Spiritual Practices and Austerities that are Unproductive

There are many rigid and sometimes severe practices placed on practitioners in order to become a qualified spiritual aspirant of a certain path.  Although some disciplines are actually necessary for the spiritual quest the majority of physical austerities and practices aren’t, and they’re more of a ritualistic offering.  However, offerings like this are a fleeting mind pacifier that won’t provide any lasting benefit to the spiritual path.  In some extreme cases the students vigilantly practice austerities and disciplines that seem to dwell on physical endurance, but here again little to no spiritual value is derived from this.


Even the information taught is used in a grading fashion in order to test the aspirant’s knowledge, but this also falls short when it comes down to evaluating performance.  This type of external grading system tends to create hierarchy within the group similar to school and the workplace generating competition and division.  This dynamic is especially hard on the mind and it’ll interfere with the peaceful mind that is needed in order to meditate.  This type of ego based on external performance can deliver a mental and spiritual road block that turns the most humble aim into arrogant gain.


The teacher also represents nobility and wisdom but if the teacher isn’t enlightened then it makes it extremely difficult for everyone. To Realize the Soul is hard and elusive and because the teacher is also striving they are in no position to help because the teacher has been forced into playing a role.


What I’m trying to say is; group dynamics, physical austerities, rituals, garments, insignias, chanting, visualizations and strict diets can be counterproductive to the spiritual cause when its connected to the physical world and feeds the ego. Some beginning meditation techniques and active mind and body meditations are helpful in the beginning but they easily turn into a crutch if the student doesn’t move past them.


The spiritual path these days judge you on external performances however when dealing with the spiritual it’s the internal triumphs and practices that really count.


In group situations talking about spiritual experiences can also become a competitive hindrance, for this stuff is best talked about in private with the teacher.  And unless you have a qualified teacher to bounce things off of you’re basically on your own.


Your spiritual journey is a very private and personal pursuit between your Soul, the universe and the Almighty, and I think it is best pursued by yourself in private, always on the alert to keep the spiritual ego, useless formalities and wrong information at bay.  The ego is the minds identity that is procured from a personal ideology that changes with life trends, which is fine when dealing with the world but in the spiritual field you’re dealing with Eternity.  Eternity (God) has no competition, however when life takes center stage it becomes a personal and formidable contender to overcome.  Hence the job of the spiritualist to help you break the spell so that you can find Eternity for good, but Religions and Foundations have unwittingly created a substitute centerpiece that is connected to the physical life which keeps Eternity off at a distance.  It’s ether the physical realm or the Eternal realm and the serious seeker can’t pursue both at the same time and expect liberation.


I believe passed down traditions with no enlightened teacher at the helm is to blame for this deviation, and now austerities, words and techniques become the way to judge progression.  This deviance from what really matters has a curb appeal with the masses via external achievements and now anyone can take the helm.


In search of Enlightenment or Self-realization have no real physical requirements to speak of and no special diet.  In fact, if you feel special wearing the spiritual garb and the vegetarian diet makes you look down on others who aren’t like you then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.  If your path requires you to achieve rigorous postures, abstain from sex or any type of abstinence or indulgence besides what is necessary in order to sit and meditate then theses type of accomplishments are usually without merit and you’re spinning your wheels.  Of course extreme addictions are to be avoided and moderation is the operative word in most cases.


Even a holy place and a holy teacher isn’t a prerequisite if you understand the essence of the process, for then where you sit for meditation is the real holy place and the holy teacher.  Research of course comes first and there are books and Realized teachers to help but be vigilant for the right knowledge.


Life has totally absorbed us into her clutches with all her rewarding social perks that we can easily loose our path through the trees.  People perceive life in such a grading fashion that it encroaches into the spiritual field where it really doesn’t belong.  The minute the Self-realized teacher dies the wannabes take over and fight for positioning, and eventually the new heads reorganizing everything to fit their mindset and goals.  I’m afraid that’s really unavoidable unless there’s someone at the helm with the same spiritual enlightenment.


The real lack of good teachers has everyone concerned with the wrong ideals, and the true spiritual ideals that lead to liberation are diluted with ineffectiveness.  In the long run they create dependence and become a hindrance to spiritual growth.  The mind helps in the way of research and then when the mind realizes its part of the problem then the Soul must take the helm and overcome this personal obstacle.


Dependence inhibits transcendence.


That’s the key here, in the long run the world and body matter not, not the words and not the thoughts, and the art of meditation is to live by this creed.  When Buddha preached detachment he meant it internally not visually or verbally and it’s done with your meditation practice.  This doctrine really encompasses everything that the mind and life can throw at you.  During meditation you let go of everything because that which pulled your attention away from Eternity and connected it to the body is life in general and now that’s the link You (the Soul) need to transcend.  It’s not easy and the purpose of this article is based on efficiency because austerities and bad practices are time and mind consuming, originally designed to reign in the restless mind, which meditation and contemplation already tackles.


