The Path of Negation

This spiritual path has a long lineage and success in regards to enlightenment or Self-realization; however it being overshadowed by larger more vocal religions and spiritual paths makes it more of a solo journey. This path doesn’t bore or bog you with ideals, history or reasons why it’s better, nor does it want anything from you except the desire to know firsthand. It’s seen as a hard path to follow, but I would assert it’s a more efficient way of finding your Self (Soul), as in Self-realization, and anyone can do it. This essentially is the path I took so I know it well, and I can tell you truly it’s one of the more efficient paths at dissolving the universe and uncovering Eternity, which is called Enlightenment.

This path runs deep in logic and goes straight to the Source by mentally looking away from any worldly meaning outside of the Self. You inwardly negate all appearances and words as unessential to the Self. You’re neutralizing life from the inside out rendering it incapable to distract you from your goal, and you personally hang everything on one hook, which is your last belief system, that nothing here can deliver you Home. You trust in your teacher and all the true teachers of the past and search without fear for the Self and the one true Reality, and you do this because of your trust and faith in your teacher, God and Self-realization. You do this because you can, and your deep interest in the truth, God liberation, peace, and happiness drives you. The freedom that comes with identifying with the true Self is your rightful heritage, a divinized state that’s waiting for you, so you can get your mind and body in sync with an Eternal tune-up, and that should be your last and only goal.  

 You do this with a discerning eye that sees the world as a fraud in order to create a new mindset, which understands the way to Reality is taken by withdrawing your personal stake in the illusionary world. Loosing your emotional interest in the outside drama, or knowing there will be no relief there forces you to look within for relief in a sustained search inside. Knowing full well that the illusion has you locked in and you have to be really diligent at unchaining your Self from the mind/body complex, almost like you want to wake up from a bad dream. You have to be willing to do what it takes and go within with a single minded focus on the Self, thus dissolving the universe from the inside out by meditating and talking your Self out of it.

You achieve an internal dialogue which continually sees things as false and not real, thereby counteracting any sway that desires and fears have on you. Since you can only see Eternity through the Self, which is a spec of God seeing God, then all other pull outside of that will be counterproductive to your pursuit. However, life has us captivated and the attention of the Self is now anchored in life, and that’s what you withdraw in order to break the spell and see clearly. By retracting your attention back away from the mind, body and world, and redirecting it back on the Self, then the clinging to the illusion is voluntarily surrendered and only God is left. Once all residual fears and desires loose their power to interfere in the process then you are ready to let go of everything including all concepts that comes with a personal identity, which has kept you thinking and believing as an individual.

This path of looking away from everything by insistently denouncing the value in time and matter goes right to the heart of your Eternal identity, delivering you into Stillness by disconnecting the external movement of life. If you stick to this path around the clock it will take but a few years, and not the lifetime or several lives as reincarnation states to achieve God liberation.

By mentally negating all that ‘It’ isn’t, you rediscover that which ‘It’ truly is.

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  1. The one essential ingredient I notice to witnessing is awareness or being conscious. It is easy to get swept by ego, emotions, moods from time to time and it is a challenge to maintain the constant presence. Not presence of mind ofcourse but the presence of being.

    I sometimes think of angels to become present because they’re real and without form, as form is still quite a challenge to me.

    I think quite some disharmony is created by our inner neediness and if we approach every moment from the place of being complete it allows everything around us to be in harmony which is what I see witnessing as.

    I’m able to meditate a few minutes at a time now and it feels really good. I think this path is fun if we can persevere and find out and do what feels good.

    Thankyou for all the great insights and explanations.

  2. Yes, it is a filter that sees the world, life and universe as an imperfect and impure representation of the Almighty. A filter that resets your initiative, because life has thrown many things at us and we unknowingly grabbed onto them and procured a new limited identity. It’s been forced on us since day one and now we have to untangle the truth that’s been tangled up in manifestation altering our directive. Reprogramming the mind to give up its dictatorship over the Self is a big part of the process, and ironically as it may seem the mind is used as a tool in its own coup and removal as the primary commander. 
    The world and life sticks you when you have a limited outlook causing you to see things from a limited perspective, and this perspective naturally limits the unlimited Self. Narrowing it down to one imperfect person and one imperfect world that doesn’t last all that long, and it’s really a disservice to the Self and the Whole. Destined to fall apart at the seams makes hanging on to any fleeting ideals and images as problematic, because they cloud over the eternal Self and the eternal Home, which is attachment free. I want to free you and anyone from this misplaced sense of attraction that is really spellbinding; however all I can do is set the goal and try to help you see the real issue, so you can reset your initiative.
    You are the unlimited source of everything! You are a part of the eternal Whole that is everpure, everperfect and everlasting, an identity that only God can bestow, and this identity that was handed to you is none other than God at the core of your existence. An identity that has to be restored despite the hardships and attractions.
  3. Hello, Kurt

    Still here. I have been finding it quite difficult to keep all my attention on the background behind the head, i always “think”that i am doing it wrong, so i give up and then i start again, on and off. I feel energy in the forehead, tension, while trying to keep focus on the background, is that normal?

    Also, i have found this article interesting, it seems to be something that is do able all through the day. Could you clarify for me exactly what and how to do this mental negating, do i actually use thoughts to do this, give me an example if possible, also what will be the overall effect of this?

    Can this be done while holding on to the background?

