Prayer vs. Blessings

Everyone is familiar with prayer, and it’s one of the more popular attributes of today’s religions. Out of a sense of belonging, self-preservation, and convenience we gather concepts that suit our personal agenda. Unfortunately, this act usually bleeds over into the way we pray and see God, thus avoiding deeper issues. Denial is the foundation of the lazy religious negotiator as they navigate through life, and prayer is one of their tools. Causing an avoidance to prayer for many people, and I am one. God is leveraged out in so many different directions these days, hardly anyone is looking for the truth or at their own issues. Thank goodness for networking sites like this where we can find like minded people making a positive effort.

Prayer looses its power or purpose when judgments or personal ideologies surface in the process, which negate what little good comes from them. Selfless prayer is a rare commodity today, and few understand the value of the humble servant. True selfless prayer does help in life, when it’s done with sincerity and not with judgment, or as a prop for the ego. Passing on good thoughts might not help much, however empathy with sincerity is the best you can do in a lot of circumstances. Thoughts have a subtle power to them, and although they may not change anything on the outside, they can help people deal with the tragedy on the inside.

My teacher used Blessings as a replacement to prayer, and I think its philosophy and benefits help the one who is blessing as well as the blessed, helps them to see things differently by not using a third independent fabricated persona that rules over us.

The idea behind blessings is that life happens, sometimes sh*t happens, and there’s not much you can do about it, besides sending some good blessings their way, to help them and yourself in dealing with this crisis.

I’ve added a few words to the blessings, but for the most part they are the words of Vethathiri Maharishi.

Picture the people in your mind and say, “you are blessed with God’s Divine power, you are blessed by the divine. You will live a long life, good health, prosperity, happiness, wisdom and peace, by the grace of the Divine. You are protected by the Divine in all your activities, day and night in all places.” Repeat as often as you think is necessary, and notice that it is done by the first person, instead of asking for an external favor, one is directly delivering the blessing through them. We forget that the Divine is within us and this reaffirms this fact, that we are that, an extension of that, and our natural right, so we should activate it and act accordingly. It forces us to stop thinking of God as something external that we need to shore down.

Global blessing: “May the rains fall timely and sufficiently along all parts of the world, so that good grains, fruits, and vegetables grow abundantly to the satisfaction of all living beings, by the grace of the Divine.”

“May the leaders of all nations enjoy spiritual progress and do good services for humanity, by the grace of the Divine.”

“The whole world may enjoy prosperity, happiness, wisdom and peace, by the grace of the Divine.”

I would bless everything around me after every mediation. Family, friends, my animals, my properties, vehicles, enemies (if any) and business associates.

I would picture myself walking around and inside my home, as well as the family home, the rental properties, or any business, and in seeing the inhabitants I would bless them as I go. “You are blessed by the Divine (Vazhga Valamudan), you are all protected by the Divine in all your activities day and night in all places.

I would picture the animals in my mind and say: “You are protected by the divine in all your activities day and night in all places. You will live long, healthy, happy, peaceful lives by the grace of the Divine.”

Picture your vehicle, or do it when your in the vehicle. “This vehicle and its precious cargo is protected by the Divine in all of its journeys, day and night in all places, by the grace of the Divine.”

I think for a lot of spiritualists prayer has lost its luster, however blessings is a good replacement especially if you feel inclined to do something. These boiler plate ones are a good start if your looking for something spiritual to add to your path.

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