The world is demanding all of our time and there needs to be spiritual efficiency for today’s busy person.


I’m trying to funnel your focus to the heart of the matter thereby giving you free-agent status to save your money and spend your time more wisely.   No longer will you need the fragile security of religions and paths that require mundane rituals with no real benefits.  No sense in spinning your wheels when immediate traction can be had with a good meditation practice.  There is no better worship than that and there is nothing better for your spiritual development than applying yourself directly to the search within.

The Religious Promise

As fragile humans we find it almost a requirement to believe in Religion as the way to God, a promise of an overseer that guides us, watches over us, and of course, keeps track of our discretion’s.  In some cases religions promote a spiritual leader besides God as a go between and savior.  They promise help through their divine connection along with the promise of salvation and eternal life, and of course, they say, their way is the only way possible for this salvation.


I think that would be great if it were true, I would love someone to stand by me throughout life and death, and I won’t have to do much of anything else except believe in it, and once I do, this ultimate redeemer will save me.  Wow…..that sounds great and easy to do, but is that at all possible? ….. No it really isn’t, and it’s more like a spiritual Ponzi scheme to me with no spiritual equity for your investment, but these types of spiritual institutions do help people in other ways.  I just wish they were more responsible when it comes down to helping you with your spiritual practice.  They have a spiritual duty to help you progress towards Self-realization but they don’t, and they fall back on old dogma and promises as a substitute, and in the end this doesn’t help anyone nor does it help them.  This glaring misstep reduces their legitimacy by downgrading spiritual progress to a slow crawl, causing them to rely solely on promises.


The Religions have missed their call spiritually by totally relying on old scripture and promises which really don’t help you towards Self-Realization.  I believe their promise which is centered on the unknown aspect was put down in order to give them an edge over other paths, but that time is long gone and it’s time to find legitimacy as a valid path that really works.  They gave a promise of divine help that is really unverifiable and unavailable, but the eternal life aspect is still an acceptable and pursuable goal.


The real truth is; there is no help and the Soul that is the real You doesn’t need saving because it has always been Eternal and Perfect, but you still have to uncover this eternal treasure by pealing back the layers of time.


The religions don’t help you with this however they do help by making their mark in the community by helping folks find their way through the tough times in life, and also with charities.  But, in the real spiritual sense they are blocked by old concepts which incorporate little spiritual involvement by the masses.  There is a tremendous need in that respect, and they would find the added responsibility motivating and beneficial, demanding more group participation and individual accountability.


The wisdom of most religions is just not enough unless they have practicing patrons and practitioners in the Meditation field.


Spiritually speaking, no one can help you unless you’re willing to help yourself by putting forth the effort in mediation because contemplating isn’t enough.  It just doesn’t do the work on its own and you have to go in with a steadfast determination, but you need to know what to do and how to do it, for it takes practice.  In the process it promotes a sense of wellbeing and grounds you to your spiritual path and creates stability in life, but instead of this they bank on help from beyond, which is a lofty expectation and not a promise they can keep nor a promise should they make.


No Spirits are in any position to help you in the world or in the Afterlife, you’re basically on your own.  No God is keeping track of your discretions and no God in going to jump in and save you, the only real help that can come is from a teacher (preferably Self-realized) who can only coach you while living.  It is entirely up to you to do the work and the Afterlife just reinforces this rule.


There are some underlining facts that you need to know that only a Self-realized teacher knows:


1)      The Soul is eternal and unstainable, always Pure and Perfect and no flash of a lifetime can ever change that, so it doesn’t need any purifying or saving.


2)      The Soul never left Eternity and it can’t because it is a product of Eternity and it will never leave this eternal cradle, its permanent nesting site.  This means, technically you have always been Eternal, everpure and never endanger.


3)      In the end no Soul actually suffers or is in need.


4)      God doesn’t keep track of your discretions and there is neither a want to nor need to, because time and energy records all, and that’s the issue that’s before you.  Self-realization is your only escape from this time and energy hold on you.  And the Afterlife is where justice is served up by you, via a lifetime of downloads recorded in energy particles that serve as your mind.  Once you break free from the time and mind continuums then the records are thereby nullified, and the finished product is all that remains for it is all that matters, nothing else does.


In reality no Soul actually needs saving, just Eternity needs to be saved from the new person you’ve become.


That’s the issue here, however blunt it is, you have to break free from this new identity to the mind and body, this connection to life must be severed completely in order to be who you really are in Eternity.  There are no shortcuts for anyone and no one including the Almighty will help you with this.  It’s your creation, your life, your illusion, your connection and it’s your problem to deal with, and by waiting for a savior that’ll never show up is like handing down a sentence of imprisonment after death.  You carry all your imbedded personalized illusions in tow after death and you must voluntarily release them or you’ll be stuck in the revolving door of the mind.