    I come to your site ever so often i re read your post and hope to see something new written , but no, have you stopped writing alltogether?

    thank you

  4. Not something we want to happen, even with the Kundalini energy you
    want more of an isolated area with spiraling energy, and that also can turn
    into this type of tension. It sounds like you are trying to hard and the mind
    is doing the focusing or the concentrating by trying to use its normal positing
    point behind the eyes and sending it backwards. But you can’t use the body
    mechanics in this endeavor in order to get beyond the body mechanics. The goal
    is to leave all that stuff alone by easing your way back by merely witnessing
    the mechanics that are before you. You want to release away from the eyes and
    mind and fall back into that rear most position and this usually takes practice
    at surrendering and observing. After some time you’ll notice a change in
    positioning, and when you start to think during a good meditation you’ll find
    yourself back in the minds focal point, it’s like an energy point that the Soul
    is uses to direct the mind and body. You want to release yourself from that
    point in a subtle and natural way of surrendering control and laying back.  Relax your attention away from that point until
    you can witness the body’s energy take place before you. You want to move away
    from that spotlighted focus in the head and do the opposite by expanding your
    focus in more of a wide angle witnessing, which recedes back away from the
    action by witnessing it. When you can observe the internal workings of the body
    and not use the mind then it is all before you and that means you are not using
    that spotlight, then you are there. It is very subtle and distances are hardly
    noticeable and it instantaneously happens, you’re ether there or in the head, even
    a very slight difference is a big improvement. The longer you can stay there
    laying back and witnessing without directing anything in a sort of wide
    unforced angle of observation, the higher the chance of the Samadhi State that
    blends it all in.  When the empty space beyond
    the body is perceived to be behind you and the motion state of the body is in
    front of you then that is the best you can do besides increasing the minutes
    spent there.  


    The mental negation part is a tool to keep the active mind on the path
    during the active day. Our mind wants to keep active and wander, and unless
    something important is on the docket it continually strays off into its
    illusionary world. There are things in life that need our attention and we need
    to get them done, but if you can control the minds direction during the
    downtime by giving it something spiritual to chew on keeps you spiritually
    active. Whether it be a spiritual passage, active meditation or mental negation
    it strengthens your resolve. I trained myself on those until it was all that I
    was doing during my spare time, it was automatic. I was ether meditating,
    active meditating, thinking about a spiritual stuff or mentally negating life
    as I lived it. Negation is like positive thinking towards Eternity by negating
    that which stands in the way. It’s like your inner cheer leader reinforcing
    your resolve by stripping the power away from the outer world that would normally
    hold your attention. This helps keeping your inner world peaceful and powerful
    by disrobing the outer forms. By seeing life as a temporary stepping stone or a
    hallow illusion that hides the True Reality behind it. Then the drama that is
    so personal to the mind loses its resilience to stick on you. Its changes the way
    the mind looks at life. Negation sees life as a false, foolish and a limiting
    representation of what really is. It looks at life and reinforces the fact that
    this isn’t what it seems to be. That eternal stone within you is of the Eternal
    Source and compared to that this will seem highschoolish in hindsight, and nothing
    that fleeting has the power to stand in the way unless you let it. By negating
    distractions on the path it takes away its ability to hold the minds attention
    allowing you the freedom to go in without being mentally bothered. You do
    everything you’re supposed to do but you mentally work at not identifying with
    any of it and not emotionally taking part but just acting out your role. You
    look at what’s before you and you mentally defuse it.

    This is not real it’s just foolish egos defending their ideological differences
    and they really don’t understand anything or know why they are doing it. They
    are banking heavily on an unstable mind and instead of working on themselves
    they’re wasting all that precious energy for no real reason except for self-gratification.

     This job is for income and it has nothing to do with who I am, I’m just
    playing out my role the best I can and leaving the responsibilities behind once
    I leave.

     Not any of this stuff is a reflection of who we are, we have fallen for
    appearances and think this is all we are, how foolish is that?

    Things like that, almost like a movie critic tearing apart the picture.



     Hanging or holding around the background is only worked on when the
    mental dialog ends and that falls under the meditation part.


     I’ll resume writing eventually I’m just busy or can’t think of anything
    new to write about. This sometimes helps me get going again and gives me new
    ideas or a reason to go over my old ones.


  5. Thank you Kurt.

    I am quite familliar with you said when you talked about the wide angle background and a new positioning, it has happened a few times, it seems that by directing attention towards the back it is first quite concentrated then sometimes it looses the concentrated feeling and becomes wide and there is no edge to it, and sometimes i recognise that i am using the wrong center it is is coming from the front of the head so to speak.
    At other times when i am repositioned at the back there is no tension at the front, it see – saws, so when this happens i need to stop and just be the background not focus on it.

    regarding the negation, can i say things like

    This is just an appearance

    this is not real, it is just a dream

    nothing perceivable is real,

    ( love that one from Nisargaddatta) it has come as a direct intuitive knowing these past few days.

    This is not me, not who i am

    Well, thanks for your help, you have clarified it for me, i know now to let go of the wrong focusing and be the witness instead of trying to look at the witness from the mind point.

    I will rectify this and add negation during the day, and get on with practicing, i will probably get back in touch with you in a few weeks down the line.

    thanks A

  6. Yea, your’re right on it.

    Great negation techniques. He is who I learned it from. I was just about to come back and write about that until I saw your post. There must be something wrong with my email filters since my crash.
     Use Nisargadatta’s books. I use to read a passage and contemplate it at the beginning of each day. He’s great at revealing just enough in order to force us to contemplate. 

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