot imagine an existence that has no concept of personal satisfaction.

  2. 1) The doer is the ego, its who you think you are, a multitask doer that pats itself on the back for being productive. We value our personal identity and we measure ourselves on how productive we are everyday, and we really don’t feel well or right unless we keep active at doing something. The ego values our doing too much and takes too much credit or accepts too much blame for having failed instead of seeing it as a part of living, a part that naturally comes from being the imperfect human which you can’t avoid. So the doer creates personal anxieties or problems that need not be there.

    2) It means you find out the common denominator in all things, which is You or the Eternal space that sits within all of manifestation. What everything returns to and what everything is born from or manifested from, the important part in all, that never goes away, and after realizing the common denominator the uncommon differences aren’t valued by comparison.

    3) Yes, all of life and nature use the witness state naturally, it’s consciousness, and because of animals lack of brain power they usually live this way and you can see it in your pets and babies, especially cats. The witness state is the Souls first contact in consciousness, which means consciousness is the common denominator of universal life and when it mixes with Awareness the real CD in all, it brings about this natural state of being in the world, upon birth.  

    I’m grateful for your sincere effort at understanding spirituality and getting to the truth of the matter. You are now progressing a faster pace and understand more about spirituality than most of the people in the world. All who read this will benefit immensely and you are now playing a role in it, and I know that at sometime this will all become known by each and everyone first hand, and when it happens to those who have read it here, an invisible smile will be mine.  

    Many blessings, Kurt.

  3. Love the questions! All of them, thank you Rekha.

    “But how long can one remain in this state ? How can there be no flow ?”

    I presume your talking about the Witness state or the Samadhi state which are states of being in the world, and the witnessing state goes on most of the time, usually witnessing thoughts, unless the pure witness surfaces, or the Samadhi state is induced. The state that spirituality refers to is the pure witness of life in a thoughtless manner, which is a meditation and a fleeting state being in the beginning that needs to be cultivated.

    The Samadhi state and the Eternal state of being (in Absolute space) is beyond the flow of opposites, beyond the give and take of energy, or the attraction and the repulsion that we deal with here. The witness merges and disappears into the Samadhi state, and the Samadhi state disappears along with the universe and energy in the Eternal state of being.   

    “Doesn’t existence at some point beg the question ‘what is my purpose?”

    Yes, thus the spiritual search starts, because is being a fix-it person, an errand runner, the worker, the family maker and a decay fighter all there is, as a purpose? No, and everyone will eventually say: Why? What’s it all about? Is this cycle all there is? Facing the same crap everyday, there must be more than this!

    “Why exist to know there is nothing but non-existence ?”

    Because nonexistence here, in this context, is still existence, except one state is very temporary and imperfect while the other is a perfect and Eternal, so we use the term nonexistence here as a way to describe it or a way of placing it when faced with its opposite in appearances, but the word implies nothingness which the mind can’t grasp. We use nothingness and emptiness as well to describe the ultimate state of being, but again we run into problems with the words that don’t properly define what we are talking about.    

    “I cannot imagine an existence that has no concept of personal satisfaction.”

    Satisfaction works for me when I’m doing this and for the most part it exists but on a subtle level, rising up when I’m speaking spirituality and helping others. Even then the credit is not mine, however I’m fulfilling an important role in the connection between ‘this’ and ‘that’, and the satisfaction at finding the right words, the right moment to say them, and having maximum impact on the receiver is fulfilling my role, and satisfying even though its fleeting.

    I also find satisfaction in seeing love permeate in a spontaneous harmony throughout life.

  4. Thankyou Kurt. Your responses makes it clearer to me.

    I’ve gained invauable insights from this blog for which I’m grateful and indebted. Thankyou for sharing.

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