The thinking mind is the pilot throughout life however with death the pilot ends its reign and the nonthinking mind takes control, and now the Soul’s attention is the pilot.


We forged a strong bond with the mind, and the mind won’t release itself.  Death does not dissolve the subtle energies of time and mind only the grosser ones, and to be caught up in the invisible energies is to behold the Afterlife, the stage before Eternity.  In the Afterlife It takes a lot of determination to break free from the compelling drama because it all will seem so personal, endless and uncontrollable.  Time is very different here and it won’t seem logical or orderly, and when it’s lacking linear reasoning it may seem like a daunting task but it isn’t, you just need to know what to do and what to look for.


Everything is a gift of time but the gift has to be returned.


Time always demands full payment whether you like it or not, so you might as well start paying it back while living which is called meditation.  It’s the ultimate worship and prayer towards God by wishing for nothing except complete unity with the Source, above everything else.


You see, the real gift has already been planted in you, and the real You that will remain with you throughout the process won’t be taken away or soiled, only temporarily covered.  It’s up to you to uncover the real You by surrendering the fake you that is covering it.  Meditation does that by purposely discounting everything as a valid obstruction between you and Eternity.


The Religions of today are basically for the busy person to give them communal support and ease their tensions towards life and death.  And I agree, that’s good, and I wouldn’t want to change that but the bandage isn’t enough for the Spirit, because it needs total freedom.


Temporarily covered by this illusion of time the Soul sits and waits for your own Enlightenment, which dispels times temporary control revealing Eternity and the Almighty.


It’s real hard to hear the hard truths and since I have no qualms about saying them this web site comes in real handy.  I’m not here to scare you or to ask for money, I’m here to help you unravel your personal story so you can be who you have been since the dawn of time.



Synonyms & Antonyms

Eternity                               Afterlife                                           Universe

First Dimension           Second Dimension                       Third Dimension

God                                      Dream Life                                        Time

Awareness                      Unconsciousness                         Consciousness

Soul                                      Mind                                                    Mind & Body

Perfection                         Imperfect Images                        Imperfect Matter

Absolute Space                Hallow Images                            Manifestation

Stillness                                Image Movement                        Physical Movement


Coming from the 1st dimension we are born into the 3rd dimension, then upon death we fall into the 2nd dimension, and then upon dissolution from the 2nd dimension we return back to the 1st dimension.


Self-Realization or Enlightenment is the most important event or wakening in a seekers life (or any), and it is the only spiritual recognizing that is done by the Almighty Spirit and God.  It actualizes the Soul Eternally and reestablishes the Eternal Identity within the body despite the misdiagnoses of the mind, which has now been properly treated.


Self-Realization happens when the Self or Soul Realizes its own Eternal Nature first hand within Eternity.


There is nothing more important, bigger or better than realizing your Self Eternally because in the same wakening you see the Almighty Source of all things.  No event in your life or in the universe can compare to this rare event, and its value is unsurpassed by anything known.


Undeniably the highest experience available while living anywhere in the universe, and it comes in the most silent and subtle fashion that automatically destroys any false notions of Soul, God, and Heaven.


It is by far the highest goal possible, and the only goal that is worthy of striving because it is the only one that’ll stay with you and not leave your side, taking the sting out of death and anything else in-between you and God.


Eternity striving for Eternity realizes its Divinity within Eternity.


The Eternal Soul rediscovers its Eternal Home after dislodging from its physical existence, and from that moment on the only type of contentment that is available while embodied is now your blessing to behold.  After Self-Realization you know and understand the starting point and end result of all things and you know how to get there, and now you know you can’t be denied for it has also made you Self-confident and resolute.


Instant comprehension through integration in a place where Soul’s only can go leaves this Almighty Realm unchanged and pure, a Heavenly place.  In order to get to this sacred place you have to return to your original state, and that being the Soul without the body and mind makes this no small feat however well worth the effort.


Returning to your original state takes place after a long and tedious detachment from all that the Soul isn’t.  In a nutshell, this is done through meditation guided by contemplation until you’re able to enter the Samadhi State and stay for periods of time.  This is a deep, thoughtless, meditative state of the Soul as it eases away from the body and mind.


The mind has big attachments that link you to all that the mind thinks the Soul has become and that governs your Soul.  The mind only knows this world but the Soul knows both realms, and the Eternal realm being the Soul’s only nature and resting place, gives everyone a viable escape hatch from here to There.  And this is why Self-Realization is possible because of the connection to Eternity that’ll never go away.


As remarkable as it may sound you have always been eternal and untarnished, and with Self-Realization you realize this fact.  This is really a Realization of Godliness, if you will, because you realize your Soul is as Pure and as Perfect as God is.  Eternity doesn’t change in spite of its connection to time and neither does the Soul.  The Soul being a small fraction of God nonetheless has the same qualities of God, and size doesn’t matter in this case however altogether we are the Almighty.


There is nothing in the universe that is better than that!


It should be the pursuit of everyone, and the highlight of our existence glorified everywhere or at the very least by our spiritual institutions, however it’s squandered.  Book knowledge is good but personal experience is much better in the spiritual field and most any field for that matter.  Book knowledge can only carry you so far and then you have to go out and see for yourself.  Most religions don’t really understand Self-Realization and Enlightenment, and feel it is the sole property of Eastern Spirituality. Even Eastern Religions have strayed into austerities, physical restrictions, falling for mistaken prophets, cons, and spiritual leaders with not much to share besides what they have heard and read.


I try to spell it out the best way I can and I rarely quote anyone else making this an oasis of spiritual information for those who want words they can count on far past this flash of a lifetime.


Your Last Addiction

There is one addiction that will remain as your very last addiction to break. One addiction that stands alone and above all the others. An addiction that plagues everyone and nobody is spared from this creeping distortion of reality. An imposing force with a complicated detox that takes a tremendous amount of insight in order to break the spell. Some take forever and relapse and some conquer it for good and enjoy this profound sobriety and proudly say: There is no other way of being because any other way would be abnormal. A scary sobriety that points the finger at a daunting issue and demands you to accept this eye-opener unconditionally. It’s scary because so few people in the world know what it is or how to tackle it, in fact nobody wants to admit it because nobody wants to give it up. The ironic part is they really don’t have too except for a moment and recovery will be complete. You can still partake and enjoy the contaminants because after your finale adjustment you will no longer be taken in and controlled by the contaminants.

The rehab part of this addiction is returning back to normal, the way you started in life and the way it should be. A norm that’s always existed, its been there all this time but the addiction has run roughshod over it keeping it hidden and blocked by elusive impurities. A norm that’s all natural and free from impurities, and in its natural state refusing all toxicities from penetrating its normal way of being again. All counter conflict to this norm will be kept at bay after conquering this mysterious addiction, because this norm is relentless and undeniably all powerful after it wins the higher ground. 

An established norm that all have access to and that will never change but we evolved far from it so returning back will be a formidable task. The rehab part will be hard and personally debilitating like all rehabs are and the wakeup call will be hard to accept. I’m not going to kid you for it takes a yeoman’s effort, however the rewards are substantial and worth it. Oddly enough this addiction is something from which you can’t go cold turkey because you have to continually live with it. Nonetheless sobriety is possible and highlighted with a most auspicious event that comes out of the blue bringing you back to normal. A profound and wondrous sobriety that claims the higher ground in its discovery thereby dispelling all false reasoning which this addiction has held over you in order to keep it intact.

It takes a lot of stamina at sticking with the process and with the idea of becoming sober, and this is your shimmering carrot until the carrot isn’t needed. It may happen in a few years if you’re bringing a lot of determination to the table or it can take many years if you attack it slowly. It doesn’t matter as long as you understand it and are doing something about it.

As intangible as it may sound it is very tangible and absolutely for real, and it’s highlighted by a sobriety that endures well beyond your years. It comes from a recovered identity that lies deep within you and will take charge from now on. All should rediscover this identity because without it you’ll be clouded in doubt and uncertainty. There will be no lasting ideals or peace until this addiction is corrected. We hang on to memories and build a personal identity around them thinking this patchy collage of random experiences is real, normal and you. We shelve the unfortunate ones and try to forget but memories aren’t far from falling off the shelf and dominating our thoughts. The bad memories are also interwoven into the same experiential realm from which you fabricated your temporary identity, so not only is it bound to happen but you’re also bound by them. We’ve been lead to believe that this is normal and an identity that is unflappable by counter thoughts is pretty much impossible.

I’m here to tell you that I did find this normal identity and it is possible and absolutely true. Unfortunately talking about it usually elicits a bad response for most are unable to accept it and push it aside. As foreign as it may sound to you at this time it is still within your grasp. In fact like all addictions this one has you deep within its clutch since the beginning and this will be the art of loosening its strangle hold over you in order to find clarity.

Very few people in the world truly understand this addiction and this ancient norm, and the ones who do have a hard time communicating it, because only the brave will accept it. Some might think it’s suicidal and impossible. Daunting odds to most teachers so they dance around the subject and won’t put a finger on it like I do. They want to help you along slowly instead of laying it on the line, and they prefer to leave it up to each individual to figure it out when the time is right.

Not me, I’m not going to enable you by saying non controversial stuff and delaying the process. In fact the sooner you start processing the information the better, and the devil is in complacency and ignorance which results when you can’t comprehend the subject. The important part is you have to at least try to understand and keep reading until you do. And then work towards it at any pace you can given your personal circumstances, for then in time the process will reveal its mysteries to you.  

Most of all you have to surrender all power to the instructor for you must believe in the instructors sobriety and follow their instruction, and despite all the variables you must believe it is real and attainable. I’ll be here to help you along the way and answer your questions, because you need to understand it logically before you know how to attack it.
This addiction is none other than the Souls addiction to the mind and time, this unfavorable connection has interwoven a new identity to unruly time based conditions that claim hierarchy over your Eternal identity. The mind and its relentless chatter have you believing in concepts and false ideals that only exist for a limited time and are prone to change with the social climate. This limited personal and varying view has been in charge since the beginning and few have sought a solution. Few have worked to dethrone it, control it, and move beyond it and few will admit to the problem, so the mind goes on doing what it’s been trained to do. Dominate your real identity and as a result the perks that come with it remain under the surface waiting to be uncovered.

Harmony, conflict and strife seem to dominate the landscape and with small windows of complete happiness we build a shaky foundation of hope which is crumbling to the unfolding scene. Completely disillusioned and addicted we unknowingly fight for it and believe we are in control, after all we painstakingly constructed a personal identity around it. However life keeps changing and you’re either stuck in the mud or you’re adding more ingredients into the mix and nothing seems to taste well. Lost in the ever changing identity mirage we banked on something that’s ambiguous and prone to vanish with the next let down. An identity that was never real or strong to begin with and will die with the mind and time. In the meantime the Eternal identity and Eternal life is squandered by the overactive mind and ego, which will eventually end. Not a happy ending for the populous and yet we go on trucking like this is the way it is and it’s absolutely normal.

In fact, there is one ideal and identity that doesn’t change and wi
ll never diminish.

There is an identity that is eternal and our Soul being a forever part of that Eternity has access to that divinity.

This identity or norm is something you can bank on and you never have to worry about time bankrupting your investment.

Once rediscovered you will undoubtedly know this normal way of being will endure beyond life. Because then you’ll know this is permanently established by the Almighty God, and you’re Soul being a small part of the eternal source has the same perfection.

I have to tell you without this ancient norm you will be bound by your experiences however with it, it’ll never leave your side and you’ll no longer be afraid of death or the unknown. A big improvement over your old identity with a sense of contentment and acceptance with what takes place, despite the personal conditions. Above the fray you will be a powerful beacon allowing the ever changing seas to flow around you instead of in you, breaking your bow.

What I’m talking about is the root of all spirituality and religion, which is your journey  back to your Eternal Home via the Soul. I’m just giving you the option of a faster track, more of a brass tacks approach and just by reading the content of my blogs you will know a lot more than the average person.

The rediscovery of the Eternal Soul and the Eternal God is what we call Enlightenment and Self-realization. A divine right given to each of us and this site is dedicated to this auspicious event and to the unveiling of Eternity.    


Eternity + Awareness = God

In Eternal darkness Awareness dawns and that Awareness brings a subtle Light to the vast region of darkness. Now Light and Darkness coexist in this empty expanse, which we call Eternity or God. “Awareness is the latent potential of Eternity” (Vethathiri Maharishi), having the same eternal properties it expresses itself with a Still Eternal Light. It is a formless and image-less space that didn’t really change, however the new dim light of Awareness does make this eternal region visible and aware, so something did happen.

This Eternal Awareness before anything else is without manifestation, energy or attributes of any kind, but there are repercussions when something like Awareness develops out of nothing, because that set off a chain reaction from within. Creating another dimension of movement and energy, this is superimposed over and on the outside of the only pure Reality. Eternity being timeless has no properties for evolution, growth or decay, so it’s spared all the imperfections that come with time and energy. Both dimensions are invisible to each other and Eternity is unaffected, because this 2nd dimension is made up of its own properties and on a less subtle level, which is moving and naturally evolving. Eternity can only see and be that which is eternally pure and without fleeting properties, so it’s like a vacuum that keeps everything on the outside of it. But, the word ‘outside’ here is used differently due to the infinite properties and really nothing can be on the outside of infinity, so it advances from within ascending to grosser levels.

Time and light on a particle level starts evolving in this new realm, and these two qualities are expressed in infinite measures when relating to any new dimension and Light and Awareness starts forming the basic properties of energy and consciousness. This is a matter-less dimension; however when things are moving and creating it forces this 2nd dimension to peak, and that in turn gives birth to the 3rd dimension of manifestation.

Again, another dimension starts forming when the particles start colliding and bonding, and this 3rd dimension is developing over the 2nd, in the same manner the 2nd is covering over the first dimension. All the dimensions are telescopically connected, and all are in need of the other in order to exist, and all formed naturally and not purposely. The only way to experience each dimension is through our telescopic connection, which links the dimensions and everything inside of them to this Eternal realm. No rights are denied, because access to and from is always there and available, however we unwittingly hang on to each dimension we’re in and deny our Soul that access or realization.

Three dimensions starting from the Stillness of Eternity to the subtle energy that makes up the 2nd dimension, and then onto the gross particles that make up the universe. Everything takes care of itself, because the cycle developed naturally and anchored in perfection gives it an Absolute foundation that supports everything. There’s no need for any being to intervene for it would upset the natural balance, and besides that no one looses anything and no Soul really suffers or is lost, and it all runs perfectly well and fair. Just the body and mind suffer and they’re riddled with imperfections anyways and must be discarded. When you’ve had enough you will voluntarily retract you’re vision through the connection. It’s just your perspective that was rearranged, and that which you think you’re losing was on loan anyways, and you should do your duty and willingly surrender it.

The collective source of everything in one solid unchangeable unit is our eternal Home, and what name people give it shouldn’t matter as long as we don’t humanize it. We are but a fraction of the eternal whole, but each fraction makes up the whole thus making you an intricate part of God. You are not human and nether is God. You are a fraction of Eternity that mistakenly identifies with time, and this mistake is what creates so much turmoil in you and the world. Your formless, aware and still Soul has always been and always will be eternally pure and sitting in the dimension of God. However, for the time being your Awareness and/or vision is tied up in your connection to the other two dimensions of time. Enlightenment and Self-realization is to break free from those dimensional limitations in order to see the real state of affairs, which is your true nature, your true home, and what is meant by the word God.

Death and the Afterlife

After my own Self-realization I was able to formulate a theory on the Afterlife, or the zone in-between here and Eternity. The most I can do now is tell you how very certain I am about this theory, and if correct this essay will be one of the most important articles you’ll read, for it will be indispensable to all who read it.  

The Afterlife is a transitioning zone under the influence of time, however time here is different. The ethereal nature of this environment lends itself to time very slowly, and light on a subtle level is the very catalyst that propels this realm. This transition zone is a very important step in ones journey where you undiscover the discovered domain of manifestation within another dimension, a sort of dialing down of energy, ego and images, until you see what’s behind them. This 2nd dimension of time is very similar to the dream state you experience every night, and essentially it’s the realm of the mind. This is a personal world of your life, and your ultimate goal is to get past it in order to uncover the other side, which is your Eternal Home, or the only lasting reality that doesn’t perish. It’s largely based on your ability to differentiate and understand your real Self or Soul in the light of appearances. Your Afterlife is held together by a group of particles and their ability to hang together for a very long time creates a lifespan that can continue for many centuries.

This realm is a self-governed environment that works without any outside influences and its totally self produced, directed and written by you, for you, so it has to be dismantled by you. If you wait for time in order to slowly dissolve the show you’re asking for a lot of unusual and repetitive drama, however you can dismantle the particles from the inside out. Time based particles stick together through a magnetic charge of positive and negative ions and your life is what charged it up, but now your attention keeps it going. And, if you follow that lead you’ll be bouncing around between desires (+) and fears (-) in a seemingly endless and uncontrollable circle. Remaining neutral by retracting your attention (the act of meditation) will stop feeding the images, and your persistence at this task will stop the show altogether. The withdrawal of attention causes the particles to break up for the lack of direction and attraction, and it also depletes the resource of energy and light.

The Afterlife is a necessary stop, because you can’t take this identity with you, and your identity to this mind and body manifests fears and desires that’ll play out, which you put together and now validate their existence. Eternity doesn’t have images, emotions, issues or imbalance of any kind and your eternal Soul reflects that, but it’s still connected to a new identity and a world it won’t let go of. You have to voluntarily restore your pure eternal identity by rejecting your new one, so your eternal identity is unveiled after you let go of the new one. Your identity and attention placed in appearances through the course of a lifetime has now given you an ingrain habit, and that’s the spell that needs to be broken. Your compelled to participate and your attention focused in and on the images is exactly what keeps the Afterlife alive and well.

The diversion of your attention is the only power you have here, and if your attention is focused outside of your Self then another avenue of life experiences will open up. All of your data is stored within a group of energy particles that are drawn together in a small sphere, like memory chips within a plasma TV, and your stuck right in front it with your attention playing the role of the computer mouse triggering memories. Unable to control much of anything it will seem hopeless and endless until you start retracting your vision through meditation. You’re essentially looking away and thereby not identifying with what you see.

The retraction of attention away from the drama and back onto the Soul is your only recourse and in essence this is called meditation. You must understand that meditation is a very important spiritual ritual, and if you are doing it now as a habit it will benefit you here and in the Afterlife.

This personal world of yours is for you only so it has to be relinquished by you, because it stands in the way of your eternal harmony. All of your life’s habits will be part of the show, and although you will be freed from pain, hunger, thirst, work, responsibilities and so on, the mental idea of it will still plague your every move, because it’s a deeply imprinted mind pattern. You need not work or eat anymore for survival, but the habitual idea of it will compel you to continue. It all has to be surrendered, because your little world is a product of manifestation and any time based product will have a limited shelf life. Things that change or evolve don’t have the right properties to exist in Eternity. Eternity has always been a changeless and formless space, for it has to be in order to be eternal and anything that has to do with time must be forfeited.   

Identifying with appearances is the root of all suffering.

This will glue you to this 2d realm for a very long time until you continually withdraw your attention from the images, thus refusing its validity and importance, because the next step will have to be free of all dispositions. When you have nothing then nothing allows you entry into everything, because Eternity is everything at the source, which is God and the only identity you can keep. The finale dimension of One is ground zero of the ultimate unity, where all attributes are cast aside and you remain as One in the belly of God, which is beyond all opposites and disharmony of any kind.

Those who did serious spiritual research aligned with critical introspection will advance out quicker. Those who had a long and complete life and those who had a rough life will detach quicker, even  those with lucid dreaming qualities will graduate faster, if they know what to do.

It all depends on you and your ability to cast off all habits, desires and fears, or anything that keeps you connected to the Afterlife, because your interest in the scene is getting in the way of your complete unity with God.

The Feeling of Unity

That certain feeling of oneness, which is described by many as unity consciousness is a wonderful moment in the expansion of consciousness. A lovely feeling of unity that is felt through the subtle waves of consciousness, which takes place when the individual suddenly and without warning moves aside causes their internal perceiving point to retract into subtler waves of energy. This is usually an important event in many people’s lives, that will leave them thirsting for more. This consciousness unity can lead many down the spiritual path and it’s indispensable for that reason, and it can happen in natural or unnatural situations, however it should not to be confused with Self-realization or Eternity, because of the feeling aspect.

This feeling of unity can be attained in many different ways and although it may change your outlook it simply doesn’t have a lasting effect, but the thought of it will, and it should inspire you to continue on to higher levels of spiritualism. Unfortunately some get complacent and some look for notoriety before its time, and this will stagnate any further growth. Some find this place unnaturally and try to replicate the conditions and some teeter on thin lines falling into it, but both of these conditions are usually very misleading.  

Any number of things can bring about this unity feeling naturally or forced and sometimes an event induces it, such as: a traumatic experience, a near death experience or drugs, however the trigger mechanism reflects the conditions making every situation different. The natural way through Religion and Spirituality is the best way to attain this heightened state of free-floating awareness, and the results here should propel you on to deeper states, if you continue your pursuit.    

The Evangelist’s are waving arms trying to feel that unity, the Catholics are reciting scripture and prayers, the spiritual groups are reciting mantras and meditating, the fringe groups are using sleep and food deprivation as a tool, and the chemist is doing powerful drugs in order to recapture it, however most are looking within the confines of matter and energy. Looking everywhere and doing anything for that feeling, but that feeling can only be temporary and never repeated in the same manner, because feelings are very convoluted. Anything that’s based in energy and matter such as feelings are so complex they’re usually a one-hit-wonder and that’s helpful, but at the same time a curse for some. Because the seeker will try to recapture it in any form they can, for they believe that this is ‘it’ and they know how to find it, thus pushing them in the wrong direction.

The natural way is somewhat similar to the unnatural way in this regard, because trying to duplicate the same conditions as before is impossible, and this is the reason why the present moment is ever fresh and ever new. However, there is a stark difference between the two that needs to be pointed out and that’s the danger factor, one is safe and the other is a life threatening stumble in the dark with a possibility of no return.

The natural way propels you further while the unnatural way has the tendency to mislead.

I have fallen for both ways and found that feeling of unity in drugs and naturally through meditation, but I didn’t stop there, because my mentor urged me to let go and continue. We need to heed the advice from those who walked before us and trust in their ability to guide without letting our ego in to inflate or deflate the situation.

The real experience of Self-realization is totally contrasting to feelings of any type and forms of any type and that will be Self evident when Self-realization happens to you.

Eternity is permanence at the source and only the Self can experience this eternal realm, because energy consciousness is oscillating waves breeding interim opposites, which have a short shelf life and energy consciousness allows you the ability to perceive these opposites in action. Pure Awareness or Pure Consciousness at the source is beyond all of these new attributes provided by energy consciousness, but nonetheless the two are still related. Pure Consciousness is still, and moving energy consciousness evolves out of that Stillness giving birth to new qualities, including the mind. The sacred feeling of unity through the unbiased universal consciousness is a purer source of energy consciousness that is subtler, identity-less and free flowing.

Sayings on Self-Realization

Life is everything you thought you wanted, everything you thought you needed, and everything you thought you were, then suddenly it’s all stripped away when you see God.

Your identity, God’s identity, and the identity of the universe is then rightfully returned to its original position within you.  

Only one answer is needed, only one answer is worth the effort, and only one answer is worthy of the universal question, and the answer reveals Eternity within you.

Seeing is believing therefore believing is having faith in being and action towards seeing is believing in oneself. 

The perfect and pure Self sees the imperfect world with the impure mind and identifies with what it sees, and firsthand realization of this mistake is Enlightenment.

Caught up in a nonstop flow of opposites we unwittingly downgrade our perception of Reality and fabricate a time limited identity.

Truth is not anything that evolves for a changing truth was false, and that which doesn’t begin from false is the timeless truth.

Self-realization delivers contentment when Eternity bankrupts time.  

Detachment from time is meditation at its purest level, so any meditation that has time related byproducts in it is still attached to time, and grounded by impurities.

Its time to suffer when time is your only belief.

Self-realization is the only real power we have over manifestation.

Eternal at our Source we are a piece of God, but seemingly rendered powerless to control much of anything until Self-realization, which changes your identity and outlook.  

Looking everywhere and finding nothing the aspirant looks within and finds everything in nothing. 

Being at home in the world will never happen, but being at home within the body can.

Seemingly lost and searching the restless Spirit doesn’t find solace in anything until it uncovers Eternity, and that discovery finds solace in being. 

Meditation is searching for stability in an unstable environment, and the stable part is found when the unstable part realizes its limitations.

There is only one egoless moment, only one present moment, only one bodiless moment, and only one mindless moment, which is authentic to being, and that moment is called Self-realization.

The Spiritualist or Realized Spiritual Teacher

This enlightened instructor will guide anyone in their spiritual development regardless of past transgressions and religious ideologies. All that is needed on the student’s part is a willingness to learn accompanied with earnestness to put into practice, so trust and faith is a big part of that connection. The Spiritualist will offer the best guidelines and usually stay away from religious dogmas and religions, and they won’t hold anyone to strict spiritual requirements regarding austerities and abstinence, just moderation and evaluation.

They will talk about the truth, God, Self, Soul or Eternity as the central core where all paths lead, and emphasize due diligence at eroding personal but common blocks that obstruct the aspirant’s finale transition into Eternity. The problem has a very common and recognizable root system in manifestation, and the teacher has worked through the situation thus understands the issue, but always working towards Eternity they will disregard the situation and may treat it as frivolous.

Because, in the opposite direction of Eternity lies a myriad of personal ideologies, accolades and issues (attachments) that the aspirant has to move beyond with guidance from the Spiritualist. The teacher can’t force the student to do anything if the student isn’t willing to do so for their self. The priceless information raised in teaching will be understandable by those who are willing to apply themselves in research, introspection and meditation. Earnestness towards that creates the internal surrendering that is needed, and that in turn causes attachments to fall away natural, however if the seeker isn’t sincere then the words will wait patiently for the right moment to trigger them.

The ego is a hard wall to fight against, but the spiritualist doesn’t waver for this is a very common theme and at some point even the most harden and resistant people will verify their words from within the Self. Therefore nothing is lost and everything is eventually found, so the instructor patiently understands that it will always help, but usually in the future. Very few will be able to respond and verify their words during their lifetime, however it doesn’t matter for the words once read or heard will be verified. 

The process or journey that leads up to this spiritual understanding is different for everyone as well as the way one teaches spirituality after Realization, however the act of surrendering and Self-realization is the same for all seekers when their seeking comes to a close. Their journey over they unite and see their unity in the Almighty, and although this primordial enigmatic experience is the same for everyone there can be attributable effects on the body, which will be determined by genetics or predispositions. And, the instructor’s unique way of teaching will vary depending on their background and circumstances.

The mind reaching its limit and the Self loosing its, the finale outcome of Enlightenment is identical for everyone when their identity inverts back into Eternity. 

This identity altering event is on the mind, and the mind will express this in many different ways and may show signs of contradiction, but words that are depending on circumstances and taken out of context will get obscured. The whole gamut of expressions is open for hijacking in order to make a point, and since that point is relatively unknown the words get tangled up in concepts and misunderstood. 

Only time and hindsight seems to validate these lasting words of the teacher, and with help from the truly intuitive people will bring the words into the forefront of spirituality. The instructor will find some serious seekers along the way and have some success in helping, but most people are knee deep in preserving the mind and guarding its present ideas and concepts as their primary identity. Not many are willing to pursue Self-realization in the face of life’s adversity, even though just the act of pursuing it will soften life’s pitfalls and smooth out the ride.

Most of the spiritualist’s words will have to wait just below the surface for the right moment when the aspirant is ready, or when desperation causes them to reevaluate.

The spiritualist will always continue to the last breath, because they know beyond any doubt that what they speak is the truth and they are the best person for this position, and they also know their words will not fail, but continue to resonate in all who read them.


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